Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Pink Glazed Monochrome Porcelain Water Pot
Antique Chinese monochrome porcelain round shaped water pot with peachbloom glaze, with impressions of two stylized dragons in clouds with waves below. 18th-19th century, 6 character Kangshi mark. Size: Height 2.5" , Diameter 5"
item #1182608
Chinese Ox-Blood Monochrome Porcelain Vase Pair
Pair of antique Chinese monochrome porcelain vases. Ox-blood glaze with white rim. Period: 19th century, Qing Dynasty. Size: Height 7.625"
item #1182487
Chinese Ox-Blood Monochrome Porcelain Small Vase
Lovely antique Chinese monochrome porcelain small vase, ox-blood glaze. Imperial Guangxu mark (1875-1908) Size: Height 3.75"
item #1182474
Chinese Monochrome Porcelain Oval Shaped Brushwasher
Antique Chinese porcelain brushwasher with light milk-blue glaze, oval shaped shallow dish on 4 floral feet. 6 character Kangxi Period mark in horizontal row Zhuan shu (archaic seal script). Period: 19th century, Qing Dynasty Size: Length 4.625"
item #1182438
Chinese Lavender Monochrome Porcelain Round Brushwater
Antique Chinese porcelain monochrome brushwasher. Period: 19th century, Qing Dynasty. Height: 1.75" and Diameter 6.625"
item #1182345
Chinese Ox-Blood Monochrome Porcelain Brushwasher
Chinese monochrome porcelain brushwasher, ox-blood glaze with white rim and underside. Period: 19th century, Qing Dynasty. Size: Height 3", Diameter 3.75"
item #1182342
Chinese Green Monochrome Porcelain Brushwasher Bowl
Antique Chinese porcelain bowl with olive green glaze. Period: 19th century, Qing Dynasty. Diameter: 4.75" inches.
item #1182340
Chinese Bronze Cloisonne Flower Container
Antique Chinese cloisonne flower container, footed rectangular body beautifully colored, scrolling vines and flower on a turquoise ground. Bronze. A large four character mark on the bottom in cloisonne. Period: 19th Century. Size: 12.375" length x 7.5" width x 5.5" height
item #1182327
Chinese Highly Carved Huanghuali Cabinet
Exceptional Chinese highly carved cabinet made entirely of solid Huanghuali wood, carved with vases and flower arrangements, scrolling vines and key fret motif, two compartments closed with cabinet doors, three small drawers in the middle. Republic Period.

Size: 76.75" height x 35.375" length x 15.75 deep.
item #1181648
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Large Keyaki Wood Fu-Dog Temple Carving
Massive antique Japanese fu-dog temple carving made of keyaki (Elm) wood. Wonderful expression, beautifully weathered. Highly carved with flowing mane. Age: Edo Period. 200+ years old. Size: 26"L x 17"H x 13.5" W
item #1181482
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