Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Woodblock Print "Kasurazuka View" by Tsuchiya Koitsu
A truly extraordinary print of the streets of Tokyo by Japanese Shin-Hanga artist Tsuchiya Koitsu circa August of 1939. Two women, both wearing beautiful blue kimonos, walk in the rain holding parasols. The streets are colored a purple/mauve as the rainwater reflects the light of lanterns from inside of a nearby shop, trees rise above buildings, and despite the depicted weather conditions, this is a very colorful scene. Print is signed and stamped in the bottom left corner. Size: 10.75"... Click for details
item #1241669
Japanese Woodblock Print Of Herons By Ohara Koson
A beautiful and very detailed woodblock print by Japanese artist Ohara Koson (1877-1945) of two herons standing in water with leaves and branches in the background, slightly obscuring the view of a bright crescent moon amongst a beautiful night sky, fading from darker tone blues into icy tones. The herons' feathers are actually embossed into the woodblock and have many other detailed features, such as the scales and claws of their feet and the gleam in their eyes. The style of this print is... Click for details
item #1241657
Japanese Woodblock Print of Herons By Ohara Koson
Wonderfully detailed print of snowy herons huddled together in the water by Japanese artist Ohara Koson (1877-1945). This is a shin-hanga style of print, a revitalization of the traditional ukiyo-e style, which means "pictures of the floating world", popularized during the Edo period in Japan (17th-19th century). The background of the print fades beautifully from the icy grey and white toned sky into the gorgeous blues of the water. The herons are amazingly detailed with their feathers actually... Click for details
item #1241564
Chinese Huanghuali Altar Table
Chinese 20th Century Huanghuali altar table that has come from the Aixinjue Luo Collection. In wonderful condition with beautiful feathering grain throughout all of the surfaces. Great detail in all of the small carvings on the side panels and between the legs. Size: 35" H x 56.5" L x 13.5" D
item #1241555
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Woodblock Print "Kyoto Rakuhoken" - Kun Pu
Colorful woodblock print of a rural house in Japan, with multicolored pinwheels spinning overhead, accompanied by fish wind socks called koinobori, which are traditionally flown to celebrate Kodomo no Hi or Children's Day (March 5th). By Kun Pu, circa 1960-1950, published by Uchida Art Co. Size: 17.5" tall, 11.75" wide
item #1241549
Chinese Black Lacquer Stand
Chinese black lacquer stand dating back to the 19th Century. Elegant designs with symmetrical patterns called "fragrant Grass" used in unwavering detail showing precision and skill. Black lacquer with colored layers seen in Yuan dynasty. Overall in good condition with small blemishes due to age. Dimensions: 10 1/2'' High X 28'' Long X 15'' Deep
item #1241547
Japanese Woodblock Print Of Two Girls By Saito
Woodblock print by Japanese artist Saito circa 1950-1960, published by Uchida Art Co. This print is of two young girls wearing very bright and beautiful kimonos in various shades of green, blue, yellow, pink, and red. One girl holds a fan while the other holds a small toy of a bird. A paper lantern hangs behind the head of the smaller girl. Both girls have precious, doll-like features. Size: 17.5" tall, 30cm wide
item #1241542
Edo Age Japanese Fu Dog Bronze
Japanese Edo Age Bronze incensor of two wrestling Fu Dogs, Beautifully rendered with great attention to detail. Age Edo (c1850). Size: Length 8" x width 6" x height 8.5"
item #1241513
Antique Chinese Carved White Peking Glass Snuff Bottle
Snuff bottle made of beautiful white Peking Glass. This bottle has carvings on both sides of a face, most likely a protective deity. The bottle stopper is carved green agate in the shape of a ram-like creature with a single curved horn, its entire body coiled around itself. The carvings on this bottle are very detailed and beautiful. 19th 20th century Size: 2.25" tall, 1.5" wide
item #1241104
Antique Chinese Peking Glass Snuff Bottle Set
Set of two Chinese snuff bottles, made of deep blue and clear peking glass. Peking glass (Tao Liao Ping) is made by dipping a main single-colored glass into glass of different colors layer by layer. Each bottle has a stopper made of blue lapis. 19th/20th century Size: approx 2.5" tall, 1.75" wide
item #1241102
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