Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Porcelain Phoenix
Republic period, late 19th century, phoenix with yellow, pink, and green feathers. The feathers are beautifully detailed. The bird stands on one foot with the other raised close to it's body atop a rock formation. It measures 17" tall. Overall good condition with some loses.
item #1098105
Pair of Chinese Antique Huanghuali Horseshoe Chairs
Pair of Antique Chinese horseshoe armchairs made of beautiful light color huanghuali wood, woven rattan seats, carved with chimera motif on back splat and front apron, nice joinery and smooth carving, original condition. Size: 39 1/2" high x 27 1/2" wide x 27" deep.
item #1097963
Chinese Antique Carved Horn Seal with Fudog
Antique Chinese small carved horn seal with fudog, carved with poem about snow on mountain and the value of peace, characters are inset with dark green pigment, bottom is carved with seal, 19th century. Size: 2 3/4" high x 1 7/8" wide
item #1097935
Chinese Antique Tall Purple Flambe Glazed Vase
Antique Chinese tall vase, beautiful dripping flambe glaze in purples and reds with hints of green, inside has light green glaze, Qing Dynasty (19th century). Size: 16 3/4" high x 8" wide
item #1097917
Japanese Antique Root Wood Container with Handle
Japanese antique burl root wood container, two carved circular areas, tall handle, made all of one piece of wood, beautiful piece. Meiji Period (circa 1900). Size: 10" high x 8 1/2" wide.
item #1097830
Japanese Antique Hinoki Wood Fune Tansu (Ship Safe)
Antique Japanese fune tansu (ship safe box), made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) and sugi (cryptomeria) woods with kiri (paulownia) wood on inside of drawers, heavy iron hardware including cross bracing on both the front and back, heavy iron hinges on door, interior has 6 drawers of different sizes two of which have iron lock plates, warabite shaped drawer pulls and handle on top, Edo Period (late 18th/early 19th century). Size: 16 1/2" high x 16" wide x 17" deep.
item #1097807
Japanese Antique Tall 2 Door Gyosho Bako
Antique Japanese tall gyosho bako (merchant's box), made of sugi (cryptomeria) wood, top door opens to 6 small interior drawers and bottom door opens to 4 small interior drawers, all drawers of different sizes, iron hardware with locks and unusual hooks, chrysanthemum shaped hardware in corners, rings on sides for tying ropes as this piece would have originally been made to be carried. Edo Period (late 18th/early 19th century). Size: 33 3/4" high x 11 3/4" wide x 22" deep.
item #1097800
Japanese Antique Rare Tokugawa Ceremonial Court Hat
Antique Japanese rare ceremonial court hat, made of green asa (hemp) with an open weave meant for summer use, wonderful shape reminiscent of a cicada, woven with gold scrolling vine design and Tokugawa Family mon (crests). Underside has silk padding. Wonderful and rare. Meiji Period (1868-1912). Size: 19" long x 5" wide x 5" high
item #1096545
Antique Japanese Crayfish
Naturalistic crayfish made of copper from the Meiji period, 1868 -1912. The piece is unusual in that the legs, antennae, and tail move in the same way that a real crayfish moves. It is signed Shinju on the base of the body. It measures 6" long.
item #1095904
Antique Chinese 8 Dragon and Zodiac Embroidered Robe
Beautifully embroidered robe with the twelve zodiac signs and 8 dragons. An abundance of gold thread was used to embroider the robe. The animals of the zodiac are on a gold ground encircled by a leafed border. The dragons have four claws and are within a circle on blue clouds. The robe is adorned with men, women and children dispersed with an interwoven symbol and swastikas. It measures 62" wide by 42" long.
item #1095866
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