Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Rare Antique Japanese Small Bar Tansu
Rare and Beautiful late Edo period (circa 1850's) small bar tansu from Tohoki area in Japan. Made of keyaki Hardwood with Stunning original glowing finish, accented by round black iron handles with locking bar. Includes hand forged iron stand that supports and floats the piece off the ground. Great original condition. Measures 24" high x 18.5" wide x 14.5" deep.
item #1082648
Antique Japanese Hardwood Chatansu
Beautiful rosewood chatansu, Chinese made for japanese market. Taisho period. With inset panels on cabinet and drawers. Graceful curve on side with five tiers of shelving. Mortise and Tenon joinery for framework. Measures 24.75" wide, 10.5" deep, 30.25" high
item #1082460
Antique Chinese Hardwood Wardrobe
Beautiful dark finished hardwood wardrobe from the 19th century. Huang huali wood. Brass hardware. The two drawers inside are fully functional with lock and key. Inset hinges. There are keys for the drawers and doors. It measures 77.25" tall X 49" wide X 21 3/8" deep.
item #1082127
Rare Antique Chinese Cloisonne Clock
Very rare and beautiful antique chinese clock with fantastic cloisonne from the 19th century. The clock is set within a domed cloisonne stand and hangs within. Floral interlacing pattern with dragons in frames. The top of the stand has interlacing dragons. The clock comes with a key so that it can be wound. The clock has a soldier with a weapon for the minute hand and a dragon for the hour hand. Clock and base are decorated with beautifully enameled foliate sprays in red, yellow, orange,... Click for details
item #1082102
Japanese Antique Solid Keyaki Kura Tansu
Japanese kura tansu (warehouse storage chest), made entirely of keyaki (elm) wood with very dramatic grain, thick keyaki side and back bracing, sliding panels with horizontal keyaki slats, right side has interior vertical row of 2 drawers and a hinged safe door which opens to yet another drawer, left side has interior shelf, Edo Period (c1850) Size: 23 1/4" high x 35 3/4" wide x 19" deep.
item #1079456
Japanese Edo Period Shinto Shrine with Copper Roof
Japanese antique shinto shrine, made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood, wonderful details with elaborate staircase and other temple details including miniature baku, fudogs and a dragon, copper roof with nice patina, Edo Period. Size: 28 1/2" high x 22" wide x 27 1/4" deep.
item #1077765
Indian Antique Black Schist Figure of Ganesha
Indian black schist carving of dancing Ganesha, the elephant headed god (the Remover of Obstacles) stands with his own broken tusk in one hand, and ax in the other, trunk is sampling sweets in upper left hand, just below his lower right hand is his mouse vehicle, white and vermilion traces, beautiful modeling of body, from Uttar Pradesh, 15th century. Size: 7 3/4" high x 4 1/2" wide
item #1077566
Japanese Antique Kiri Kannon Biraki Tansu
Japanese antique kannon biraki tansu (tansu chest with hinged doors), made of sugi (cryptomeria) wood with kiri (paulownia) wood on front, large doors with drop in iron hinges (doors can be completely removed), interior has 4 large drawers with bronze hirute shaped drawer pulls, Edo Period. Size: 35 3/4" high x 33 1/4" wide x 17" deep.
item #1077560
Chinese Ladies Coat with Gold Embroidery
Antique Chinese peach silk ladies robe with blue and gold embroidery. Wonderfully embroidered butterflies, phoenixes and fans in gold. Peony flowers embroidered in shades of blue and white. Detail on upper back with spider. Measures 47" x 29". Overall good condition. The embroidery is in excellent condition, the border slightly frayed. Late 19th c.
item #1077110
Antique Chinese Cricket Cage
Small, hand made cricket cage made of bamboo and bone with a copper handle. The cage has two tiers each with a sliding door. It measures 4.5" h, 4" w, 1.5"d.
item #1076497
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