Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Antique Very Long Chain and Temple Bell
Beautiful Japanese antique Buddhist temple bell made of bronze or brass with repousse design of scrolling vines and chrysanthemums, long double-linked chain of hand foraged copper, both chain and bell all with lovely green patina, Meiji Period. Size: approximately 75" long including chain when hanging.
item #1176901
Japanese Shrine Lantern with Inari Crest
A Japanese shrine lantern often seen hanging outside of shinto shrines. Generally there are devotional lanterns that are donated to the shrine and lanterns that are part of the architecture and design of the shrine complex. This lantern would be the latter, where it was part of an Inari Taisha shrine. The lantern contains the distinct crest of the inari shrines and each panel is decorated with a cut out design of scrolling vines. Age: Meiji to Taisho Period. Size: Height: 18" Width: 15.5"... Click for details
item #1176749
Antique Pair of Japanese Temple Lanterns
A pair of bronze temple lanterns with a cross pattern design in the section where the light would be placed. The pair may have been used in a small shrine within a temple altar complex. Age: 20th century. Size: Height: 15" Diameter: 8.5"
item #1176744
Japanese Gilt Copper Hanging Lantern
A Japanese gilt copper hanging lantern decorated with engraved motifs of scrolling clouds, waves, and vines. The bottom contains a six petaled flower like design. The feet of the lantern is known as neko ashi, or cat legs, which is often seen in Japanese designs.Age: 20th century. Size: Height: 17.5" Diameter: 14.5"
item #1176737
Chinese Antique Pair of Hardwood Key Fret Arm Chairs
Pair of antique Chinese arm chairs, made of a very smooth hardwood, beautiful open work large key fret motif on backs and arms, each back rest is carved with a bat and crane, 19th century. Size of each: 40 3/4" high x 24" wide x 19 1/2" deep.
item #1176042
Japanese Scroll Painting After Hokusai
Beautiful Japanese scroll painting depicting farm women with large baskets on their backs making their way up a steep mountain path, the snowy slopes of Mt. Fuji rise out of the trees in the distance, a beautiful rural scene, painting in light mineral colors and ink on silk, after Hokusai, Meiji Period. Size of painting: 38" high x 16 3/8" wide Total size of scroll: 71" high x 21 1/4" wide (23 1/2" wide including ends)
item #1175668
Korean Antique Painting of Amida Buddha
Beautiful painting of Amida Buddha or Amitabha, standing with his left arm down with thumb and forefinger touching, with the right hand facing outward also with thumb and forefinger touching. The meaning of this mudra is that wisdom (symbolized by the raised hand) is accessible to even the lowest beings, while the outstretched hand shows that Amitabha's compassion is directed at the lowest beings, who cannot save themselves, his face is beautifully painted to show Amitabha's great compassion, ... Click for details
item #1175632
Antique Takaoka Bronze Statue of Fisherman
A bronze statue of a fisherman about to cast his fishing net into the water. The statue is well crafted showing the veins on the legs, the knitting on the nets, every piece of straw on the dress. This meticulous detail work in Japanese bronzes is often seen during the Meiji Period. The bottom of the statue contain two inspection labels.
One is a stamp with the inspector's name, Yamashita and a number, 28. The other is an official stamp with the seal of the inspector's name set in the... Click for details
item #1175437
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Set of Six Antique Japanese Puppets
Japanese antique wonderful set of six puppet figures, known as oshi-e ningyo. The set includes a beautiful maiden, a samurai, a female attendant, a male official, Ebisu and Daikoku, figures are made of very thinly shaved layers of wood and paper with silk clothing and painted details, each figure is held by a stick and fitted with a stand (made later), the oshi-e ningyo were often made by households in Northeastern Japan and were made to celebrate girls day or as a prayer for happiness.... Click for details
item #1174531
Japanese Antique Pair of Large Bronze Warrior Censors
Antique pair of dramatic bronze censors, each with a warrior seated on top, the surface of each censor is decorated all over with ornate damascene (metal inlay) patterns, standing on four feet on stand inlaid with dragon, each leg is inlaid with the face of an oni (demon protector), each warrior sits on a rocky outcropping with hidden holes to allow incense smoke to escape dramatically around the figure, Meiji Period. Provenance: from the estate of the late designer Michael Taylor. Size... Click for details
item #1174525
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