Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Bronze Vase with butterflies by Harunobu
Vintage bronze vase with patterns of butterflies made by an artist named, Nobuharu. The piece contains an inscription dating to March of 1953 where students from Tojo Photo Studio gave the vase to their teacher in celebrating the 40th anniversary of their studio. Age: Late Showa era (1953) Size: Diameter: 13.5" Height: 10.5"
item #1143965
Chinese Antique Jumu Wood Cabinet from Shanxi Area
Antique Chinese cabinet, made of heavy pieces of jumu (elm) wood with beautiful and dramatic grain, one shelf on inside, bottom is open for storage, from the Shanxi area, 19th century. Size: 70 3/4" high x 35 1/2" wide (31 1/2" in the middle) x 22 1/2" deep.
item #1143832
Chinese Contemporary Tall Glass Cabinet
Chinese tall display cabinet with glass doors, each door has carved lattice work behind glass panels, interior has 3 shelves (4 shelves if you include the bottom), exterior has 2 drawers below the cabinet doors, Contemporary. Size: 78 3/4" high x 35 1/2" wide (34" wide in middle) x 15 3/4" deep (14 1/4" deep in middle)
item #1143820
Chinese Low Huanghuali Table
Chinese low rectangular table, reconstructed of 17th century huanghuali wood, beautiful grain, underside still with original finish. Size: 18 1/4" high x 37 3/4" long x 23" wide
item #1143780
Japanese Antique Wonderful Ranma with Foxes
Antique Japanese beautiful ranma (transom carving) highly carved on both front and back with a scene depicting a pair of foxes in a mountainous setting with bamboo and rocky outcroppings, carved of keyaki (elm) wood and painted in mineral colors, hardware with buddhist details, Edo Period. Size: 13 5/8" high x 75 1/8" long
item #1143657
Japanese Antique 6 panel Screen Painting with Flowers
Beautiful Japanese antique 6 panel byobu screen painting, scene of early spring with flowers beginning to bloom, rocks and green ground near stream still have a dusting of snow against a back drop of gold mist, skillfully painted in mineral colors with gold leaf on paper, 19th century (Edo/Meiji Period). Size: 48" high x 113 1/2" long
item #1143650
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Antique Chinese Dragon Celadon Porcelain Vase
Chinese vase with clay sculpture of a dragon on the top of the vase. The vase is decorated with ancient to old bronze coins from different eras of Chinese history. In the middle, there is an inscription written about the history of Chinese coin minting technology. The calligraphy is titled: Gu Qian Ton Shuo, the story of the ancient coins. Calligraphy is signed and dated; May of 1884, brushed by Qian long shi yuan Zhao Zhun guang. Age; 19th century. Size: Diameter: 14" Height: 23.75"
item #1143305
Antique Diptych of Geese by Kano Dohaku Chikanobu
A pair of hanging scrolls by Kano Dohaku Chikanobu (1772-1821), a famous Edo period painter, 5th head of the Surugadai branch of the Kano School. In 1813 he received the honorary title of "Okurakyo-Hogen" (law of the eye).The pair contains an image of three geese set near a marshland with reeds. Scroll comes with box that woud be of the period. Age: Mid-Edo Period( 1800-1820). Size per scroll: Height: 70.25" Width: 14.25" (with ends) 16.25".
item #1142802
Antique Japanese Triptych Scroll by Sesson Shukei
Zen triptych scroll by Sesson Shukei (1504?-1589) The set of three are paintings of a radish and nappa cabbage with Lao Tzu riding a bull as its centerpiece. Scroll set comes with a box with paper labels naming the object and figure in the painting. One label reads that one of the Kano Eisen (the first or second) had provided an opinion, but the orignal document does not exist anymore. Age: Late Muromachi 16th century. Size (for all three approx.) Height: 74.25" Width: 18.3" (with ends): 20.5"
item #1142801
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Momoyama Period Landscape Painting Hanging Scroll
Splendid and majestic Japanese landscape painting showing a pavillion with a large scholar's rock and pine tree. Scroll contains a signature attributing to Sesshu Toyo but may have been added later. Age: Momoyama Period. Size: Scroll: Height: 74.25" Width: 18.3" (with roller ends): 20.5"
item #1142776
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