Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Hina Dolls by Ando Keiho
A pair of Japanese Hina dolls decorated with traditional Japanese gold or kinran and non-gold or donsu brocades. The dolls are used in March for Hina Matsuri (also known in a different name as Momo no Sekku). The dolls were created by Ando Keiho, a living treasure, is known for specializing in Hina Dolls. Keiho is based in Kyoto where the tradition of the Hina Dolls originated. Age: 20th century. Size: (Obina, Male Doll) Height 16.5" Width 12" Length 14.5" (Mebina, Female Doll) Height 13.5"... Click for details
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Chinese Cloisonne Urn
Beautiful Chinese cloisonné tripod censor decorated with motifs of lotus, clouds, scrolling vines, chrysanthemums, with a gilt bronze fu dog on the top cover, stylized cloud handles on sides, gold gilt over bronze. Age: 18/19th century. Size: Height 9.75" Diameter 9.25"
item #1188171
Vintage Thai Buddha Statue
A simple vintage Thai sitting Buddha statue often seen from the Sukothai period onwards. The statue is casted and the eys are inlaid with metal. The simple, undecorated style visually expresses the Buddhist ideals. Age: 20th century Size: Height 10.25" Width: 4.25" Length 6.5"
item #1188159
Chinese Coromandel Screen with Porcelain Panels
A four panel coromandel screen with four porcelain panels set inside the screen surrounded with mother of pearl inlay of various human subjects set within a landscape. Each porcelain panel contains a short inscription describing the scene. The next line contains the date when the panels were painted (summer, year of the earth snake or approx. 1929). The last line contains the signature of the artist, Yu Zhushan, and that the painting is inspired by the style of Yilu Jushi. Age: Republic Period.... Click for details
item #1187241
Chinese Hongmu Hardwood Ming Style Table
A superb Ming Dynasty style table.Made of hongmu hardwood and possibly some parts of huanghuali wood. Brass hardware is used for the table. Age: Republic Period (1912-1940). Size: Height 32" Width 15.75" Length 31.6"
item #1187220
Antique Chinese Huanghuali Document Box
Radiant antique Chinese document box, made of huanghuali hard wood with gorgeous grain, hinged top lid opens to shallow compartment with removable tray, two doors open to reveal 4 small drawers, beautiful details throughout. The outside is adorned with thick bronze fixtures and side handles. 19th century. Size: 14" high x 13.5" wide x 10.25" deep.
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Large Pair of Antique Japanese Bronze Temple Lanterns
Rare large pair of beautiful original Japanese bronze temple lanterns with gilt highlights. A Sasarindo crest on the section where the light would be placed; the Sasarindo is the bamboo leaves and gentian flowers crest of the Minamoto clan.
The doors are fully functional. Each lantern is made of 6 individual cast bronze sections. A pearl in a flame sits on top of each lantern. Two very intricate dragons wrap around the lanterns. There are abundant motifs of dragons, flames and clouds. The... Click for details
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Antique Japanese Keyaki Money Box
An antique money box or zenibako made out of keyaki wood. The front panel detaches and back side of the board may have been used to test the brush before writing notes and documents. The bottom side of the box contains an inscription possibly the location of where the box was placed. Interestingly, on the front of the box next to the lock is a traditional logo carved on the panel. The logo is often used by merchants and often seen on door curtains to storehouses in the Edo Period. Age: 19th... Click for details
item #1186242
Small Korean Chest with Brass Fittings
A small Korean three drawer chest with brass fittings on the corners of the chest. The chest was originally from Roger Barber Imports. Age: 19th century, Chosun Dynasty. Size: Length 12.25" Width 9.75" Height 10.75"
item #1186231
Pair of Satsuma vases
A pair of Satsuma vases decorated with two scenes one is a scene of a group of samurai strolling around the streets of Edo and another view is a group of court nobles walking in a garden like setting. The scenes are surrounded by geometric patterns and a dragon set in a medallion form. The bottom of one vase contains the character for the number 3. Age: Taisho Period. Size: Length 3.75" Width 3.75" Height 9.5" (both vases)
item #1186195
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