Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Antique Boxwood Ox Netsuke
Japanese Boxwood Recumbent ox netsuke, wonderful detail, especially carved fur and hooves, inlaid ebony eyes, signed by Tomokazu, good condition, Edo Period. The style of the signature indicates c1790 Kyoto carver Kano Tomokazu when he was under the tutilage of Tomotada, prior to returning to Gifu. Size L 2.5" x H 1" x D 1"
item #864159
Japanese 16th/17th century Scroll of Manjusri
Japanese scroll painting with a figure of Manjusri in the center of a circular chart below which sits a fu-dog; the very bottom of the scroll has numerous signatures and seal marks. The waves along the border of the circle indicate that this is a Sea-Crossing Manjusri (Tokai Monju). The text within the circle indicates that the painting comes from the Matsumoto castle in the Shinano province (the Nagano prefecture in central Japan). The document that comes with the scroll is signed Bankyu (can... Click for details
item #863999
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Japanese Edo Period Peddlar's Box Tansu
Japanese Edo Period Peddlar's Box, gyoshobako, kiri wood throughout with mixed metal for original hardware of brass and iron on locks, side carrying rings, double safe compartments, with the lower inside containing a removable safe box with 3 drawers, worn condition with original finish, 11"W 19"D 26"H.
item #863936
Pair Indian Miniature Botanical Prints
Pair of Indian Miniature Botanical Prints with Lily Bulbs on border margins, lily in central panel of one, tomato in other, gold leaf in background, newly painted images on manuscript paper 18th-19th century, waterstained and patched areas. Print Size: 6" Width 9.75" Height, framed.
item #863919
Chinese Jumu Scholar's Hat Elm Chair
Chinese Scholar's Hat Chair, Jumu, elmwood with translucent red lacquer, late 18th century early 19th century. Size: 21.5W 17D 38H, surface wear to finish and exposed wood.
item #863736
Ching Chinese Stoneware Puppetheads
Chinese Group of Stoneware Puppetheads and hands on iron stands, 19th century, charming characatures of daily life in China done in earthtones and shades of blue. Round holes of attachment at lower ends of pieces. Hollow cores. Head Sizes range from 6.75"H to 8.5"H without stands, Losses to various heads and hands
item #863734
Netsuke Boxwood Monkeys on Bell, Meiji Period
Boxwood Netsuke of Two Monkeys on a Giant Bell scrubbing with a brush and rinsing. Well carved details to hands and feet. Meiji Period (mid 1850's). Length 1.75 inches.
item #863353
Chinese Massive Pair Buddha Scrolls Ching Dynasty
Pair of massive Chinese Buddha scrolls, Buddha dressed in flowing red robe with blue hair and usnisa, displaying different hand mudras for each. Partial chop on lower left margin,18th-19th century, worn and old repairs, new mounting for tops reinforced bottom, wood scroll ends. Size 12' L 5' W each
item #863350
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Japanese Edo Period Horse Boxwood Netsuke
Japanese Edo Period Boxwood Netsuke of Grazing Horse on base, lovely patination and soft wear. Two character signature on bottom (illegible), Edo Period. 1.75 inches long
item #863340
Kuba Caucasian Wool Carpet
Kuba Caucasian Wool Handknotted Carpet, good design and coloration, running dog border, 44"W 74"L, old restoration, age wear, pre 1920s.
item #863338
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