Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Porcelain Candle Holder
An antique Chinese porcelain candle holder decorated with scrolling clouds and bats. Auspicious motifs are often seen in Chinese household items to promote the prosperity of the home and protection from calamity. Age: 19th-20th century Size: Diameter 4.75" Height 8.25"
item #1238531
Antique Chinese Metal Snuff Bottle
An antique Chinese metal with turquoise and lacquer. The metal snuff bottle is decorated with auspicious lion head motifs inspired from Tibetan art. Age: 19th-20th century Size Length 2.25" Width 1.5" Height 4.75"
item #1238396
Antique Imari Square Kinrande Vase
A refined Japanese square porcelain vase decorated with grape vines, chrysanthemums, and other auspicious motifs. The images used are inspired from designs from Momoyama period works of art. The use of different colors with gold is often known as kinrande. Age: 19th century Size: length 4.75" width 4.75" Height 11.5"
item #1238392
Chinese White Crackle Ceramic Vase with Chimera
Chinese antique ceramic vase with white crackle glaze, a wonderful applied chimera figure is coiled around the neck of the vase with it's long tail trailing down on side, c. 1900. Size: 8 1/2" high
item #1237571
Korean Antique Elm Wood Stand
Small Korean rectangular stand made of elm wood, elegant lines and design, beautiful patina with traces of red lacquer, very simple and useful, 19th century. 11" high x 19 1/4" wide x 13 3/4" deep.
item #1237373
Chinese Tall Round Root Wood Stand
Wonderful Chinese tall stand made of root wood burl, top surface is round, stands on 3 feet, beautiful curving tendrils of knotted burl wood, mid 20th century. Size: 43 1/2" high x 18" wide on top (19" wide at feet)
item #1237345
Chinese Rectangular Root Wood Table
Dramatic Chinese rectangular table made of root wood burl, beautifully curving wood with a dark natural finish.

mid 20th century.

Size: 32" high x 57" long x 20" deep.
item #1237341
Antique Japanese Four Panel Folding Screen
A small yet resplendent Japanese four panel folding screen. In Japan, small screens are often referred to as, Hina Byobu. The view is showing a waterfall with different flora and fauna.The work has the distinct characteristics of the Kano school which was the dominant school of painting in Japan. Age: 19th century Size: Length 31.75" Height 17.75"
item #1236864
Chinese Ceramic Tomb Figures
An interesting Chinese tomb figure of possibly an attendant to serve in the afterlife. Tomb figures appear constantly in the history of Chinese art through the tombs of past dukes and imperial personages. Age: Ming/Qing, Size: Length 3.5" Width 2.75" Height 10.75"
item #1236859
Japanese Ranma (Transom) with Warbler and Plum
A fine Japanese ranma or transom with an image of a bush warbler perched on a flowering plum tree. Often bush warblers are a symbol of the coming of spring. Age: 20th century. Size: Length 73.25" Height 14.8"
item #1236852
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