Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Hardwood Republic Period Swivel Chair
Chinese antique Deco Era swivel chair comprised of hongmu and hauli wood. Inlaid with Dali marble. Carved curling arms with back rest openwork carving of blossoming magnolia branch with birds. The largest blossom is inlaid with a piece of white dali marble.

Republic Period

Size: 37 1/2" high x 22" wide x 21" deep.
item #1219451
Chinese Jade Bowl with Painted Gold Decorations
An antique Chinese jade bowl decorated with motifs of flora, dragons, and on the exterior is depicting a battle scene with mounted horses and foot soldiers. The bottom of the bowl contains a inset with the mark Qianlong nian xing. Age: 18th-19th century Size: diameter: 6.5" height: 2.2"
item #1218848
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Chinese Painting of Bird Signed Zhao Shaoang
A mounted painting of a bird perched on a branch with a signature and seal signed Zhao Shaoang (1905-1998). Zhao Shaoang was known for his contemporary and bold styles specializing in bird and flower images. The strokes used for the plants reminisce strokes seen in calligraphy. Age: 20th century. Size: length" 28.25" height 40.5"
item #1218843
Chinese Ink Evening Landscape Painting
A refined Chinese framed landscape painting showing a view during the evening. The tradition began during the Song Dynasty with literati landscapes. In the succeeding centuries, different artists produced these landscapes echoing poems by Li Bai or Guqin tunes. The landscape painting was done by an artist named, Tzuyue. Age: 20th century Size: length 26.6" height: 22.75"
item #1218817
Chinese Antique Small Silk Purse with Jade Butterflies
Beautiful Chinese small silk purse, salmon colored silk sewn into intricate raised pattern with metallic thread, silk lining on inside, sewn onto each side is a beautiful carved white jade butterfly 2 3/4" wide. The purse cord is braided metallic thread with three carved linked white jade rings on end. Republic Period (although jade is probably older). Purse is 5 1/2" wide.
item #1218730
Japanese Lotus Leaf with Crab Tray for Sencha
A fine Japanese tray carved into the form of a lotus leaf. The lotus leaf contains small folds and holes as if the leaf was floating on the surface of the water. Among the folds, a small river crab is hiding. The tray is using a foreign Chinese hardwood since in the tradition of Sencha, a majority of the utensils used are either Chinese or inspired by existing Chinese designs. Age: Meiji-Taisho Period Size: length 10" width 5.5" height: 0.25"
item #1218710
Antique Bamboo Sago for Sencha
A simple yet refined bamboo sago or a scoop used to gather tea leaves from the tea jar. The top contains a carving of scholar rocks set among small bamboo and a small tree with slight foliage. The inscription on the top right, (Japanese: Gakusoka, Chinese: Xuesu jia) refers to a person who upholds or revives knowledge or education. The work contains a signature with the name Bunso or Wencong. Age: Meiji-Taisho Period Size: length: 1.9" width 6" height 1"
item #1218702
Chinese Hardwood Desk and Chair
Chinese desk with matching chair made of rosewood. The desk has five drawers with brass rectangular pulls. The chair is adorned with small flowers in the upper corners of the back. The desk measures 22" deep 46" wide 31" tall. 20th century.
item #1218578
Antique Japanese Gyosho Bako
Antique Japanese Gyosho Bako, Edo Period, mid 19th century. It has two moving locks on the exterior. The interior has one large drawer and seven smaller drawers. It measures 13" wide 18" deep 31.5" tall.
item #1218530
Antique Chinese Stone Seal
Antique Chinese stone seal. The stone is variegated in color with black, grey, white, and pink colors thorughout. It has a small snail carved on it. There is a small inscription at the bottom, old red pigment from when it was used. It measures 2"5/8" tall 1" deep1.5" wide.
item #1218426
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