Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Pair of antique Chinese hardwood oxbow arm chairs, made of Jumu (elm) wood. The backrest of each chair has been carved with a coiled dragon, facing opposite to the other. The front apron of each seat is carved with a nice sloping outer edge. The legs are connected on all sides by a stretcher.

Early 20th century

Dimensions: 24" L x 19" D x 40" H
item #1366394
Antique Chinese hardwood buffet cabinet, with two sets of front swinging doors, each with round lock plates and hinges. The interior of each side holds a single middle shelf, with two small drawers below.

Republic Period

Dimensions: 69” L x 18” D x 34” H
item #1365901
Antique Chinese mahjong table, made of mixed hardwoods, with four marble inlay chairs. Each side of the table holds a secret drawer hidden within.

19th century

Dimensions: 34.5" x 34.25" x 29.25" H (table) 19.5" L x 16" D x 37.25" H (chairs)
item #1361515
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Antique Chinese bench, made of Hongmu and other mixed woods. Inset with marble headrests. The underside is carved with motifs of scrolling lingzhi mushrooms, and its sides are carved with scrolling key frets. Very heavy. With bamboo mat seat cover.

Size: 79" L x 43.5" D x 42" H
item #1360406
Antique Chinese hardwood altar table, with attractive natural woodgrain with dark finish. Simplistic design of scrolling feet and side bracing between each leg. Early 20th century, circa 1930s.

Size: 72" L x 16" W x 28" H
item #1357650
Chinese hardwood altar table, made of solid elm wood with its original red lacquer finish. Carved with dramatic scrolling legs on elevated feet. Five panel carvings in front depict various scenes with auspicious elements, dragon carvings in archaic style, the underside with scalloped edges. The altar style edges curl upwards in a scrolling fashion, with reticulated carvings of dragons below either side.

18th Century

Size: 83" L x 21" W x 35" H
item #1357501
Antique Chinese pair of tall hardwood stands, carved to look like they are comprised of stalks of bamboo. The tops show their natural woodgrain beautifully through the dark finish. The underside panels and connecting unit between its legs are designed like reticulated bamboo.

Size: 12.25" L x 12.25" W x 34" H
item #1355975
Antique Chinese hardwood desk, made of Jumu (elm) wood with bold natural grain. The desk front has four drawers with brass handles on butterfly and bat shaped backplates. Below the desk, a hinged door opens to a roomy storage compartment. All original condition.

Size: 45.5" L x 23.25" W x 32.5" H
item #1354334
Large antique canopy wedding bed, originating from Indonesia for the Chinese market. Elaborately carved with gilt reticulated panels depicting various animals, flora, and mythical creatures along the top front of the canopy, with gilt filigree along the side posts. The legs are carved as scrolling dragons and birds in red, black, and gilt lacquer. A shelf runs along the canopy back with side compartments. Early 20th century.

Size: 93" L x 70" W x 91" H, bedding area size 63 x 83 fits... Click for details
item #1354291
Antique Chinese pair of hardwood two-tiered stands, with sides carved of scroll ends and floral motifs. Each tier is inlaid with natural marble. Original finish hardwood with attractive, natural grain.

Size: 12.5" L x 17.25" W x 33" H
item #1352853
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