Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Six Antique Japanese Porcelain Fish-Shaped Plates
Set of 6 antique charming Japanese celadon shaped porcelain fish plates. The plates are decorated with red and gold scales and gold fins. They measure 9.25" long 5.5" tall. the bowl is supported with a round rim on the base, it is coated with a pale turquoise glaze. Meiji period pre-1900.
item #1161954
Woodblock Print of Shanghai by Elizabeth Keith
Vintage chinese woodblock color print of Chinese tea house, called Red Frog in Shanghai by Elizabeth Keith, 1887-1956. It depicts a large tea house bustling with people; outside, a mother with her children, a bearded man, and other civilians. Inscribed on back "tea house of the red frog in shanghai by Elizabeth Keith purchased at Sojourner's B1 Army Officers 1945 Seoul, Korea Oct. 1960 R.M. Heikes" Signed lower right front with stamp EK 1924. Good condition and color.
item #1161840
6 Antique Chinese Canton Rose Medallion Coup Plates
Set of six antique chinese canton rose medallion coup porcelain plates with court scenes and birds. The plates are beautifully painted with different court scenes and birds in flowers. Circa 1875, no mark on the bases. 8.25" wide.
item #1161830
Antique Chinese Rose Canton Teapot
Antique Chinese Rose canton teapot decorated with flowers, birds, and butterflies and scenes of court life. Two women sit on cushions watching a monk walk by while a young man looks on the scene from a window. Circa 1885, no mark on the bottom. It measures 6.5" tall, 8" wide handle to spout.
item #1161795
Antique Korean Inlaid Chest
Antique Korean three section chest with beautiful inlay on black lacquer. The top section has three small drawers along the top, decorated with inlay in a geometric pattern. The cabinet doors are decorated inside with scenes of birds on branches. The other panels are decorated with landscapes, scenes of birds, and other animals. Choson period, circa 1900. It measures 20" deep 68" tall 40.25" wide.
item #1161680
Korean Koryo Period Celadon Bowl with Floral Motif
A simple, elegant celadon bowl, Korean Koryo Period, 12 th Century, an early Koryo piece, which is right before Samgang style in 13th Century, decorated with a motif of flowers and scrolling vines embossed on the interior below an incised line. The grey-green glaze covers the entire piece except for three small spur marks on the recessed base; it displays a dense web or craze of lines. Korean celadons are characterized by their distinct color, shapes, and designs not seen in any other celadon... Click for details
item #1161521
Korean Buncheong Ware Flat Bowl
Korean Buncheong ware bowl with motif of six flowers forming a large flower at the center. It is bordered with flower petal pattern,then with an outer floral patterned band. The exterior is decorated with a a band of spots. The design is stamped into the clay, a white slip fills in the gaps, and a clear glaze coats the piece creating the contrast of white and gray under a smooth surface. Age: Joseon Period. Size: Height: 2.5" Diameter: 7"
item #1161518
Korean Buncheong Ware Bowl
Korean Buncheong ware bowl decorated with four medallions of flowers impressed in the center surrounded by a rope like pattern. The outer side of the bowl is decorated with an incised diagonal stripe pattern. Buncheong is a style where the clay is impressed with a design while still soft, then filled in with a white slip, and then coated with a clear glaze. The Buncheong wares were popular in Korea and in Japan the wares became known as Mishima wares since the 15th century. Age: Joseon Period.... Click for details
item #1161515
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Korean Koryo Period Celadon Bowl with Floral Pattern
A sublime Korean celadon bowl with a flower and scrolling vine motif imprinted on the inside of the bowl bordered with an incised line below the rim. The grey green glaze displays a dense web or craze of lines. Korean celadon wares have been favored by the Korean court and by the Japanese, who call it Korai Seiji. The pieces were used in chanoyu as tea bowls and as bowls for sweets. Age: Goreyo Dynasty. Size: Height: 3" Diameter: 7.5"
item #1161512
Korean Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Ware Flask
Buncheong ware in a flattened ovoid form with a raised foot finished with a wide flared rim. It is decorated with a creamy colored slip and the faces are painted with a leafy plant in brown slip, all beneath a clear glaze with a faint celadon tint where pooled in drips along the shoulder, the creamy slip and the glaze are also applied within the recessed base. This piece has unique spots as a result of its aging process: water or oil that has been stored in the vessel permeates into the ware... Click for details
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