Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Hardwood Set of Two Chairs and Stand
Chinese set of two oxbow chairs and rectangular stand, made of extremely heavy and dark hardwood possibly zitan, carved with filigree, mid 20th century. Size of chairs: 39" high x 30" wide x 23 1/2" deep. Size of stand: 29" high x 15 1/4" wide x 20" deep.
item #1140159
Chinese Jichimu Wood Tapered Cabinet
Chinese tapered A-line cabinet, made of jichimu (chicken-wing) wood, nice lines and simple elegance, interior has two shelves, lower shelf has two small built in drawer also made of jichimu wood, circa 1920's). Size: 47" high x 30 1/2" wide (at bottom) x 13" deep.
item #1139949
Japanese Keyaki Isho Tansu with Fan Locks
Antique Japanese isho tansu (clothing chest), 4 drawers, wonderful fan shaped lock plates with the shallower top drawer having a smaller version of the fan lock, all iron hardware, keyaki (elm) wood on drawer fronts with nice translucent lacquer finish and dramatic grain, Meiji Period. Size: 34 1/4" high x 34 1/4" wide x 19" deep.
item #1139943
Chinese Antique Tall Jumu Wood Cabinet
Antique Chinese tall wardrobe cabinet, made all of jumu (elm) wood with very beautiful grain, middle bar has been attached to door so that the cabinet opens with clear access to interior, inside has one shelf with two small drawers of jumu wood finished on the front to match the exterior of cabinet, bottom has one large drop in panel that locks with key, 19th century. Size: 78 1/2" high x 42 3/4" wide x 21" deep.
item #1139911
Chinese Pair of Hard Stone Inlaid Plaques
Pair of Chinese plaques, made of wood and inlaid with different hardstones with scenes of birds in blossoming branches and bamboo, black lacquer ground, Republic Period. Size of each: 47" high x 27 1/2" wide x 2" deep.
item #1139776
Antique Chinese Blanc de Chine Kwan Yin Statue
Subtle and beautiful blanc de chine statue of Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy. Immaculate detail work on the decorations, face, and hands. Contains two seals, one seal reads, Xuande 18th century. Size: Length: 3.15" Width: 2.5" Height: 9.75"
item #1139660
Dali Marble Huanghuali Stand
Magnificent Chinese Dali Marble framed in a carved huanghuali stand. Stand is carved with dragons, scrolling clouds, and vines. 20th century. Size: Length: 21.25" Width: 11" Height. 30.18".
item #1139654
Japanese Ceramic Study of a Woman Giving Birth
An interesting Japanese ceramic study of a woman giving birth. Black glazes with hints of green for the hair, clear glaze with blue color glaze for the washcloth. 19th century. Size: Length: 7.75" Width: 5.5" Height: 7.75".
item #1139126
Japanese Antique Hirado Reticulated Censer
A splendid Japanese Hirado reticulated censer. The censer has a reticulated lid and body with shishi lions on the side and chrysanthemum foliate decoration on the neck with a square base. Body and base has blue and white flower and crackled pattern. 19th century. Size: Length: 3.8" Width: 3.8" Height: 6.9".
item #1139124
Japanese Antique Gosho Ningyo Doll
A cute Japanese gosho ningyo doll in the form of Ebisu, one of seven fortune gods. Handpainted detail work, red and brocaded fabric is used for the clothing of the doll. Meiji to Taisho period. Size: Length: 5.5" Width: 6" Height: 9.5".
item #1139118
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