Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Jade Toggle Peaches
Beautiful Chinese jade toggle carved with a pair of peaches. Nice carved detail. Age: Early 20th century (c.1920) Size: 1.5" length.
item #1206481
Chinese Jade Carving of Dog
Beautiful Chinese jade carving of a recumbent dog with a long narrow head and pointed ears. The grey-green matrix with dark flecks and russed inclusions. Nice carved details. Age: Early 20th century. Size: 3" length x 1" width.
item #1206343
Japanese Cloisonne Box with Drawers and Peacock
Beautiful Japanese small cloisonne jewelry box with three drawers, the entire box is decorated with intricate cloisonne scenes of birds and flowers; the front with the three little drawers has a peacock standing on a rock with peonies and blossoming plum tree, the right side has peonies and blossoming cherry branch, the left side has a maple tree with a bird in flight, on the back is a lovely scene of a pair of pheasants on a rock with a profusion of cherry, peony and yellow iris blossoms;... Click for details
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Antique Chinese Pair of Canton Rose Phoenix Birds
Beautiful pair of canton rose phoenix birds with pink, blue, lavender, green and yellow feathers. The phoenix stands on one leg with the other leg atop a chrysanthemum bush. The chrysanthemums are pink and blue. The porcelain body is beautifully modeled, with excellent detail and feathers individually modeled and a delicate tongue with red tinting. Spattered pink glaze on chest and under wing. Slight dimpling on the cockscomb. Square impressed stamp. Age: Republic period (c. 1950) Size: 14"... Click for details
item #1206198
Antique Chinese Desk Cabinet
A Chinese cabinet with two sections inside. The top shelf has two drawers and the bottom shelf has a single drawer. The bottom of the cabinet has metal rings to attach ropes, where the cabinet can be moved anywhere. A few similar cabinets were used by officials during the Qing to transport official documents when assigned to distant regions in the empire. Age: Qing Dynasty- Republic Period Size: height 25" width 13" length 22"
item #1205790
Antique Japanese Keyaki and Kurogaki Hibachi
A beautiful Japanese hibachi or also known as a brazier. The frame of the hibachi and the drawers are done in kurogaki (black persimmon wood) and the panels are done in keyaki. Age: Meiji-Taisho Period Size: height 17.5" width 16.25" length 29.75"
item #1205781
Antique Ukiyoe Image of Beauties Pair Scroll
A superb pair of hanging scrolls depicting a group of Japanese beauties set in two seasons, spring and summer. The scroll is mounted in fine damask silk in the san-dan style. Unusual high quality scroll ends with reticulated scrolling vine silver covers. The scroll comes with a box inscribed: Ukiyoe shichiken mitate, which roughly translates to An ukiyoe painting arranged in the seven sages style. Age: Taisho Period Size: Each height 88.5" width 40"
item #1205680
Japanese Bronze Futaoki with Tachizuru Motif
A fine Japanese lid rest or futaoki as it is known in the tea ceremony. The lid rest is done in a technique known as karakane or bronze and has been hammered. The tachizuru or motif of standing cranes is often seen in various tea accessories representing the rise of auspiciousness. The lid rest comes with a tomobako with the name of the lid rest and the artist, Seishu. Age: Late Showa Period Size: diameter 2.1" height 2.1"
item #1205672
Japanese Persimmon Shaped Incense Container Kogo
Splendid Japanese incense container, also known as kogo, used for tea ceremony. The persimmon has a small lady bug sitting near the head of the persimmon. The incense container contains an inscription reading: Rakushisha, which is a small hut in the Sagano district of Kyoto. The hut was the summer home of Matsuo Basho's disciple, Mukai Kyorai. The hut was given the name when a hurricane blew all the persimmons off the trees planted in the estate. Ceramic incense containers are used during the ... Click for details
item #1205659
Small Japanese Silver Commemorative Sake Dishes.
Beautiful Japanese small commemorative sake dish. Round shape on footed base and incised. The bottom of each dish is inscribed as the 12th, 13th, and 14th National Weaving Competition. The silver sake dishes were made by Yamazaki Shoten of Ginza. Each has its own tomobako with seal. Age: Taisho Period (1912-1925) Sizes: Small dish: 1" h x 3" diameter, approx. 50 grams. Medium dish: 1.125" h x 3.5" diameter, approx. 62.5 grams. Large dish: 1375" h x 4.125" diameter, approx. 85 grams.
item #1205558
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