Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Ox-Blood Monochrome Porcelain Baluster Vase
Beautiful antique Chinese monochrome porcelain vase of baluster form, ox-blood glaze with white rim and underside. Age: Qing Dynasty (18th/19th century). Size: 13.75" height x 9" diameter.
item #1184774
Pale-green Porcelain Vase with Stylized Handles
Beautiful pale-green porcelain vase with multi-color beautiful degraded colors; yellow, orange, pink, blue with black outline for figures. Rounded body with curved flaring neck and stylized scepter with tassel. Stylized lotus and floral pattern and lapids medallion encircling the neck and curving neck. Bat and cloud design on foot. Turquoise interior and bottom glaze. The base bearing a six-character Qianlong underglaze blue and white seal mark. Republic period. Size: 11.25" h x 8.25"... Click for details
item #1184645
Indian Antique Money Box
Antique wooden money box from India, made of hardwood with nice grain and original finish with beautiful patina, heavy iron hardware with double hinges on lid, rings on side for transport, 19th century. Size; 11 1/2" high x 19 3/4' wide x 21" deep.
item #1184611
Japanese Signed Wooden Crane with Fish
Shapely vintage Japanese wood crane, bending with fish in beak, naturalistic. Artist signature reads "Taro". Showa Period c. 1950 Size: 20.75" height x 10.5" length x 6.75" deep.
item #1184381
Korean Lacquer Tobacco Box
Vintage korean black lacquer tobacco box with inlaid mother of pearl. The lid of the box has a beautiful design of birds on a peony branch. The interior has a lid for to cover the tobacco or incense compartment with an inlaid design of an incense burner. There is a compartment for a lighter and a bronze ash tray. It measures 2.5" tall 12" wide 7.5" deep.
item #1184371
Antique Chinese Bamboo Style Chair
Vintage chinese wood chair from the 1960s, the wood is carved to imitate bamboo. The back is carved with a design of bamboo leaves. It measures 38" tall, the seat measures 18" deep by 23" wide. 1 of a set of 4, available as a set or individually.
item #1184356
Chinese Moss-Agate Brush Washer of a Lotus
Antique Chinese moss-agate lotus brush washer with leaves, pods and bud. Republic period (1950 - 1970). Size: 2" H x 5.5" L x 4.5D
item #1184333
Antique Chinese Incensor
Antique Chinese bronze incensor with pair of peaches as lid. The body is incised with a commemorative message: indebtedness by the students, the giver of gifts, spring in the year of the dragon, one of a pair. Peaches are very important in chinese culture, they symbolize life, immortality, and good fortune. It has a hanging arm with a bat charm. It measures 20" tall with hanging arm, base 4" wide. 19th century, 1821-1850.
item #1184323
Chinese Jade Double Peach Belt Hook
Antique Chinese jade belt hook, beautiful carved double peach with branches and their leaves. Beautiful condition, semi-translucent with small inclusions. Republic period, early 20th century. Size: 3.25" L x 2.75" H
item #1184316
Masatsune Okimono Japanese Okimono Fighting Cockerels
A dramatic pair of Japanese okimono fighting cockerels, using the shokado method: mixture of bronze, gold and silver. The birds have naturalistic plumage and the fierce intensity of their fight is captured.

The artist has used this same technique in crafting a superior samurai sword onto this beautiful sculpture. The intertwined gestural pose of each bird gives the viewer the sense realism and drama of a cockerel fight.

The bottom of one bird has a gold cartouche... Click for details
item #1184295
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