Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Antique Satsuma Bowl with Dragon
Beautiful Japanese Satsuma ware plate, decorated with a scene of a dragon surrounded on all sides by 14 Arhats standing on golden outcroppings of rock, the white dragon glides over the water between, much use of gold, wonderful details, the back is all crackle glaze with a large mark in black and gold. Meiji Period. Size: 9 1/2" wide x 1 5/8" high
item #1223378
Antique Japanese Satsuma Vase
A small but highly detailed Satsuma vase decorated with Sino-Japanese motifs. On one side of the vase is literati scholars enjoying a conversation bordered with a detailed geometric pattern. On the other side, is depicting a peony set near a bamboo and rush gate, small repairs on neck. Age: Meiji Period Size: Diameter 3" Height 6.25"
item #1222892
Pair of Small Satsuma Vases Depicting Autumn Scene
A pair of Japanese Satsuma ware vases decorated with a scenery of autumn. The view is showing fall foliage with various flowers such as autumn peonies and a pair of pheasants. The vases contain a signature on the bottom reading, Kamiyama. Age: Showa Period Size: diameter 2.1" height 3.75"
item #1222886
Meiji Period Satsuma Vase of Chinese Children
An antique Japanese vase decorated with children known as karako playing with various toys. The vase contains decorations of Chinese motifs and slight influences of European designs such as the lion heads on the side of the vase. Age: Meiji Period Size: diameter: 3.25" height 7.5"
item #1222858
Japanese Painting of Tiger and the Moon
Antique Japanese painting of a tiger crouched on a rock, his eyes are turned toward the full moon which shows itself through the branches of a pine tree, beautiful detail especially to the tiger with his enormous paws, painted in sumi ink on paper, signed. antique frame without glass. Meiji Period. Size of painting only: 52" high x 23 1/2" wide. Size including frame: 56 1/4" high x 29 1/4" wide
item #1222636
Japanese Antique Lacquer Butsudan
Japanese antique 4 section butsudan (Buddhist shrine for household use). The exterior is lacquered all black with double cabinet doors to the shrine area. The interior of the butsudan is lacquered gold and black and has ornate carved details of phoenixes and a dragon just below the shrine roof area. Details of birds and waves are carved in the area below. The interior shrine compartment has a slide out tray as well as a small compartment with gold lacquer sliding panels. The bottom two... Click for details
item #1222513
Chinese Pair of Six Sided Huanghuali Chairs
Pair of Chinese armchairs made all of beautiful honey colored hardwood, most likely huanghuali, each seat with six sides, very elegant lines with dowels for back and arms, mid 20th century. Size of each: 32 1/2" high x 27" wide x 20 1/2" deep.
item #1222498
Antique Chinese Fan Painting of Landscape
A Chinese literati themed landscape fan painting with a signature reading the name of Li Ching-yi. The soft pastel colors and brush strokes of the landscape evoke the preferences of the literati scholar tradition. Age: Qing Dynasty 18th/19th century. Size: Length: 19.75" Width: 12.6"
item #1221939
Chinese Fan Painting of Literati
A refined Chinese fan painting of a literati scholar enjoying the breeze within the pine grove from the window. The writing expresses the view of the fan painting where the scholar is listening to the wind among the bamboo groves in the evening, signed "Ke Mou"?. Title "Listening to the Scholartree". Age: Qing Dynasty 18th/19th century. Size: Length 22" Width 10.2"
item #1221938
Chinese Circular Album Piece Xu Zhiping
A circular shaped album leaf painting done on silk of a peony. The work contains an inscription, signature and seal of an artist named Xu Zhiping. The work and style appear similar to examples seen in China during the mid to late Qing Dynasty. Age: 19th century Size: Length 23.5" Width 14.2"
item #1221937
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