Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Antique Hardwood with Shell Inlaid Opium Tray
Chinese mother of pearl tray. Inlay work on hardwood, image of squirrels, birds, butterflies, and insects among grapevines. Mid 19th century. Size: Length: 26.25" Width:17.6" Height: 0.75"
item #1135245
Chinese Lacquer Stand with Inlay
Splendid Chinese lacquered stand with inlaid views of scholarly figures within a view of a pavilion. Two legged stand with mosaic-like inlay done with maroon colored lacquer. Bottom section has linen cloth covering used for the base for lacquered pieces. Age: 19th century. Size: Length: 13.75" Width: 9.25" Height: 16.1"
item #1135244
Japanese Antique 2 Panel Screen with Chrysanthemums
Charming antique Japanese small 2-panel byobu (screen painting), painted with blossoming chrysanthemums in raised gofun, on right panel is a blue bird in flight, delicately painted with wonderful detail, mineral colors and gofun on paper with gold leaf ground, signed and seal by Yano Yoshitaka (1800-1858). Edo Period. Regarding the artist, records remain of his existence in the Higo Kumamoto Clan (Higo Hosokawa) official records. Yano Yoshitaka served as the clan's court painter during... Click for details
item #1134872
Japanese Porcelain Fruit Bowl with Landscape
Japanese porcelain fruit bowl, delicately painted with rural landscape of huts near a lake, trees and mountains, on one side are a pair of cranes, signed Sakano Shokai, Showa Period. Size: 11 3/4" wide (including handles) x 5 3/4" high
item #1134831
Chinese Jadite Pitcher with Dragon Handle
Chinese carved jadite pitcher with dragon handle and loose ring under spout, very thinly carved of a beautiful translucent pale green color jadite, scrolling motif along the edge, each side is carved with a dragon in low relief, Republic Period. Size: 5" long
item #1134652
Chinese Ming Bronze Mirror with Figures in Landscape
Chinese bronze mirror with figures in a landscape with auspicious symbols spread across the back of the mirror. Age: Ming dynasty (16th century). Size: Diameter: 4.75"
item #1134473
Chinese Bronze Brushrest
Chinese bronze rushrest in the shape of a mountain with a dragn head peak at one end. The center front cast with a man fishing. The back a man sitting in a house. Age early 17th century. Size: Length: 7" Width: 1.5" Height: max. 4"
item #1134472
Chinese bronze spearhead with carved stand
Chinese archaic bronze spearhead with carved wooden stand of a dragon and scrolling cloud patterns. Age: Warring States period or older, 4th-3rd century B.C. Size: Length: 7.5" Width: 1.5" Height 2.5"
item #1134471
Chinese Tang Dynasty Gilted Bronze Mirror
Chinese bronze mirror wih a lion and grapevine design. Slight gilt still can be seen on the detail work of the bronze mirror. Sui-Tang dynasty, 6th- 8th century. Size: 3.5"
item #1134467
Chinese Soapstone Pebble with Three Luohan
Chinese soapstone pebble, beautifully carved with scene of three luohan (monks), one is standing with alms bowl outstretched out of which a cloud of mist rises and wraps to the reverse of the pebble, two bats fly over the bowl, surrounding the monks are rocks and low branches, lovely yellow and buff colors, on carved wooden base. Total size (on stand): 3 3/8" high
item #1133748
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