Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Yamantaka Protective Deity Tibetan Thankga
Tibetan Buddhist thangka protraying an image of Yamantaka, which is the wrathful form of Majushri, the bodhisattva of wisdom. The deity is flanked by Chenresig, Lama Tsongkhapa, a Bodhisattva similar to Namgyalma, and a blue tara. Age: 18th/19th century. Size: height 35.5" length 24.5" width 0.75"
item #1200775
Antique Paulownia Three Section Kasane Tansu
Antique Japanese, three section kiri or paulownia wood, stackable tansu. Each section has wrought iron fittings and hardware to stack the tansu and protect the tansu from damage. Each section is distinct in its design. The first section has a short cabinet with two sliding doors and five small drawers beneath it. The second section has a cabinet with three shelves. The shelves have cut outs so that one can pull the shelves out. One can re-arrange the order of the tansu to suit one's needs and... Click for details
item #1200760
Antique Japanese Edo-Style Naga Hibachi
A hibachi contructed into the form of a table known as Edo Naga-hibachi. These hibachis were often seen in the daily life of the Japanese since the late Edo period. The hibachi contains two drawers often used to store tobacco accessories and items to maintain the fire.

Age: Meiji-Taisho Period

Size: height 11.5" width 14' length 23.25"
item #1200741
Japanese Thatched Shinmei Style Shinto Shrine
A large shinto shrine constructed in the style based on the Grand Shrine of Ise. This type of construction for small shrines is often used by the local residents in Ise. The shrine contains fine details in the woodwork and brass fittings fit for a deity. Age: 20th century. Size: height 23.75" width 19" length 36"
item #1200662
Japanese Five Storied Wooden Pagoda
Wooden five storied pagoda done in the style just as the actual structures appear including the wooden joints and key architectural elements that are conjoined together to create the structure. Fine worksmanship is done with the balustrades, roof, and the are under the roof known as the mune in Japanese. Age: 20th century Size: height 84" width 16" length 16.25"
item #1200628
Pair of Antique Chinese Camel Bone Stands
Beautiful pair of Chinese rectangular stands made of camel bone. This pair are carved all over with different types of scrolling vines. The top of one is carved with a dragon and phoenix with a ball of fire between them floating in clouds. The other stand top is carved with a pair of dragons with a ball of fire between them floating in clouds over waves. Age: Republic Period, early 20th century. Size: 36.5" Height x 13.5" Length x 10.5" Width.
item #1200378
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Korean Scroll Painting of Quanyin
Beautiful Korean scroll depicting seated Quanyin. Ink and mineral colors on silk scroll. Age: Circa 19th century, remounted. Size of painting: 47" high x 26" wide. Total size of scroll: 83" high x 32" wide
item #1200177
Antique Japanese Scroll Courtesan under Cherry Blossoms
Antique Japanese hanging silk scroll from the 19th century, Meiji 1868-1912. There is a beautiful scene of a courtesan and pair of Kamuro order, attendants, walking under a blossoming cherry blossom tree. The screen is signed by Koryusai with seal. It measures 18.25" wide by 24.5" long.
item #1200167
Mayumi Oda - Chant of the Ocean
Mayumi Oda. b. 1941 in Tokyo. "Chant of the Ocean Nautiles" and "Chant of the Ocean Conce" two complimenting artist proofs woodblock prints with gold and white ink printed in black paper. 17.5 x 25.5 inches and 29.25 x 42 inches with frame. No condition problems to note. According to her own biography Mayumi Oda is known to many as the ‘Matisse of Japan’, Mayumi Oda has done extensive work with female goddess imagery. From 1969 to the present, Mayumi has exhibited over 50 one-woman shows... Click for details
item #1199328
Japanese Woodblock Print by Amano Kazumi
Japanese woodblock print by the artist Amano Kazumi. The print depicts a lively scene of a banquet in the entertainment district with geishas and other performers. Some geishas dance while others serve sake while the men eat, drink and enjoy. The print is signed and dated 1957. Total size in frame: 19" high x 47" wide. Size of image: 12" high x 41" wide.

Amano Kazumi was born in Takaoka City, Tôyama Prefecture. He graduated from the Takaoka High School of Industrial Art in... Click for details
item #1199144
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