Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Sculpture of a Lady by Owa Sakunai
An amazing wood sculpture of a standing lady looking at a mirror while fixing her hair. Sculpture was done by Owa Sakunai (1894- active 1987) originally Sakunai was a farmer in Nagano and did sculpture as a hobby. Sakunai received the opportunity to study at the Academie Julian when he was 65 years old. After his study in France, he submitted many of his works to the Nihon Bijutsu-in exhibition. The work shown may have been submitted to an exhibition during the 1960s - 1970s. Age: late 20th... Click for details
item #1142173
Antique Korean Painting of Sunrise and Phoenixes
An elegant Korean painting of two phoenixes standing next to a tree with the sunrise in the background, colors and ink on paper, Age: 19th century. Size: Height: 47.25" Width: 18.5"
item #1142157
Antique Japanese Okimono of Monkeys
A charming little okimono of three monkeys posed in the famous style known in Japanese: Sanzaru (Hear no evil, See no evil, Say no evil). Inlaid eyes, amazing detail work on the fur and the face. Signed Shugetsu. Age: Meiji Period. Size: D: 1.6" H: 2.8".
item #1141615
Antique Japanese Onigawara Roof Tile
Amazing reticulated oni gawara (Japanese roof tile). The cloud pattern is unusual that it is reticulated and a brush is placed on the bottom of the tile. A mark is found on the bottom of the piece. Age: Edo Period c. 1850. Size: Length" 16.25" Wdith: 5.25" Height: 10.25
item #1141608
Exquisite Rare Antique Japanese Small Cho-bako Tansu
Exquisite Rare Japanese cho-bako or account box made out of keyaki (zelkova Hardwood). The interior is made from kiri (paulownia) wood. Splendid Iron hardware including round locks and Original key. Wonderful Original finish and condition. Age: Edo period, circa 1840s. Size: Length: 17" Width: 12.25" Height: 13.25"
item #1141607
Antique Japanese Bodhidharma Carving
A captivating and lively statue of Bodhidharma holding his fly wisk, carved out of keyaki wood coated with black and red lacquer, small losses to pigment. Age:Edo Period, Size: Length: 10" Width: 5.8" Height: 29.8".
item #1141597
Japanese Meiji Period Imari Dragon Vase
Exquisite fluted Imari vase containing intricate patterns of flowers and dragons.Flowers are painted in red and highlights of gold. The dragons are raised and painted in indigo blue. Age: Meiji Period circa 1880, Size: Diameter: 7.75" Height: 14.25"
item #1141579
Japanese Screen of Women Samurai By Kitamura Meido
Japanese 2-panel screen painting depicting a scene of a samurai standing with armor on but with a nuns head cloth and with monks beads in his outstretched hand, behind him are three beautiful warrior women wearing beautiful brocade underneath their armor and nuns head cloths with blossoming plum branches, each has a bow and arrows. Painted in mineral pigments and ink on paper. Painted by Kitamura Meido (1896-1962), known for specializing in human subjects. Meido first submitted his work in... Click for details
item #1141259
Antique Japanese Zenga scroll by Tokuhon
Impressive zenga painting of a Zen master's staff with a poem in the surrounding background, signed Tokuhon. Age: 19th century. Size: Length: 73" Width: 15.15" with good hardwood ends: 17.3".
item #1140870
Antique Korean Painting of Leopard and Cubs
A lively and splendid Korean painting of Leopard with and her two cubs, overhead are a pair of magpies perched on a pine branch, sumie and color pigments on cotton with paper backing, age Chosun Period, 19th century. Size: Height: 51.5" Width: 35.25".
item #1140868
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