Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Seto Ware Umanome Horse eye Motif Dish
An appealing Seto ware Umanome (Horse eye) motif dish. This type of Seto ware was also referred to as ishizara, which can roughly be translated as stoneware. The first type of Seto stoneware appears in the Mino Taihei Monjo written around 1618. The wares were produced mainly for daily ware during the Edo period and became popular through the Mingei movement in the 20th century.

Age: Mid Edo period 19th century.

Dimensions: Height: 2" Diameter: 11"
item #1151707
Antique Chinese embroidered rank badge
An amazing high quality Chinese embroidered rank badge. The embroidery consists of clouds, a mountain-like pattern with a bird in the center of the embroidery. The piece is entirely embroidered. Age: Qing Dynasty. Size: Height: 13" Length: 13' Width: 1.5"
item #1151293
Japanese Antique Fine Shakudo Daruma Ojime
Antique Japanese ojime (toggle bead) in the form of Bodhi Darma (Daruma), shakudo (an alloy of gold and copper) with a red face , carved with incredible detail, wonderful expression, Meiji Period. Size: 11/16 of an inch high.
item #1150775
Japanese Antique Bronze Daruma Seal Box
Charming antique Japanese small bronze box in the form of Bodhi Darma (Daurma) as he sits meditating, wearing his trade mark expression intense concentration, nice details, a box most likely used for seal ink, Meiji Period. Size: 2 5/8" high
item #1150744
Antique Japanese Tsuba with Basket and Wave Motif
A sublime antique Japanese tsuba centered on the theme of the ocean. The tsuba contains motifs of abalone shell, basket weave pattern, and waves peeking through the patterned holes near the area where the blade would have been fitted. Tsuba is done in iron with mixed metal accents to highlight the abalone shell and rope. Age: 19th century, Edo period. Size: Diameter: 3.25"
item #1150610
Antique Japanese Tsuba motif of Chrysanthemums
Antique Japanese tsuba done in the finest craftsmanship. Made of iron with extensive shakudo nanako plate overall and with many gold blossoms. A motif of very detailed chrysanthemums densely covers both sides of the tsuba. The view in general would be titled, "Kikka Senpi zu" or Chrysanthemums in full bloom. Age: Possibly Momoyama Period. Size: Diameter: 2.75"
item #1150609
Rare Antique Japanese Koto ware ikebana vase
A rare Kotou ware vase with meticulous painting done on the surface with an image of herons and reeds on one side, and a late spring flower bouquet still life. The Koto ware was established in 1829 by Kinuya Hanbei who invited an artisan trained in producing imari wares. The kilns continued production until 1842 where the Hikone clan took over and made the kilns part of the clan. The kilns declined after the assassination of Ii Naosuke in 1860 and the last existing kiln closed in 1895. The... Click for details
item #1150031
Japanese Antique Large Buddhist Textile Cover
Beautiful antique Japanese large covering for Buddhist use in temple, three deep blue silk panels sewn together and woven with gold in design of 18 chrysanthemums and 18 floral roundels, chrysanthemums with 32 petals, back is lined with a light blue cotton with inscription of previous owner, which states: Noto, Kashima-gun, Koura Village property of the abbot of Kouken (ji) temple. (Present Day Ishikawa Prefecture, Nanao city) Edo Period. Size: 72" wide x 69" high
item #1149792
Chinese Carved Jadeite Pebble of Lucky God
Chinese oval shaped pebble of white and green jadeite, carved with the the head and arm of Shou the Star God symbolizing longevity and good health, holding a branch in one hand of a darker jade. Late 20th century. Size: 2 3/4" high x 2" wide x 1" deep.
item #1149563
Chinese Carved Jade Boulder
Large Chinese jade boulder, carved with scene of mountain pavilion with figures and pine trees, beautiful green color with orange rind. VIntage c1960. Size of jade: 7 1/2" high 9 1/4" long x 2 3/4" thick. On wooden stand: 9" high x 10" wide x 4" deep.
item #1149382
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