Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Orchid Study Scroll
Beautiful study of orchids done with mineral colors and ink on paper. Artist's signature. 20th century. the image measures 18" wide by 26" tall. Overall the scroll measures 23" wide by 65.6" tall. It is mounted on a cream colored geometric print paper with flowers. It is sumie colors on white paper. Signature by Wong Chiu-Ye, circa 1986.
item #1100613
Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle with Sage
Unusual moss agate. It is carved all around with two scenes. One scene, a sage walks over a bridge. The opposite side the sage walks by a young boy with a horse. It measures 3.25" tall 2.75" wide.
item #1100608
Agate Snuff Bottle with Fu Dog
Charming and beautifully carved agate snuff bottle decorated with a Fu- dog playing with butterflies. It measures 2" wide by 3" tall.
item #1100601
Japanese Tomobaku Purple Vase
Beautiful purple earthenware vase with blue glaze. It measures 10" tall. It comes with the original box. The base has a cartouche, the signature of the artist.
item #1100582
Antique Chinese Six Panel Screen
Beautiful custom made screen with inlaid pictures on the front that correspond to a scholarly poem on the reverse. All panels have a classical poem from the Song Dynasty's poet Lu You, 陆游, with 28 characters each, the first panel "In the early spring, peach blossoms are everywhere, the sunset rays reflect the mountain scene, East Wind please hold your breath for the blossoms to last!" The front of the screen depicts scenes from the four seasons: February, spring, summer, late... Click for details
item #1099910
Japanese Antique 4 Piece Copper Crane Temple Hardware
Antique Japanese 4 pieces of crane shaped hardware, raised and beautifully detailed flying cranes, made of gilt copper repouse with dark patina, long nail in back of each, probably off of a temple or large shrine. Meiji Period (c1900). Size : 5 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" high (with 2" deep pin in back)
item #1099208
Japanese Antique Pair of Bronze Chrysanthemum Pulls
Antique Japanese pair of medium sized slider pulls in the shape of chrysanthemums, open work petals radiating from oval center inset, made of bronze with dark patina, Meiji Period. Total size:3 1/4" high x 2 7/8" wide. Size of center inset: 2" high x 1 5/8" wide.
item #1099195
Pair of Japanese Antique Chrysanthemum Slider Pulls
Pair of Japanese antique chrysanthemum shaped slider pulls for tansu hardware, large size, radiating petals cast of iron with separate copper oval shaped pull in center, Meiji Period. Total size: 4 5/8" high x 4" wide Size of oval inset: 2" high x 1 5/8" wide
item #1099175
Japanese Antique Large Iron Money Bag Lock
Antique Japanese iron lock from kura (storehouse) door, in the shape of a money bag, wonderfully worn, a work of art in itself, 19th century. Size: 19" high (12" high just purse) x 13 1/2" wide.
item #1098821
Antique Japanese Pair of Gyosho Bako
Three piece peddlers set with two cases. One has three drawers with a lock. The second has two drawers. Both have iron hardware. The cabinets are each decorated with a red sun and below they have inscriptions. Inscription reads: approved by the Ministry of the Interior, Medicine of Loquat Leaves, Processed at the medicine shop in Toki County, Toki Village (Today: Gifu Prefecture, Toki or Tajimi Cities), Oguri Daiji (person responsible). One has a cartouche. It measures 53" wide 37" tall... Click for details
item #1098609
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