Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Esoteric Protector Deity Gozanze Myoo
A large standing esoteric protector deity known as Gozanze Myoo. The piece has darkened from the smoke of the goma offerings done for the image. The statue is posed doing the Gozanze mudra, which is the mudra of subjugation. Gozanze Myoo's name literally means the vanquisher of the three realms, where this myoo destroys foolishness and anger. Age: Edo Period (c1800). Size: height 38.5" width 12.25" length 18.5"
item #1195405
Japanese Studio Ware Vase
A round studio ware vase done on a black base glaze with white covering areas of the vase with a bit swirled with black. The vase contains a signature that appears to read: Kotaro. Age: Late 20th century. Size: height 6.5" diameter 7"
item #1195398
Otagaki Rengetsu Set of Five Tea Cups & Box
A set of five ceramic tea cups with box used to serve sencha produced by Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875). The cups are in the form of lotus leaves and the exterior of the cups contain an inscription by Rengetsu, which generally translates: The willows, not in its disarrayed form, the branches not touching, yet branching out into the world. Age: Late 19th century. Size: diameter 2.3" height 1.5"
item #1195370
James Lovera Volcano Glazed Bowl
Beautiful squash bowl, thinly potted of black clay and with mud glaze volcanic glaze, Signed Lovera; James Lovera (American, b. 1920) modernist potter. Age: c. 1985. James Lovera exhibited at the Crocker Museum in Sacramento in 2006: "Craters of Fire: Ceramics by James Lovera". Size: 10.75" length x 9.5" width x 4.25" Height
item #1195267
Japanese Blue and White Hirado Porcelain Hand Warmer
Beautiful antique Japanese blue and white Hirado ware hand warmer, basket form with images of plum branches, chrysanthemums. Applied detail where handle meets rim. Stands on four feet. Age: Late Meiji. Size: 10" height x 7.5" length
item #1195260
James Lovera Green Volcanic Glaze Ceramic Bowl
Large crater bowl, thinly potted of black clay and with green glaze pitted with craters for volcanic effect, Signed Lovera; Jamese Lovera (American, b. 1920) modernist potter. James Lovera exhibited at the Crocker Museum in Sacramento in 2006: "Craters of Fire: Ceramics by James Lovera".

Age: c. 1985.

Size: 14" Diameter x 3.75" Height
item #1195236
Antique Japanese Satsuma Ware Vase Signed Kinkosan
Japanese vase with a scenes of seven sparrows flying among crysenthemums in beautiful hues of purple, orange, green, blues and yellows. Vase contains a signature on the bottom with the name, Kinkosan. Some old repairs. Age: Meiji period. Size: Height: 12" Diameter: 8"
item #1195224
Thai Antique Bronze Mahaparinirvana Buddha
Charming bronze figure of the reclining Buddha. This stage depicting the death of his body and his attainment of the realm of his true self and ultimate enlightenment is called Mahaparinirvana. He is beautifully sculpted with an expression of peace and his body is relaxed. Wonderful attention to detail and overall very pleasing form. Thailand. c.1900. Size: 24" long x 7" deep x 7" high
item #1195064
Antique Japanese Cloisonne Vase Signed Ando
Antique Japanese cloisonne vase with a Chinese archaic style decoration of dragons and other stylized animals on a variegated green ground. There are two decorative bands, one around the neck and one around the body. Silver mark and Ando mark on bottom. It measures 12" tall the base is 5" wide the mouth is 7" wide. Original wooden box (tomobako).
item #1194896
Antique Japanese Pair of Cloisonne Vases with Birds
Pair of dark blue cloisonne vases with scenes of birds among reeds. The base and mouth of the vases are bordered with an intricate design. The backs of the vases have a simple depiction of reeds with grasses. They measure 1.75" wide at base 11" tall. The bases are both signed with the same signature. Meiji period, 1868-1912.
item #1194888
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