Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chobi Hand Knotted Rug
Antique Chobi hand knotted wool rug. The rug has very dramatic blues and yellows accented with pale green and red. The design is centered around an X shaped from the center. it measures 7'1" by 8'10".
item #1193609
Antique Angkor Period Vase
Beautiful and sublime Southeast Asian vase from the Angkor Period (c. 800-1200 A.D.) The vase appears to be done in a dark brown to a black-ish color glaze with molded or carved fluting on the top and bottom of the vase. Age: 800-1300 A.D. Size: height 14" diameter 7.75"
item #1193605
Antique Qashqai Hand Woven Kilim
Antique Qashqai hand woven wool kilim. The Qashqai people weave distinctive kilims (rug like woven textile). Qashqai rugs typically have bright colors woven into designs of diamond shaped medallions. It has bright oranges and pinks on brown and white. Dates from the mid 20th century. It measures 12'5" by 4'10".
item #1193604
Jomon Era Earthenware Vessel Shiizuka Site
Beautiful and unusual Jomon Era vessel from the Shiizuka Kaizuka archaelogical site in present day Ibaraki prefecture. The Jomon Period (14,000 B.C.~ 300 B.C.) is considered to be the most intriguing period in Japanese Art history. The odd geometric and abstract shapes in vessels or figurine forms are often found various archaeological sites throughout Japan. Age: Jomon Era Size: height 9.75" diameter 7.25"
item #1193601
Antique Kazak Hand Knotted Rug
Antique kazak style middle rug made from wool, hand knotted. Typical kazak style colors of red, blue and yellow with accents of green and other colors. The central medallion is blue and flanked by scrolling yellow vines outlined in pale green. Dates from late 20th century. It measures 10'11" by 7'7".
item #1193597
Antique Japanese Iron Tetsubin
Refined tetsubin cast from iron with a bronze lid with a flower motif at the base of the lid's handle. Age: Taisho-Early Showa Period (1912-1920). Size: height 9.5" diameter 6.75"
item #1193593
Antique Belouch Persian Hand Knotted Rug
Antique Belouch persian rug, hand knotted from wool. The dark reds and coral colors are very striking. The rug has stag like animals in varying colors along the sides. There is a small orange animal climbing a column on one of the registers. It measures 3'10" wide by 7' long.
item #1193581
Vintage Oribe Tetsuki Dish for Confectionary
A traditional oribe ware handled dish decorated with geometric patterns and the signature green glaze that oribe wares are known for. The green glaze used for oribe is thought be difficult to produce and only the most skilled potters can produce the green color by knowing the temperature and timing when fired. The dish was produced by the Gensui kiln in Seto city Aichi prefecture. The studio specializes in producing oribe wares. Age: Showa Period. Size: height 10" diameter 14.5"
item #1193501
Pair of Inlaid Ryukyu Lacquer Tiered Sweets Box
Pair of Japanese Lacquered jubako or tiered box used for placing sweets inside. The box is decorated with motif of waves done in mother of pearl. The lid and the side of the boxes contain images of prunus done in hira-makie. The jubako was done in the Ryukyu Islands where the motifs contain influences from Japan, China, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Age: Mid-Edo Period (Circa 1700) Size: (per box) height 18.75" width 11.25" length 13.75"
item #1193499
Chinese Antique Blue Gauze Summer Dragon Robe
Antique Chinese deep blue gauze summer robe, decorated with five-clawed dragons in brown thread, 8 dragons with 5 more small dragons on the sleeves and collar, beautiful details of swirling clouds, 19th century. Size: 48" high x 72" long
item #1193480
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