Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Porcelain Statue of Liu Hai
Porcelain polychrome statue of the noted sage, Liu Hai. Liu Hai was the noted 10th century alchemist who learned the secret of immortality from the three legged frog, Jin chan (Chan chu). The frog is known for beckoning wealth. Later, in China and Japan, the combination of Liu Hai and the frog became the symbol of fortune and wealth. Age: 20th century Size: length 6.75" width 4" height 10.5"
item #1216827
Japanese Akoda (pumpkin) Shaped Hibachi
A small Japanese hibachi formally known as te-aburi or a hand warmer which were often found in traditional Japanese homes. The hand warmer is shaped in the form of a winter pumpkin known as an akoda and the design has been in use since the 17th century. The warmer contains makie decorations of chrysanthemums set with a bamboo fence. Age: 20th century Size: diameter 7.5" height 8.25"
item #1216820
Chinese Antique Blanc de Chine Figure of Mulan
Chinese antique Blanc de Chine figure of the warrior woman, Mulan. She is standing with one hand raised. She wears a wide rimmed hat and elaborate armor. The figure is delicately modeled in porcelain and finished with a clear glaze. The last two characters, of the the faint impressed seal on the back, read Yi Ren. Republic Period. Size: 9 1/2" high x 3 1/4" wide
item #1216819
Chinese Bone Carving of Kwan Yin and Fu Dog
A lovely pairing of the bodhisattva diety Kwan Yin riding a Chinese lion or fu dog. The Kwan Yin is set in a leisurely pose with her medicine bottle. Intricate geometric patterns with motifs of clouds and dragons are decorated throughout the statue. Age: mid-20th century Size: length 16" width 7.5" height 25.5"
item #1216814
Antique Bronze Ganesha
Antique bronze Ganesha riding a bull. The Ganesha is wonderfully animated as it holds the four attributes. Obtained in the 1960s from Katmandu. It measures 1.75" wide .5" deep at base 3.75" tall, 20th century.
item #1216681
Antique Bronze Krishna
Antique bronze Krishna in the pose of playing a flute. Krishna charmingly lets his head fall to one side as he plays a flute or other wind instrument. His head is topped with a stuppa like head covering. He wears very light weight garments. Obtained from Katmandu in the 1960s, made in the 20th century. It measures 9.25" tall base 3.5" diameter
item #1216679
Antique Japanese Bell
Antique Japanese bell with a wooden handle and brass fittings and hardware. The handle is decoratedbrass decorations. The top of the handle has an octagonal fitting and the handle is also octagonally shaped. Hexagonal pieces of metal with incised design of a six-point star adorn the upper part of the handle. The lower part of the handle has leaf like fittings. The bell is simple with rings of varying widths. It was obtained in Katmandu in the 1960s thought to be made in the early 20th... Click for details
item #1216678
Antique Burmese Bronze Buddha
Antique Mandalay Burmese style bronze gilt with silver buddha on a lotus base. The Buddha with earlobes touching shoulders extends his right arm out while the left arm holds his robe aside. The base is rounded. Obtained in Katmandu in the 1960s, made in the 19th century. It measures 6.75" toll 3" in diameter at base.
item #1216675
Chinese String of Rare Han Dynasty Glass Beads
Rare and beautiful group of 120 Han Dynasty glass beads: 118 small beads, and 2 larger beads. A range of color from green to yellow and other that are calcified white with age. Some round and some foliate shape. A range of size from 5/16" to 3/4" wide. Strung together for a total of approx. 20" long strand. Han Dynasty (206 B.C. to 220 A.D.)
item #1216673
Japanese Choba Tansu
Japanese choba tansu (merchant's chest), Keyaki wood, beautiful grain and lacquer finish, heavy iron hardware with elaborate lock plates and warabite shaped drawer pulls. Top portion has two medium sized drawers, a small drawer and a safe door, the bottom portion has two full width drawers, nice side handles, Shonai area. Size: 28" high x 30" wide x 15 1/2" deep.
item #1216498
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