Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Meiji Bronze Censer
A large bronze sculpture in the form of a censer decorated with auspicious motifs, cranes, and scrolling clouds. The lid has a small sculpture of Shoki, the demon queller standing on top of a rock with crashing waves. The side of the censer are two dragons staring at the central figure. The bottom of the censer is held up by four spirits known as shojo, known for drinking large amounts of sake and often seen in Kabuki and noh plays. The base is emulating a five legged cinnabar lacquer with... Click for details
item #1173186
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Antique Chinese Vanity Box
A Chinese vanity box with three drawers and a mirror that slides out on the top when opened. The bottom of the vanity box contains a continuous scrolling motif often seen in Chinese designs. Age: 19th century. Size: Height: 7.25" Width: 11.3" Length: 8.5"
item #1173181
Chinese Dehua Blanc de Chine Porcelain Kwan Yin
A Blanc de Chine figure of a seated Kwan Yin holding a ruyi scepter on one hand and a fuzi or a wisk on the other. The distinct detailing of the hair, accessories, facial features and the flowing robes done on a simple white porcelain base is the distinct elements of blanc de chine or dehua porcelain. Age: Early Republic Period Circa 1920. Size: Height: 7" Width: 3.5" Length: 5.5"
item #1173180
Japanese Meiji Period Carved Advertisement
A carved wooden advertisement with two metal pieces to hang the board. The advertisement is for a cold medicine named, Phenyl which is the chemical name for cold medicines even still today. The advertisement states on one side that this medicine effectively reduces fevers and on the other the name of pharmaceutical store that makes the medicine, which is Yamada Kaiseido. On the top is the logo for the medicine with the words trademark. Age: Meiji Period Size: Height: 29.75" Length: 11.5" Width:... Click for details
item #1172766
Chinese Stacked Hardwood Box
A hardwood stacked box attached with a holder to carry the boxes and a rod which slides inside the lid of the box to keep the box closed with a lock. Age: 20th century (c1950). Size: Height: 10.75" Width: 8.5" Length: 15"
item #1172760
Japanese Antique Shoji with Cranes and Pine
A four panel shoji screen decorated with carvings of cranes, pine, and bamboo framed in a black lacquered frame. The screen is often seen on the side of a Japanese alcove so that the light during the day can shine in and illuminate the alcove while protecting the piece decorating the alcove. Age: Late Showa Era:1970-1980. Size: Height: 39.5" Length: 69.75" Width: 1"
item #1172740
Chinese Hardwood Highly Carved Long Table
Antique Chinese very heavy and dense hardwood table, very beautifully and ornately carved all over with scrolling vines and dragons motif with key fret motif along edges, dark color, Republic Period. Size: 34" high x 66 1/2" wide x 27 1/2" deep.
item #1172545
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Japanese Carpenter Measure or Sumitsubo
A simple utilitarian tool often used by Japanese carpenters and woodworkers known as a sumitsubo or an ink pot used to measure and portion pieces of wood. Traditionally, the sumitsubo were made by carpenters and how well a sumitsubo is made showed how skilled a carpenter was. Age: 19th-20th century Size:Height: 3.75" Width: 4" Length: 11.5"
item #1172139
Chinese Hardwood Carving of Lotuses and Frogs
A small hardwood carving of lotus leaves with small frogs and fish set between the curled and the underside sections of the leaves. The frogs and the seeds found in the pod of the lotus flower can slightly move, giving the piece more action and life. Age: 19th-20th century Size: Height: 1.5" Width: 2.8" Length: 3.5"
item #1172135
Japanese tobacco container by Nissho
A set of a tobacco container carved in the form of either two sages or eccentric spirits. The container is carved in the form where the figure is sitting inside a jar while the other is has the distinct eccentric smile seen in images in sages. The piece contains a signature which reads Nissho Age:20th century Size: The container: Height: 3.5" Diameter: 2.1" The figure: Length: 1.75" Width: 1.5" Height: 8"
item #1172133
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