Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Bamboo Usubata
Antique Japanese golden bamboo usubata (flower arranging vase) shaped and grown naturally into its wonderful twisting form, with a short bamboo insert.

Taisho period (1912-1926)

Size: 7" x 4" x 11" H
item #1347796
Chinese Lacquer Brush Pot
Antique Chinese lacquer brush pot, comprised of wood and carved lacquer. Its sides are carved with scenes of people traveling throughout their town, over bridges, with pine trees and mountains in the background and foreground.

19th century

Size: 4.75" W x 5.5" H
item #1347753
Rare Antique Korean Shagreen Stacking Cabinet (Ichung-Nong)
Rare Korean stacking chest, called an ichung-nong (two sections), covered in beautiful beige/green genuine shagreen (manta ray skin), antiqued brass hardware with butterfly locks, inlay of grey shagreen "double happiness" characters on either side of each set of doors, interior lined in old text pages. 19th century Chosun Period

Size: 23.5" L x 14" W x 36.5" H
item #1347389
Antique Japanese Large Bronze Temple Bell
Antique Japanese bronze temple bell, or "bonsho", with a handle of dragon heads called a ryuzu, protrusions called "chi chi" or "nyu" to improve resonance of sound, the "tsuki-za" striking panels, and the "mei-bun" inscription of the bell's history.

Bonshō (Japanese: 梵鐘, Buddhist bells), also known as tsurigane (釣り鐘, hanging bells) or ōgane (大鐘, great bells) are large bells found in Buddhist temples throughout Japan, used to... Click for details
item #1347323
Antique Japanese Beauty Scroll Painting
Antique Japanese scroll painting, in a Ukiyo-e style of a beautiful geisha woman reading a letter. Signed with unusual red enzo mark. Tomobako (storage box) is included.

Size: (entire scroll) 68" H x 14.5" W (artwork only) 36" H x 11" W
item #1347206
Antique Japanese Ornately Carved Cha Tansu
Antique Japanese cha tansu (tea display cabinet), fully carved all from boxwood, with motifs of various flowers such as peony and chrysanthemum, cranes, phoenixes, sparrows, and other small birds with clouds, carved branch "pillar" with cascades cherry blossoms, a highly ornate export furniture piece.

Meiji period (1868-1912)

Size: 37" L x 14.5" W x 57.25" H
item #1347197
Japanese Jizai Okimono Articulated Iron Lobster Signed Myochin
A Myochin iron forged Jizai Okimono articulated spiny lobster. Each iron plate is carefully reppouse hammered iron creating a natural realism representing the spiny lobster. The amount of fine detail that goes into this piece is equal to that of one of his most well known helmets. The lobster is fully splayed on a well mounted bronze stand.
All ten legs and long antenna and articulated with multiple joints on each leg. Exquisitely crafted, showing off a very high skill of the metal... Click for details
item #1347194
Antique Korean Bandaji (blanket chest)
Antique Korean bandaji, or blanket chest, with a drop-down front covered in highly ornate white brass plating and hardware, incised with auspicious characters, lucky bat shaped handles, and interior lined with old paper, with two small drawers in the upper section. Key is included.

Yi Dynasty (circa 19th Century)

Size: 35.5" L x 17" W x 36.5" H
item #1347132
Late 18th / Early 19th Century Antique Chinese Long Jumu Altar Table
Antique Chinese altar table, original patina with its transparent burgundy lacquer, constructed from old growth Jumu wood. Unusual form that is very linear and narrow with fine scrolling Apsaras drapes and the panels on the leg apron with a lingzhi motif (a symbol of longevity and a ruyi scepter, meaning "as you wish".

Late 18th / Early 19th century

Size: 123"L x 11" W x 39" H
item #1346810
Antique Burmese Sterling Silver Bowl
Burmese sterling silver bowl, embossed with various scenes of dancing people, its edges lined in lotus petals and scrolling vines.

Provenance: From the estate of E.C.S. George, Burmese counsel member from 1895-1910

Size: 5" W x 3" H, weight of 242 grams
item #1346785
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