Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese hardwood cooler with a very attractive woodgrain, lined with tin, with a small hole for draining water after the ice has melted. It has two sets of handles on each side for carrying and metal adornments along its sides, similar to bamboo. 19th century Size: (with stand)26" height, 20.75" width, 12.5" deep inside cooler
item #1263765
Extraordinary Antique Chinese hand carved hardwood table with inlay. Striking natural thick slab of marble inset as table top surface. Fine detail seen through out. Incredible detailing handcarved of of Hong/hu and mixed hardwood. Original finish.

19th Century

Dimensions: 30" High, 39" Diameter
item #1263516
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Antique Chinese rosewood bench. Inset with marble and inlaid. Very fine detail seen throughout the carving and inlay. Beautiful bold natural patterning on the slabs of marble used. Very Heavy and in Original condition and Finish.

Circa 19th Century

Dimensions: 44 1/2" High X 78 1/2" Long X 25" Deep
item #1263349
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Antique Chinese Inlaid hardwood chairs, extravagantly hand carved with fine details, beautiful natural pictures can be seen in each of the marble slabs on back and seat. Very heavy made from rosewood. Original finish. Circa 1900 Dimensions: 26"Length, 19" Deep, 39" High
item #1263346
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Chinese low table made from gorgeous rosewood with a lovely gloss finish and brown/red hues, of a simple and elegant form. Size: 11.75" height, 39.5" width, 22.5" depth
item #1262882
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Chinese huanghuali low table with a detailed pair of dragons and billowing smoke clouds carved into the front and sides, and dragon heads carved into the feet. Has a shapely and elegant design, and beautiful grain patterns. Size: 14" height, 46.5" width, 34" depth
item #1262866
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Set of six (6) Chinese chairs made from pearwood, with beautiful simplicity. All four legs and the underside of the seat are connected with horizontal wooden panels, carved with attractive sloping. The pearwood has a wonderful, warm glow with very attractive patterns in the grain. Comes with six tassled seat cushions. Size: 43.75" height, 20.75" width, 18.25" depth
item #1262307
Antique Chinese rosewood chair with ornately carved panels running along its front and sides, within both arms, and in the chair's back, depicting squared spirals and dragons' heads. The chair's backrest is carved with a wicker pattern, and has three inlaid pieces of carved jade in the forms of a vase filled with feathers and branches, a box on four legs, and a lion-like beast with a long, raised tail and mane, seated upon a rock formation or stand. The backside of the backrest is carved with a... Click for details
item #1261735
Antique Chinese hardwood table, intricately carved all over with swirling lingzhi mushrooms, beautiful dark hardwood, very heavy and solid, Republic Period. Size: 33" high x 64 3/4" long x 25 3/4" deep.
item #1261346
Antique Chinese table, made from huanghuali with a beautiful, glowing grain. Around its sides are carved spirals designs over a large border panel. The front and back panels are carved with the calligraphy symbol for double happiness in between two dragons with clouds of billowing smoke around their bodies and two phoenixes flying on either side. The table's side panels are without dragons but otherwise the same with carved double happiness symbol and smoke detailing. The tops of each table's... Click for details
item #1260588
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