Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Scroll in honor of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
A fascinating portrait of the noted ukiyoe artist, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi. The work was painted by his disciple, Yamanaka Kodo (1869-1945) in 1934 and was originally part of the collection of Kobori Sakae, who collected various old books and donated his collection to the Waseda University. Above the portait are two poems done by two noted poets. One is done by Inoue Kozo (active 1920-1930) who was known for his research in Sharaku and the other was written by Omagari Kuson (1882-1943) who was... Click for details
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Antique Philippines Motar
Primitively carved molave hardwood motar from the Philippines. This container would have been used for food preparation for grinding grain. It has an interesting wooden handle that gives this piece an unusual character. The bottom of the square bowl is worn through with years of use.

19th Century

Size: 18" wide 16" deep 16" tall.
item #1183885
Antique Chinese Calligraphy Scroll Signed by Hong Yi
A mounted two line calligraphy attributed to the Buddhist monk, Hong Yi (1880-1942). Born as Li Shutong, Hong Yi was received his education in Japan specializing in Western painting and music. Li returned to China and taught at various educational institutions. From 1916, Hong Yi became ordained monk. The calligraphy is thought to be an excerpt from the Avamtsaka Sutra, or in Chinese, Da fang guan fo huayen jing. Calligraphy is dated, Year of the Water Monkey (c. 1932) during the month of May,... Click for details
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Antique Japanese Inlaid Tansu
Antique Japanese hardwood cabinet with beautiful inlaid decoration of birds and nature scenes. Flying birds, birds in branches and at rest are depicted with great naturalism: morning doves with peonies, cranes flying through golden clouds, and egrets walking through water lilies. Inlaid materials include bone, mother of pearl, horn, and gilt lacquer. Panels have reticulated chrysanthemums and scrolling vines. Meiji period, late 19th early 20th century made for export. It measures 45" wide... Click for details
item #1183812
Chinese Carved Jade Lidded Vase with Hu Birds
Intricately carved white jade lidded vase, standing on high foot, exquisitely detailed with pierced carved Hu-birds as handles on either side of oval shaped body, rings of jade are carved to hang free, lid with lotus shaped finial. Republic period. Size: 7" high x 4" length x 2" deep
item #1183693
Chinese White Jade Carving of Seated Monk and Dog
Splendid Chinese white jade carving of seated monk with book resting on his side while greeting an attentive dog. Expressive and highly skilled carving with excellent detail and nuance. The stone of an even pale greyish-green with small orange striations. Republic Period. Size: 3.5” high, 4.5” wide.
item #1183670
Korean Gray Crackle Pottery Vase
Beautiful antique Korean pottery vase with gray glaze, dark-blue etched markings, and crackle on the neck and body, beautifully shaped. Period: 19th century. Size: 9" height and 6.5" diameter.
item #1183517
Chinese Famille Rose Enameled Porcelain Vase
Elegant Chinese famille rose enameled porcelain vase, trumpet neck above a tapering body. Decorated with pink and lavender peonies and fruiting vines. Qianlong mark (1736-1795), but I believe 19th century. Size: 9 3/8" height, 3.25" diameter.
item #1183510
Chinese Pale Green Jade Snuff Bottle
Chinese carved jade snuff bottle, elegant flattened ovoid form, very pale green jade with small dark striations on one side. Brass spoon and fittings with carved coral colored Peking glass top, Republic period. Size: H: 2.75" x W: .75" x L: 2.25"
item #1183353
Chinese Peking Glass Lotus Brush Washer
Chinese Peking glass brush washer in the form of a lotus blossom in pink and white glass with green foot in the form of a curling lotus leaf, unusual and beautiful shape - round with slight gourd shape. Republic Period. Size: 2.25" height and 3.5" diameter.
item #1183346
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