Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Bird Scroll Painting
Antique Japanese scroll painting on silk, of a lone black bird perched on a blossoming branch. Signed Tan Yen, with chop.

Size: (entire scroll) 72.5" H x 24" W (painting only) 44.5" H x 16" W
item #1344977
Antique Japanese Scroll Painting of Beauties
Antique Japanese scroll painting of a young woman with a younger girl , dressed in beautiful flowing kimono and standing below a cherry blossom branch. There are three chops altogether, one is of a very unusual shape of a vase. Beautiful calligraphy along the upper region with artist's signature below in corner. Tomobako is included.

18th century

Size: 61" H x 17" W (entire scroll) 33" H x 11.5" W (artwork only)
item #1344972
Antique Japanese Bronze Signed Ikebana Vase
Antique Japanese bronze ikebana vase, meant for artistic flower arranging, with unusual curling handles reminiscent of spiraling vines. Artist's signature incised in the bottom.

Size: 12.5" W x 9" H
item #1344946
Antique Japanese Bronze Dragon Vase
Antique Japanese bronze vase, of wide, round, and shortened form, its edges sculpted with dragons flying through clouds. Beautiful original aged patina.

Early Meiji Period (1868 - 1912)

Size: 12" W x 7.5" H
item #1344929
Japanese Edo Wood Lacquer Carving of Hotei
Antique Japanese wood carving of Hotei, one of the Seven Lucky Gods of fortune, with beautiful remnants of old lacquer.

18th century, Edo period (1603-1868)

Size: 5.5" W x 8.5" H
item #1344863
Antique Japanese Ikebana Basket
Antique Japanese ikebana basket made of woven bamboo, with large strips of bamboo interwoven with a network of thinner strips, and a tightly twisted handle. The inner vase is a large section of bamboo lined with metal.

Taisho period (1912-1925)

Size: 11" W x 16" H
item #1344766
Antique Japanese Keyaki Fune Tansu
Antique Japanese fune tansu (ship safe chest) made all of quartered sawn cut Keyaki (elm) wood with revealing natural woodgrain and finish. Cut out appliqué hardware with incised floral motifs adorns the body of the tansu. There are six drawers altogether.

Late Edo period (1603-1868)

Size: 21" L x 16.5" W x 18" H
item #1344530
Antique Chinese Landscape Scroll Painting
Antique Chinese landscape scroll painting, signed "Wang Shigu" with seal and calligraphy, attributed to Wang Hui (1632-1717). 19th century

Size: (entire scroll) 100" H x 45" W (painting only) 65" H x 34" W
item #1344529
Antique Chinese Landscape Scroll
Antique Chinese landscape scroll painting, with calligraphy and red chop of Huang Daozhou (1585-1646). Indication of repairs evident on backside. 19th century

Size: (entire scroll) 88" H x 43" W (painting only) 64" H x 34" W
item #1344523
Antique Japanese Fune Bako w/ Stand
Antique Japanese fune bako (ship safe box) made of Keyaki (elm) wood in original dark finish, on black wood stand. Six small drawers are sealed away within, with kan (ring) pulls. The front is decorated by black, incised iron hardware with a cherry blossom handles. Edo period (1603-1868)

Dates from mid 19th century Size: 13" W x 17.5" D x 15" H (20.75" H)
item #1344516
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