Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese wooden stool with a charming, rustic look. The seat is comprised of one solid piece with bold woodgrain, with four legs rounded at the feet and connected by horizontal stakes. Size: 21" height, 17" width
item #1273150
Antique Chinese scroll altar table, made from elm wood with a beautiful deep red lacquer. Has a simple and elegant design, curved edges with spiral feet, attractive woodgrain. Size: 32.75" height, 53.5" length, 13.75" depth
item #1272938
Antique Chinese long altar table, made from a beautiful dark hardwood, with a dark, blackish brown finish, interesting patina on the tabletop, carved panels on both legs of a chimera, head down with its tails curled upwards amongst other swirling designs. Pierced carvings of pointed spirals adorn the undersides of the table on either side of the legs. 19th century Size: 81" length, 13.5" depth, 34" height
item #1272528
Group of Four Antique Chinese Rosewood Nesting Tables. Neatly carved chinese design on tops of tables. Beautiful deep dark brown color of wood with tint of red. Perfect condition. Circa 1900 Dimensions: 26" High, 19.25" Wide
item #1272112
Beautiful Chinese hardwood 3 piece set including two large horseshoe back arm chairs and a matching rectangular stand, carved with a pierced scrolling vine motif, the heavy golden hardwood has dramatic grain. Possibly Huanghuali hardwood Size of each chair: 39 1/2" high x 29 1/4" wide x 27" deep. Size of stand: 28 1/2" high x 15 3/4" long x 19 3/4" wide.
item #1272052
Vintage Chinese Rosewood Stool. Warm deep red finish, with detailed carving seen throughout. Very solid and can withstand heavy weights. Perfect Condition Dimensions: 9 3/4" High X 11 1/2" Wide
item #1269155
Chinese lacquer export chair. Sturdy construction and black lacquer. The Chinese chair is patterned after an archaic style with flanges and apron spandrels. It's decorated with red undertone and gilt lacquer in a scrolling lotus motif. The main back splat forms an archaic Hu vase painted with fine details of a classical landscape. The seat is beautifully worn as are the chair rails and arm rests. The underside of the chair has a cross frame for structural support. Beautifully proportioned... Click for details
item #1268759
Chinese carved hardwood stand, carved with gnarled natural motif, very heavy dense hardwood. Great condition Early 20th century. Size: 2" high x 22" long x 8 1/4" deep.
item #1267672
Antique Chinese hardwood cabinet, with 20 drawers for storing herbs and spices. The upper portion has a beautiful open display space with lovely carved panelling. The wood has a distinct, attractive grain with a warm glow. Size: 50" height, 35" width, 18" depth
item #1264339
Beautiful pair of Chinese hardwood chairs with a dark reddish brown tone and smooth finish. It has an open back with a center support panel, carved with an auspicious Chinese design. The connected headrest and arms run along the top of the chair, with two curving vertical panels on either side. The legs of each chair are carved with squared spiral designs. Size: 26.25" height, 23.25" width, 22" depth
item #1263853
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