Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Philippines Wooden Large Bowl
Beautiful rustic large wooden bowl from Philippines. The wood has beautiful tones. Age: 20th Century. Size: 22" top diameter x 16" bottom diameter x 7.5" height x 1" thick.
item #1185898
Japanese Buddhist Keman
Japanese Buddhist devotional plaque made of bronze with design of lotus blossoms and braided cord tied in a bow. This keman would have hung in a temple as an offering for the Buddha. Age: Meiji Period (19th century). Size: 14.50" high x 10.25" wide.
item #1185741
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Short Letter by Xu Bei Hong
A fascinating letter composed by the noted Chinese artist, Xu Beihong (1895-1953). The letter is addressed to a Mr. Fu Wen and discusses about an exhibition and several works of art that Xu Beihong was expressing his congratulations to the person he was writing to. Letter signed by Xu Beihong. Age; 20th century. Size: Length 15.25" Height 12.25"
item #1185261
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Chinese Coromandel or Kuancai Screen
An elegant eight panel wooden folding screen with a view of a lakeside with people enjoying the ride on the boats. The edge of the screen is decorated with various auspicious motifs seen in Chinese art and design. Age: 19th/20th century. Size: Height: 86" Length 115"
item #1185238
Japanese Antique Keyaki Hibachi on Stand
A minimalist square hibachi utilizing fine Keyaki wood and the edge and side holders are fitted with a special Kurogaki or persimmon wood frame. Kurogaki wood is highly valued in Japanese woodcraft often seen made into writing boxes and tea utensils. The hibachi comes with a wooden legged frame and a cover to be used as a side table. Age: Taisho Period size: Length: 19.75" Width: 20.5" Height: 24"
item #1185040
Antique Korean Bandagi Chest
A rustic and simple Korean Bandagi chest made of elm wood. The exterior of the chest contains decorative iron fittings and handles. The interior of the chest contains three small drawers on the top area of the interior and a large space below to store a blanket. Age: 19th century. Size: Length 31.25' x Width 15.25" x Height 23"
item #1185016
Chinese Ox-Blood Monochrome Porcelain Baluster Vase
Beautiful antique Chinese monochrome porcelain vase of baluster form, ox-blood glaze with white rim and underside. Age: Qing Dynasty (18th/19th century). Size: 13.75" height x 9" diameter.
item #1184774
Pale-green Porcelain Vase with Stylized Handles
Beautiful pale-green porcelain vase with multi-color beautiful degraded colors; yellow, orange, pink, blue with black outline for figures. Rounded body with curved flaring neck and stylized scepter with tassel. Stylized lotus and floral pattern and lapids medallion encircling the neck and curving neck. Bat and cloud design on foot. Turquoise interior and bottom glaze. The base bearing a six-character Qianlong underglaze blue and white seal mark. Republic period. Size: 11.25" h x 8.25"... Click for details
item #1184645
Indian Antique Money Box
Antique wooden money box from India, made of hardwood with nice grain and original finish with beautiful patina, heavy iron hardware with double hinges on lid, rings on side for transport, 19th century. Size; 11 1/2" high x 19 3/4' wide x 21" deep.
item #1184611
Japanese Signed Wooden Crane with Fish
Shapely vintage Japanese wood crane, bending with fish in beak, naturalistic. Artist signature reads "Taro". Showa Period c. 1950 Size: 20.75" height x 10.5" length x 6.75" deep.
item #1184381
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