Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Korean Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Ware Flask
Buncheong ware in a flattened ovoid form with a raised foot finished with a wide flared rim. It is decorated with a creamy colored slip and the faces are painted with a leafy plant in brown slip, all beneath a clear glaze with a faint celadon tint where pooled in drips along the shoulder, the creamy slip and the glaze are also applied within the recessed base. This piece has unique spots as a result of its aging process: water or oil that has been stored in the vessel permeates into the ware... Click for details
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Korean Joseon Period Buncheong Bowl
Korean Buncheong bowl from the Joseon period (15th century). A wide mouthed bowl is supported on a narrow foot ring. The flared rim is decorated with a grass pattern on both sides. The body is decorated with vertical rows of minute circles to form a flower centered roundel framed by a row of bat like silhouettes and a lotus petal band that also appears on the lower exterior of the body, the glaze layer has a straw color across white slip inlay, the fabric varies from gray on the exterior to... Click for details
item #1161081
Chinese Antique Large Jumu Wood Cabinet
Antique Chinese large armoire cabinet, made all of jumu (elm) wood with beautiful dramatic grain, large round brass lock plate, interior has two shelves the lower of which has two small drawers, false bottom on interior for more storage, 19th century. Size: 78 3/4" high x 43 1/2" wide x 21 1/2" deep.
item #1160934
Chinese Antique Silk Kesi of Birds and Flowers
Antique Chinese silk kesi tapestry depicting a scene of pheasants and flowers in rocky setting with pine tree, beautifully woven with painted details, framed, Ching Dynasty (mid 19th century). Size: 60 3/4" high x 32 1/4" wide
item #1160932
Antique Chinese Green Cinnabar Carved Box
Emerald green cinnabar carved round box with incised decoration. The border is carved with a geometric pattern. The lid bears a scene of monks among rocks with trees. The inside is black.
item #1160929
Vintage Chinese Pair of Wall Vases
Vintage chinese pair of ceramic wall vases with flowers and butterflies. Stamped on base with seal. They measure 6" tall, 3/4" deep.
item #1160920
Vintage Chinese Pair of Serpentine Deer
Beautifully carved pair of serpentine deer striding. They are mounted on carved wooden stands. One deer has beautiful variations of tone, the other deer is pale green. They measure 7" long, 6" tall, 2" wide. mid 20th century.
item #1160914
Chinese Coromandel or Kuancai Screen
An antique six panel Chinese coromandel screen with motif of birds and flowers inlaid with mother of pearl and semi precious stones. This style of screen emerged during the Ming dynasty in China and has been favored in Europe for centuries. Each element of detail has been masterfully rendered. The lacquer is in wonderful original condition showing a lusterious rich finish.

Age: Early 19th century

Dimensions: Height: 67.5" Width: 85"
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Chinese Huanghuali Side Table
Chinese side table placed in between a pair of matching chairs, Huanghuali wood. Typically the designs would match the design and motifs that the chairs are using. Age: 20th century. Size: Height: 29" Width: 19.25" Length: 15.5"
item #1160504
Pair of Chinese Oxbow Huanghuali Chairs
A pair of oxbow chairs with intricately carved scrolling vine motifs on the arms and the back of the chair. Age: 20th century. Size: (For both chairs): Height: 40" Width: 27" Length: 24.5"
item #1160498
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