Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Bamboo Yumi Arrow Case
Tall circular woven bamboo yumi arrow case. The bamboo has a sooted chestnut patina. It is held together with a long silk tassel and attached to the circular fitted cover. The yumi is stenciled with the family crest of Chiba. Included are 4 arrows. Mounted for a custom fabricated Bronze museum stand.

Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 3.5" x 37" L (40" H on stand)
item #1371488
Japanese Aka Urushi Resei-men Sengoku Period (1573 - 1603)
The menpo features the gentle countenance of a deep vermillion red lacquer. It is composed of three parts; The removable nose armor with white horse hair mustache and its Nara style gilt teeth and open mouth, the cheeks and lower jaw with strap holder posts and its central vent hole for perspiration to escape out. The ears are pierced with both plum blossom design, and finally the four attached yodare with pale ocher silk. The reverse backing is lacquered in black and red. The menpo is... Click for details
item #1371484
Articulated Japanese Chochin Kabuto
Hard to find Japanese red lacquer Chochin Kabuto. This example of munition has the ability to fold for compact storage. The front 2 prongs are made for the meadate ornament. The underside of the shikoro (neck guard) in black lacquer, and the lames plates are secured with blue silk cords. Mounted on custom steel stand.

Red lacquer menpo may be purchased separately. (#1371484)

Edo Period 19th Century

Dimensions: 13" x 12.5" x 10.5" H (18" H on stand)
item #1371482
Japanese Raden Yumi Arrow Case
Tall, rectangular arrow case completely covered with mother of pearl (Raden) inlay. The apex lid has the gilt "Mitsudome" symbol commonly associated with Hachiman, the Shinto god of war. The case is in good form with a beaded edge for a secure fitting. It is kept together by silk cord by means of tying the knot. Mounted on steel stand.

Late Edo Period (1603-1868)

Dimensions: 5.5" x 4" x 27" H (41" H w/ stand)
item #1371476
Chinese Antique 17th Century Haunghuali Altar Table
Chinese antique huanghuali altar table with flanged top. Cloud form apron with cusp edges and round legs. Heavy solid wood top with dramatic grain and patina. Used for wine.

17th century

Dimensions: 35" high (37 1/4" high including flanges) x 47" wide x 15" deep.
item #1371304
Price on Request
Japanese Russet Iron Jingasa
Unusual circular russet iron jingasa, with 16 triangular riveted plates. The iron is flattened to a thin gauge for lightweight comfort. It sports a finial top and a hand mount ring to a silk cord decoration.
The samurai class in feudal Japan, as well as their retainers and footsoldiers (ashigaru), used several types of jingasa made from iron, copper, wood, paper, bamboo, or leather.Kasa shares its etymology with the Japanese word for "umbrella" (which is also pronounced "kasa", but... Click for details
item #1371299
Japanese Ashikaga Iron Jingasa
Japanese russet lacquered leather zunari jingasa with riveted plating. Finely disguised as metal which is completely constructed of lightweight materials strengthened by lacquer. The interior helmet is lacquered in red. The front features a large gilt mon of the Ashikaga crest. The finial form takes shape of a chrysanthemum flower. Mounted on custom display stand.

19th Century Edo Period (1603-1868)

Dimensions: 13: x 12" x 6" H
item #1371230
Unusual Pair of Chinese Square Hardwood Tables with Porcelain Panels
Antique Chinese pair of square hardwood tables. Each table is inset with a large square porcelain panel which sits into the top and is removable. The panels are glazed with scrolling vines and flowers with bats in the corners on a greenish blue ground. Each table has a solid shelf and swirling aprons.

Late 19th Century

Dimensions: 27" high x 25" wide x 25" deep.
item #1371229
Japanese Antique Kayaki Burl Wood Cha tansu
Antique Japanese Cha Tansu. Made with dramatic solid keyaki (elm) wood burl on the front. The upper portion of the chest has a compartment closed with two sliding panels. The middle portion of the chest has a large compartment with stepped shelves for display which is covered with two sliding panels of etched glass. Below this is another compartment with two sliding panels and a small compartment with a drop in door on the right. The very bottom of the chest has 3 drawers in a horizontal... Click for details
item #1370873
Chinese Archaic Bronze Ding (tipod ritual food vessel)
Archaic bronze lidded ritual food vessel on three legs (Ding). The body is round in form and divided into banded areas of detailed interlocking cloud and thunder motif. The band closest to the rim curves inward before flanging out again. There are two animal headed looped handles cast on either side. The three feet are squat and curved with cast details like those on the handles. The lid is similarly divided into banded areas to match the body. There are four rings and a central handle... Click for details
item #1370868
Price on Request
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