Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Edo Period Battle of Flowers Screen Painting
Beautiful Japanese antique 6 panel screen painting depicting a Chinese palace courtyard scene of lovely ladies involved in a "battle" with branches of flowers, a noble woman sits to the left while her husband has removed himself from his seat and stands to observe the action. Wonderful details. Painted in ink and mineral colors on paper with clouds and ground, 18th century, Edo Period. Purchased from Gump's San Francisco in 1958 and titled "Battle of the Flowers", 17th/18th... Click for details
item #1134672
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Chinese Jadite Pitcher with Dragon Handle
Chinese carved jadite pitcher with dragon handle and loose ring under spout, very thinly carved of a beautiful translucent pale green color jadite, scrolling motif along the edge, each side is carved with a dragon in low relief, Republic Period. Size: 5" long
item #1134652
Chinese Ming Bronze Mirror with Figures in Landscape
Chinese bronze mirror with figures in a landscape with auspicious symbols spread across the back of the mirror. Age: Ming dynasty (16th century). Size: Diameter: 4.75"
item #1134473
Chinese Bronze Brushrest
Chinese bronze rushrest in the shape of a mountain with a dragn head peak at one end. The center front cast with a man fishing. The back a man sitting in a house. Age early 17th century. Size: Length: 7" Width: 1.5" Height: max. 4"
item #1134472
Chinese Soapstone Pebble with Three Luohan
Chinese soapstone pebble, beautifully carved with scene of three luohan (monks), one is standing with alms bowl outstretched out of which a cloud of mist rises and wraps to the reverse of the pebble, two bats fly over the bowl, surrounding the monks are rocks and low branches, lovely yellow and buff colors, on carved wooden base. Total size (on stand): 3 3/8" high
item #1133748
Chinese White Jade Boulder Carved with Mountain Scene
Chinese white jade boulder beautifully carved with mountain scene, on one side are monks in a mountain pavilion with twisting pines, roof tops and stairways peep through swirling mist and rocky crags, on the reverse is a rural scene of a man riding a buffalo through more rocks and pines, from one tree hangs a string of coins. Republic Period. Size: 4 3/4" high x 5 1/4" wide x 2 1/4" deep
item #1133744
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Chinese Polychrome Porcelain Vase with Scholar Objects
Antique Chinese polychrome enamel decorated porcelain vase, baluster oval shape, painted with scholar objects and vases with flowers, pair of blue glazed handles, pink ground, ruyi motif on bands, Republic Period. Size: 13" high
item #1133729
Chinese Antique Pink Peking Glass Snuff Bottle
Antique Chinese carved Peking glass snuff bottle in a gorgeous pink color, carved with lotus leaf on one side and dragon fly with lotus pod on the other, very top area under stopper is also carved to look like a lotus pod, stopper made of rose quartz with brass, original brass spoon, Republic Period. Size: 2 5/8" high
item #1133710
Chinese Jade Pea Pod Toggle
Antique Chinese carved jade toggle in the form of a pea pod, carved of very pale green almost white jade with a hint of orange rind. Republic Period. Size: 3 1/2" long
item #1133685
Chinese Antique Polychrome Ceramic Pair of Qilin
Pair of Qilin, a Chinese mythical beast sometimes associated with giraffes or Camelopard. Polychrome glaze on clay, with fine detailing. Bottom of the pair contains a seal reading: Qianlong Nianzhi which would be from the mid to late 18th century. However in reality the piece was made during the 19th century. Size: Length: 4" Width: 2.5" Height:10.25".
item #1133166
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