Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Bamboo Root Vessel - Medicine Pot.
Beautiful antique Chinese bamboo root vessel in pottery medicine pot. Delightful in size and with pleasing texture all over. Age: 18th Century. Size: 2.5" height x 3.5" length.
item #1192263
Antique Japanese Bronze Woven Usubata
Antique Japanese bronze usubata made of woven bronze. An usubata is a floral arranging container for ikebana. The base is made in the form of an open weave bamboo basket with a six point star pattern. The top is a close weave. The handles are bamboo branches with leaves climbing over the basket. Meiji period 1868-1912. It measures 12" wide 11" tall.
item #1192259
Chinese Antique Silver Box with Dragons, Wang Hing Co.
Beautiful Antique Chinese silver box, oval shape with elaborate design on lid of two dragons and swirling clouds, hinged lid, Wang Hing and Co. mark a Hong Kong company from China Trade Era late 19th century-early 20th century. Size: 5 3/4" long x 4" wide x 1 7/8" high.
item #1192255
Antique Chinese Hardwood Box
Antique Chinese Hardwood oblong shaped box carved from a single piece of wood. The lid and the base fit together snuggly. The lid has a carved recess on the interior. The base has a carved recess on the exterior. It measures 5.25"wide 8.5" long 2" tall.
item #1192253
Chinese Beautiful Jade Elephant
Chinese jade carved elephant, beautifully rendered with detailed features, pale green jade with orange striations, Republic Period. Has a rosewood stand. Size: 4 1/4" high x 5 1/2" long x 3 1/2" deep.
item #1192238
Japanese Antique Iron Tetsubin with Kanji Symbols
Admirable Japanese antique tetsubin (tea pot), made of cast iron. On the body, Kanji symbols are raised with the following message: Pine Tree, Longevity, 1000 years in the mud, really low, always a master. The idea is "Out of the mud comes the master". On the opposite side, designs of a crab, water lily, full leaf and half leaf. The handle is uniquely shaped. The lid is of bronze with a flower bud as the lid handle. The lid is is also signed, Kijudo. Age: Meiji Period. Size: 9.125" high... Click for details
item #1192199
Japanese Antique Okimono of Children and Elephant
Japanese antique highly intricate carved boxwood okimono depicting an elephant with a group of seven children in Chinese dress, extraordinary detail, signed, Meiji Period. Size: 2" high
item #1192066
Japanese Antique Iron Tetsubin
Delightful Japanese antique tetsubin (tea pot), made of cast iron. The handle is beautifully shaped. The lid is of bronze with a flower bud as the lid handle. The lid is is also signed by the noted tetsubin studio of Kinjudo. Age: Meiji Period. Size: 7.5" high (including handle) x 7.125" wide (including spout).
item #1192062
Japanese Antique Ryubundo Iron Tetsubin
Wonderful Japanese antique tetsubin (tea pot), made of cast iron with concentric ripples across the body. The handle is beautifully shaped. It has the bronze lid which is also signed, and a flower bud serves as the lid's handle. The signature reads: Ryubundo zo, translation: Created by Ryubundo. Age: Meiji Period. Size: 8" high (including handle) x 6.125" wide (including spout).
item #1192057
Chinese Qilin Agate Covered Censer
Beautiful Chinese antique Qilin covered censer carved from one single piece of agate with natural striations across the body. Qilin are a Chinese mythical beast sometimes associated with giraffes or Camelopard. The lid is carved into a detailed lion. Incised decorations of animal heads and scrolling designs with lots of detail. The handles branch out and attach to the body in the form of Qilin heads supporting loose rings as handles. It is supported on three paw feet. Age: 20th Century (circa... Click for details
item #1191890
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