Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Carved Wooden Temple Architectural Panel
Right side of a carved wooden architectural panels that were once used in a temple. The panels are carved with a pair of smiling figures set near a tree. The panel may have been placed under the corner eaves of the roof above the pillars. Elaborate carvings became popular during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) various motifs and designs were created often seen in Taoist and Confucian temple architecture. These motifs is thought to represent the central philosophy of the religion. Age: 19th... Click for details
item #1156177
Antique Chinese Hardwood Round Table with 6 chairs
Antique Chinese hardwood round table with six matching chairs. Table and chairs topped with beautiful burl wood. The table and chairs are decorated with a scrolling pattern. Well constructed and comfortable. It measures 39" diameter, 32" tall. Republic period, early 20th century.
item #1155604
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Antique Chinese Carved wood side table with Marble top
Antique Chinese carved wood side table. The wood has been lacquered in black. It is ornately carved with flowers and dragons. The top is inset with red marble. It measures 32" tall, 18" diameter at widest, table top 15" diameter. Early Republic circa 1900
item #1155586
Antique Tibetan Thangka
Antique Tibetan painting of a boddhisatva framed. The front and back are visible through glass panes. A crowned central figure, boddhisatva, sits atop a lotus bloom holding a white peony flower in his left hand. He is surrounded by 7 figures. 18th century. Mineral pigments on cotton. Measures 24.5" by 18.5", framed 29" by 23".
item #1155554
Antique Japanese Fireman's Robe Textile
Japanese fireman's coat from the Edo period, c. 1850. Cotton indigo dyed with sashiko stitching and freehand paste resist decoration (tsutsugaki). Design of a geisha standing in front of a red spider sitting atop its web. Flowers decorate the front and back. It measures 47" wide by 38" long.
item #1155293
Antique Natural Burl Japanese Hibachi
Japanese Burl Hibachi, possibly used for japanese tea ceremonies. The natural burl wood has the appearance of 13 turtles climbing and resting on the sides. Measures 13" wide 10" tall. Meiji period circa 1900
item #1155286
Antique Indian Durga Sculpture
Stone sculpture of the female deity Durga slaying a spirit emerging from the water buffalo Manisha. Carved in high relief, with temnants of tuna pigment, from the Rajasthan area. 17th-18th century.

Size: 27" tall, 14" wide, 6" deep.
item #1155283
Antique Indian Marble Statue of a Jain Buddha
Indian statue of a jain buddha seated in meditation with hands and feet crossed carved out of white marble. The base has a weathered donatory inscription with a horned bull or possibly a rhino in the middle. If a rhinocerous, the statue would be of Mahavira in the 11th reincarnation. Traces of red pigment. The nose was broken during the muslim invasions of India sometime between the 13th and 16th centuries. From the Mt. Abu region, 15th-16th century. It measures 13"deep, 26" wide 30" tall.
item #1155278
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Antique Nepalese Bronze Bowls
Nepalese bronze pedestaled bowls from 18th-19th century. One bowl has a lotus blossom on the bottom of the bowl. The second bowl is decorated with a band of blooming flowers along the base. Deaccessioned from the Handley Private Collection. Measures 4" 5/8" tall, 4.25" at widest.
item #1155267
Antique Japanese Bizen Pottery Vase
Bizen ware hexogonal vase with engravings of orchids on the side of the vase. The patina and color of the vase is very similar to those seen from the late Edo and early Meiji period. Interestingly, during this period elaborate decorations and moulding were created which was popular during this time. However, the vase does not contain the elaborate decorations and resembles more of tokoname wares emulating the Chinese yixing potteries. Age: Late Edo or early Meiji Period. Size: Height: 7.25"... Click for details
item #1155147
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