Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Small Fan Shaped Silver and Copper Box
Charming small Japanese lidded box in the shape of a folding fan, made of silver with copper for handle, incised with two family mon inside and two impressed marks on back of outside, one reads the name of the maker, Kyuka-sei and the other which reads jungin or sterling silver. Piece comes with small original tomobako, Taisho Period (1912-1926) Size: 3 7/8" long
item #1168900
Japanese Antique Onigawara Roof Tile with Star
Japanese antique ceramic onigawara roof tile with design of swirling waves and a star shaped crest, which is the crest used by the Japanese police force. Piece is highly three dimensional, impressed with characters on top. Size: 12" high x 18 1/2" wide x 6" deep.
item #1168889
Japanese Antique Mixed Metal Vase with Magnolias
Antique Japanese bronze and mixed metal vase with a beautiful and highly raised design of blossoming magnolia branches and a small bird, great details, late Meiji Period. Size: 7" high
item #1168875
Japanese Bronze Zogan Vase with Onagadori
A simple bronze with mixed metal applied to the surface utilizing the method known as zogan where gold and silver is used to apply the decoration and is fired on the surface. The motif is a plum branch with a bird known as an onagadori which is similar to a rooster, but is a distinct bird found in Japan. Piece is signed by Mitsufune. Age: 20th century/ Diameter: 2.25" Heigh: 6.25"
item #1168772
Chinese Official's Hat Finial
Chinese finial hat, known in Chinese as guanmaodi, done in repousse silver topped with a lion. A lage round agate bead, known as dingzhu is placed in the center, the middle has a cylindrical bead with repousse figures, and the base has a very pale jade ring. Age: 19th-20th Century. Size: 4" high.
item #1168747
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Pair of Takaoka Bronze Vases by Miyabe Atsuyoshi
The subtle pair of vases with the detailed work done of motifs of lotuses, herons, and carp fascinate the eyes. The gold metal are arranged to show the changes in color of the lotus leaves and to bring forth the beauty of the lotus blossoms. Work is signed by Miyabe Atsuyoshi who was active during the Meiji period and paved the way for contemporary Takaoka Bronze. Age: Meiji Period Size: Height: 5" Diameter: 2.75"
item #1168313
Pair of Takaoka Bronze Vases by Miyabe Atsuyoshi
Pair of bronze vases with mixed metal inlay of motif of herons perched and flying near a willow tree. The vase contains the inscription: Dai Nippon Kyoto Ju, Ikkodo Bunryu Atsuyoshi. Trans: Residing in Kyoto, Japan Ikkodo Bunryu Atsuyoshi followed by a kao or a distinctive signature of the artist. The artist, Miyabe Atsuyoshi was active during the Meiji period and paved the way for contemporary Takaoka Bronze art. Age: Meiji Period Size: Diameter: 3.25" Height: 9.75"
item #1168289
Chinese Antique Carved Hongmu Wood Cabinet
Chinese carved cabinet made all of beautiful hongmu hardwood, front is carved with four scenes of immortals and children with birds and animals in mountain pavilion setting, interior has a shelf with two drawers, the inside of each of the cabinet doors is also beautifully carved, brass hardware on inside and out, circa 1900. Size: 55 3/4" high x 42 1/2" wide x 16" deep.
item #1168105
Chinese Antique Silver Hair Ornament
Antique Chinese silver repouse hair ornament for wrapping hair, top has scroll form, decorated all over with highly raised design of flowers, two stamped marks on back. 19th/20th century. Size; 5 3/4" long x 2" wide
item #1167699
Chinese Antique Silver, Coral and Jade Hat Finial
Antique Chinese charming hat finial, made of pierced repouse silver and enamel, carved jade disk near base, inset with coral and turquoise, large round agate bead in center, topped with a playful lion with movable ears, the underside of the finial is made of pierced and incised silver with a design of monkeys and bats, 19th/20th century. Size: 4 1/2" high
item #1167686
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