Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Silk Obi
Detailed Japanese colorful silk obi. Pre-1920. Size: 12" width x 157" length
item #1179545
Chinese Highly Carved Hardwood Scroll Painting Table
Elegant Chinese hardwood scroll painting table, highly carved all over with Lingzhi mushrooms. Beautifully shaped, dark color, extremely heavy. Republic Period. Size: 32.5" height x 65" Long x 25.75" Deep
item #1179333
Japanese Antique Large Imari Censor
Antique Japanese dramatic large incensor, multi-color glaze decorated with scenes of beautiful maidens and flowers. Meiji Period (19 century). Size: 15.5" height x 12.5" wide diameter.
item #1179293
Six Panel Screen Chapter View from the Tale of Genji
A six panel screen with mineral colors, and gold leaf clouds meandering though out scenes depicting a view from the Tale of Genji. The chapter that would be closely associated to the screen is Chapter 19, Usugumo, translated as Wisp of Clouds. The scene is showing Prince Genji wearing a white informal court robe, lined with red and is selecting robes for the visit of Lady Akashi.

Age: Late 18th to Early 19th century, Edo Period

Size: Length 109" Height 47.5"
item #1179194
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Meiji Period Nishiki Imari Tripod Censer
A large sized Imari porcelain tripod censer decorated with motifs of peonies, wonderfully drawn karashishi or Chinese style lions, dragons,and phoenixes. Large censers are often used in Buddhist temples, where extra censers would be used during ceremonies. Age: Edo Period. Size: Height 7" Diameter 10.25"
item #1179190
Japanese Lacquered Food Container with Makie
Japanese food container, at times known as a jikiro, where food items are placed inside the container. In tea ceremony, the object is used to place sweets inside. The object is done in black lacquer with makie decorated with a motif of a peony. Inside the container is decorated with gold in the style known as Nashiji, or pear skin. Age: 20th century. Size: Diameter 8" Height 4.75"
item #1178764
Japanese Bronze Hibachi Brazier
A bronze brazier, also known as a hibachi. The workmanship of the brazier is intricate with one side showing a motif of Chinese stye lions mingling among peonies and the other, geese flying over reeds in a marsh. The sides are demon or beast like shaped heads with an insert to put rings to decorate the piece. Age: Meiji Period Size: Diameter 8" Height 13.25"
item #1178761
Japanese Mixed Metal Letter Opener
A letter open done in mixed metal with motif of cranes, chrysanthemums, magnolia-like flowers, and other flowering plants. The letter opener contains a signature that is difficult to read. Age: Meiji Period. Size: Length 13" Width 1.5"
item #1178739
Chinese 19th c. Copper Repousse and Cloisonne Sheep
Antique Chinese charming cloissone sheep with large curling horns, made of copper repousse, cloisonne with stylized birds and scrolling vines all over the body of the sheep, beautiful colors on a black ground, late 19th century. Size: 11" high x 16" long x 6" deep.
item #1178631
Chinese Antique Blue and Gold Dragon Robe
Antique Chinese beautiful gauze brocade dragon robe, made of dark blue silk with a very fine open weave probably for summer wear, embroidered in gilt-wrapped thread with five-clawed dragons, clouds, tall lishui border and auspicious symbols, collar and sleeves woven of black silk gauze with gilt-wrapped thread brocade, wonderful condition. late Qing - early Republic Period. Size: 52 3/4" high x 84" wide
item #1178619
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