Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Hand Knotted Yomud Rug
Antique hand knotted Yomud persian rug in dark reds with black and white accents. The rug has a long fringe, approximately 6" on each side. Early 20th century. It measures 9'11" by 7'10".
item #1189285
Kazak Hand Knotted Rug
Hand knotted Kazak rug with blue, red and yellow hues throughout. The border is an ornate interlacing pattern. It measures 97" by 69".
item #1189274
Meiji Period Bizen Figure of Daikoku with Radish
An antique Bizen ware figure of Daikoku, one of the seven fortune gods in Japan. Daikoku is holding a mallet (uchide kozuchi) which Daikoku often holds. On the other hand, he is holding a two legged radish. The word radish in Japanese, daikon, is somewhat synonymous to Daikoku and a legend exist of how the two legged radish became associated with Daikoku. Age: Meiji Period. Size: height 6" width 3.3" length 4.75"
item #1189188
Shiro Satsuma Turtle Sake Decanter
Shiro Satsuma (White Satsuma) ware sake decanter shaped in the form of a turtle. In Japanese, the word asobi may be translated as playful where the tail is stylized in the shape of a handle and the lid to the decanter is using one of the hexagonal piece of the back of the turtle. The decanter comes with a box. The underside of the lid contains an inscription: (translation) During the 17th year of Meiji (1884) , the piece was a gift from Mr. Habu and has been treasured since. Age: 19th century.... Click for details
item #1189186
Makuzu Kozan Carp Done in Iro Sometsuke Vase
A fine porcelain vase with two carps painted by Makuzu Kozan, also known as Miyagawa Kozan (1842-1916). The vase comes with a tomobako inscribed, signed, and sealed by the artist. Kozan's family originally produced fine tea ceramics for the imperial court during the end of the Edo period. During the Meiji period, Kozan moved his kiln from Kyoto to Yokohama to produce export ware. In 1876, Kozan exhibited his work at the Philadelphia World Exposition and his name was known internationally. By... Click for details
item #1189185
Chinese Jade Neolithic Axe
Beautiful ancient Chinese jade neolithic axe with calcification in the edge with an intricate fine carved image (Taotic). It is preserved in a case. Age: Neolithic Period, Liangshu culture c3000 BC. Size: 5.5" L x 2.75" H
item #1188739
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Afshar Iranian Hand Knotted Rug
Afshar Persian rug with simple diagonal bands in pink, blue, and, white, from Iran, hand knotted wool. Age early 20th. century. It measures 60" by 81". c1900
item #1188737
Persian Afshar Hand Knotted Rug
Persian Afshar hand knotted wool rug. The Afshar were a preeminent nomad tribe who crafted high quality rugs. The three stepped medallions in the center is one of their typical designs. The center ground is a dark blue spotted with flowers surrounding the three cream colored medallions that are stepped in red, Age early 20th century. It measures 82" by 58"
item #1188736
Kazak Hand Knotted Small Rug
Uzbek/kazak hand knotted wool rug. The center is dominated by a light yellow medallion edged with red. The exterior band has a rectalinear pattern in blues, greens, reds and yellows bordered by two narrow bands filled with flowers. Dates from mid 20th century. It measures 42" by 53".
item #1188732
Vintage Hand-Knoted Kazak Rug
Vintage kazak rug, circa 1980. The rug is beautifully hand- knotted with reds and accented with blues and creams. The border has a geometrical floral band with red flowers, blue diamond shapes on cream ground. The center has a red ground with blue and cream colored designs. last quarter 20th century. It measures 73" by 54".
item #1188716
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