Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Rare Japanese Antique 12 Panel Painting Album
Antique Japanese album with 12 pages of paintings depicting one large scene of rural life. A woman with a child carries lunch to workers in rice paddies. A man and ox plow a field of grain. Two men chat as they peddle an irrigation apparatus while a child looks on. At a mill, men sift and grind grain. Many other charming vignettes, including a man with a monkey. Painted in mineral pigments and sumi ink on paper with gold leaf and square flecks. Bound in silk with dragons. Signed by the... Click for details
item #1400879
Antique Tibetan Repousse Plaque with Apsara
Antique Tibetan repousse plaque depicting a flying Apsara, celestial beings similar to the Western concepts of angels. The high relief image is done with gold gilt over copper with natural patina from oxidation.

Late 18th Century

Dimensions: 17 1/4" L x 6 1/2" H
item #1400875
Antique Chinese Canton Enamel Vase
Chinese Canton faceted vase of a hexagonal form, copper with enamel of yellow ground with green vine scrolls and bright pink peonies. The vase interior done in light green enamel, and the flared foot down in white enamel.

Dates 19th c Dimensions: 5" W x 12" H
item #1400872
Rare Japanese Muromachi Embroidered Triptych of Eight Armed Kannon
Very unusual Japanese silk and gold thread hand-embroidered triptych of the Buddhist deity Kannon, the bodhisattva of compassion, in eight armed form seated in meditation upon an open lotus. In her eight arms she holds a staff, a trident, a bow and arrows, a Dharma wheel, and a wish granting jewel held out in front of her body. To the left and right of the central deity are large embroidered Sanskrit characters for meditative purpose. Professionally framed with reverse side of each textile... Click for details
item #1400869
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Pair of Chinese Antique Shiwan wear Fu-dogs
Antique Chinese pair of fu-dog (or fu-lions) hand made of Shiwan stonewear ceramic. Shiwan ware (Chinese: 石灣窯; pinyin: Shíwān yáo; Cantonese Jyutping: is Chinese pottery from kilns located in the Shiwanzhen Subdistrict of the provincial city of Foshan, near Guangzhou, Guangdong. It forms part of a larger group of wares from the coastal region known collectively as "Canton stonewares".
The area has been producing pottery since the Neolithic, and over 100 kiln-sites have now... Click for details
item #1400867
Imperial Japanese Tokugawa Rope Embroidery on Silk of Two Phoenixes
Very unusual largeJapanese rope embroidery on silk, the image is a pair of phoenixes, male and female, with the moon waxing and waning (full and crest). This is a privileged image made specially for the court. The pagoda shrine is central to the image centered around the imperial Tokugawa crest symbolizing the divine rule from heaven.

Meiji period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 40" W x 62 1/4" H (entire frame), 36 1/2" W x 58 1/2" H (embroidery without frame)
item #1400812
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Antique Japanese 3 Section Kiri Kimono Tansu
Japanese 3 section kimono tansu, made with Kiri (paulownia) wood in its original, natural finish. The top unit has three medium size drawers underneath two sliding panels. The left upper compartment with single shelf and the right upper compartment with the two smallest drawers below a shelf space. The two lower sections are comprised of 3 drawers each.

Taisho period (1912-1925)

Dimensions: 45 3/4" L x 16" D x 61" H
item #1400790
Japanese Antique 2 Section Mizuya (Kitchen Tansu)
Antique Japanese single section mizuya (kichten chest). Made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood frame with Sugi (cedar) sides. The upper section have two pairs of sliding panels. The top panels are all wood while the lower panels have inset frosted glass. The bottom section of the chest has two large sliding panels with decorative cut outs . There are fourteen drawers of varying size surrounding the larger compartment of the bottom piece, opened by iron pulls.

Meiji Period... Click for details
item #1400547
Japanese Antique Kesa, Buddhist Monk's Vestment
Antique Japanese kesa, Buddhist monk's traditional outer garment. Made from rich fragments of silk donated by wealthy devotees, kesa are traditionally made of square and rectangular swatches of material symbolizing the Buddha's patchwork garments. In contrast with this idea is the material itself, made of fine woven silks. The textile that makes up this kesa is woven with a multi color design of flowers with squares of a different silk woven with swirling clouds.

Edo... Click for details
item #1400449
Antique Chinese Green Peking Glass Water Coupe
A stunning Chinese peking glass water coupe with faceted edges, in a monochrome emerald green color. The edges of the mouth have three ribbed steps down to the geometric faceted body. Its small, round foot is short and slightly recessed.

Dating 19th/20th century Dimensions: 3" w x 2 1/4" h
item #1400232
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