Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Kiri Choba Tansu from the Nigata Area
Antique Japanese choba tansu (merchant's chest), kiri (paulownia) wood with beautiful iron hardware, large cut out iron lock plates, square drawer pulls, safe box in lower right corner with heavy iron work on door ( 1 key), interior of safe has 3 small kiri drawers, (total of 9 drawers of different sizes on whole piece), Edo Period (c1850). Size: 30 1/2" high x 24" wide x 12 1/2" deep.
item #895670
Rare Japanese Yonezawa Kiri Tansu
Antique Japanese tansu chest with 4 drawers, each drawer is made of kiri (paulownia) wood that has been cut to display an unusual vertical pattern, each drawer is trimmed in persimmon wood and has a large iron lock plate with an oak leaf (kashiwa) mon, unusual shaped iron drawer pulls, Meiji Period (1868-1912). Rare Yonezawa area Isho Tansu. Size: 36" high x 28 3/4" wide x 15 1/2" deep.
item #895665
Japanese Unusual Keyaki and Persimmon Choba Tansu
Unusual choba tansu made with keyaki (elm) wood with large persimmon wood beams running horizontal with through tennon joinery in the frame, identical top and bottom drawer with beautiful keyaki wood, sliding panels also of keyaki wood open to compartment with shelf, iron hardware, Edo/Meiji Period (early 1800's). Size: 35 1/2" high x 28 3/4" wide x 16" deep.
item #895648
Japanese Beautiful Rare Two Section Keyaki Choba Tansu
Stunning Antique Japanese 2 section choba tansu. Hand crafted from solid Beautiful keyaki wood. Finely detailed forged iron work including round lock plates and hirute shaped drawer pulls. Includes locking safe box with 2 small interior drawers that are also made of keyaki. Piece retains its original translucent red-orange lacquer finish that glows in the light.

late Edo/early Meiji Period C. 1860's

Size: 63 1/2" high x 35 1/2" wide x 16" deep.
item #893935
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Japanese Butsudan Shrine With Beautiful Gold Interior
Antique Japanese 4 piece butsudan (Buddhist shrine for family use), interior with elaborate miniature temple roof and eves, decorated with wood carvings of apsaras (musician angels), peacocks, and flowers all floating in swirling clouds and lacquered gold, just below the altar is a dragon on either side of which are 2 drawers with birds also carved of wood and lacquered gold, pillars are decorated with copper hardware, the interior set of double doors are lacquered in gold and black with... Click for details
item #893899
Japanese Cast Iron Tetsubin (tea pot) with Sage
Antique Japanese iron tetsubin (cast iron pot for heating water for tea), decorated with wonderful raised scene of houses over water and pine trees; on the other side, a sage sits under a rocky out cropping and reads by the light of the moon, in the distance are more houses nestled in the mountains, Signed on the bronze lid, Meiji Period. Size: 10 1/2" high (including handle) x 7" wide (including spout).
item #893890
Japanese Keyaki Karuma Tansu with 2 Locking Bars
Unusual Japanese antique karuma tansu, keyaki (elm) wood front and frame, deep red translucent lacquer finish, heavy iron hardware, 2 locking bars each covering 2 drawers, safe box with three small drawers , keyaki horizontal bracing on sides and back, Edo Period (late 18th, early 19th century). Size: 47" high x 47 3/4" wide x 24" deep.
item #893148
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Japanese Silver and Shibayama Censor with Quail
Beautiful Japanese censor, silver filigree with flowers, lid with wonderful little silver quail, stands on 4 silver legs; two gold lacquer shibayama reserves with flowers, butterflies, and a bird inlaid with mother of pearl and inlaid shell, signed on the inside, Meiji Period. 4" high x 4" wide
item #891487
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Japanese Bronze Vase with Koi, Signed Kano
Antique Japanese bronze vase, beautiful shape and subject matter, 3 koi swimming together, slightly raised with gold inlaid eyes, unusual rim of vase looks like surface of swirling water, beautiful and subtle, bottom of vase signed: Kano, comes with original signed tomobako, Meiji Period (c1900). Size: 11" high x 10" wide diameter.
item #888925
Japanese Rare Antique Kiri Tansu with Iron Work
Wonderful and rare Japanese antique small kiri (paulownia) wood choba tansu (merchant's chest), made all of thick kiri wood with unusually heavy iron work, sliding panels have horizontal slats that are reinforced with iron bracing, behind sliding panels is a compartment with an open shelf and two small kiri drawers each with heavy iron lock, every drawer has iron lock and square shaped drawer pull, a dramatic piece!, Edo Period (early 19th century). Size: 24 3/4" high x 25" wide x 16"... Click for details
item #888857
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