Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Sobriquet Seal
Simple yet elegant sobriquet seal utilizing a Chinese stone similar to chicken blood stone. The seal contains an inscription which translates as: The seal was carved on an auspicious day in December of 1958 (for) Fujiwara Gyokuun. The carved bottom of the seal contains a three character text reading: Kingensen, or The well where gold can be found. Size: height 1.75" width 0.5" length 1.25"
item #1203895
Chinese Fencai Vase
Blue Chinese fencai vase with a french blue background with four various landscape views painted within the circular medallion sections of the vase. The vase contains a maker's mark on the bottom which reads: Guangzhen Gongxi xingzao. Age: 20th century. Size: height 14.5" diameter 5.25"
item #1203874
Chinese Chicken Heart Pendant
A chicken heart pendant carved using motifs inspired from Shang dynasty bronzes. The top of the pendant has a mythical bird carved and the remaining section contains geometric patterns and the face of an animal on the bottom. Age: 20th century. Size: height 2.5" width 0.3" length 2.6"
item #1203802
Antique Chinese Geese Shaped Belt Hook
Antique Chinese Jade belt hook carved in the form of a duck or a goose. The artist who carved the jade piece utilized the dark inclusions to carve the bill and feet. Age: Song Dynasty Size: height 0.75" width 0.9" length 2.1"
item #1203796
Antique Chinese Beijing Glass Belt Hook
An antique Chinese Beijing or Peking Glass belt hook. The belt hook contains motifs of Chinese lions and a mystical beast standing on top of the hook. The unique aspect of this piece is where the glass color is emulating white jade. Age: 18th century. Size: height 1.25" width 1.1" length 5.5"
item #1203788
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Chinese Oil Painting of Nude Female Figure
Chinese oil painting of a standing female nude. The work contains a signature on the bottom left reading, Wang Xing Gui. The painting comes with a frame. Age: 20th century. Size: length 34.25" width 3" height 38.75"
item #1203749
Chinese Antique Hardwood Bench with Marble
Beautiful Chinese bench, carved all of hardwood with inset areas of dramatic burl, rectangular marble in center of back, arms and back carved with scrolling key fret motif, elegantly curved legs, Republic Period. Total size: 40 1/2" x 53" long x 23" deep. Size of seat: 19" high x 47" long x 19" deep.
item #1202766
Chinese Antique Jade Belt Hook with Chimera
Beautiful Chinese antique carved jade belt hook, two pieces fit perfectly together with a hook in the form of a chimera's head, each piece is highly carved with chimeras twisting through clouds, each creature is perfectly rendered in three dimensions with pierced details, the jade is a beautiful pale green, 18th/19th century. Total size when fastened: 3 3/4" wide
item #1202600
Chinese Jade Censer
Chinese jade carving in the form of a tripod censer. The lid and handles contain superb intricate carvings of scrolled leaf like patterns with flower buds set in between the scrolled leaves. Age: 19th century Size: height 7.5" width 2.5" length 4.25"
item #1201894
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Chinese Jade Lidded Vase
Chinese jade lidded vase containing motifs of plum, bamboo, cranes, and bats. All the elements are auspicious motifs used in East Asian art invoking fortune and longevity. Age: Qing Dynasty Size: height 7" width 1.25" length 3.25"
item #1201859
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