Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese pair of official's hat arm chairs, made of beautiful huanghuali wood with light tone and dramatic grain, rattan seats, back splat of each chair is carved with chimeras, 19th century. Size of each chair: 46 3/4" high x 26" wide x 21" deep.
item #1173655
A Chinese vanity box with three drawers and a mirror that slides out on the top when opened. The bottom of the vanity box contains a continuous scrolling motif often seen in Chinese designs. Age: 19th century. Size: Height: 7.25" Width: 11.3" Length: 8.5"
item #1173181
Antique Chinese very heavy and dense hardwood table, very beautifully and ornately carved all over with scrolling vines and dragons motif with key fret motif along edges, dark color, Republic Period. Size: 34" high x 66 1/2" wide x 27 1/2" deep.
item #1172545
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Antique Chinese beautifully carved altar cabinet, made of jumu wood, flanged top, the top portion has four drawers carved with flowers, the middle portion has two large compartments opened by four drawers on dowel hinges and carved with lions and flowers, the bottom portion has four drawers with no carving, late 19th century. Size: 37" high x 76 3/4" wide x 19 1/4" deep.
item #1171334
Large Chinese hongmu cabinet with beautifully carved motifs of scrolling clouds and dragons on the panels of the cabinets, frames, and pillars. The back and sides are decorated in lacquer with images of literati figures set in a landscape setting. Age: 20th century. Size: Height: 76" Width: 14.25" Length: 36.75"
item #1170509
Chinese carved cabinet made all of beautiful hongmu hardwood, front is carved with four scenes of immortals and children with birds and animals in mountain pavilion setting, interior has a shelf with two drawers, the inside of each of the cabinet doors is also beautifully carved, brass hardware on inside and out, circa 1900. Size: 55 3/4" high x 42 1/2" wide x 16" deep.
item #1168105
Chinese cabinet, lacquered all over and inlaid with scenes of beautiful ladies and children in a pavilion garden setting, the sides of the cabinet are also lacquered and inlaid with scenes of birds and flowers, interior has three shelves - the middle shelf has is two drawers built in, the front of the drawers are also decorated to match the front with beautiful lacquer work of scrolling flowers, 19th century. Size: 56 1/4" high x 36 1/4" wide x 17" deep.
item #1164214
Wooden trunk carved with dragons in clouds. The lid has a carving of a dragon in a round medallion. The trunk is bordered with a carving of dragons climbing through clouds. It measures 41" wide 24" deep 17.5" tall.
item #1163083
Antique Chinese hardwood folding chair decorated with beautifully incised metal accents. The chair has a leather string that laces through the bottom legs to secure the chair open or closed. It measures 44" tall (folded), 20.5" at widest.
item #1162684
Beautiful two section desk with a 2 section inlaid marble top. The top section has three drawers, the bottom section has two drawers. The marble is grey and white. Brass hardware. It measures 44"wide x 22"deep 32" tall. early Republic period circa 1900.
item #1162667
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