Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Steatite Brush Holder
Antique brush holder of steatite, or soapstone, with intricate carvings of a tree branch with flowers and a bird perched upon it. It has a smooth surface and a sturdy feel. 19th century Size: 4" tall, 2.5" wide at base
item #1240801
Antique Chinese Sleeveless Robe With Gold Thread Accent
Beautiful antique Chinese sleeveless robe with bright green ribbon closure, made of light pink silk with a robin's egg blue silk interior lining. Both the front and back of the robe features gold thread circular designs with two young maidens relaxing, surrounded by flowers. The vest is outlined in light golden-beige panels with colorful birds, deer, and vegetation. Size: 36.5" tall, 28.75" wide
item #1240794
Antique Japanese Yoshitoshi Woodblock
Japanese painting circa 1880 of two warriors carrying torches titled "Soga Turo Sukenari and Soga Goro Tokimasa", based on the 13th century tale in which two brothers avenge their deceased father during the Gen Pei wars. It is set in a gorgeous carved woodblock frame. Artist name Yoshitoshi, part of his Historical Series. Dates from the late 19th century. Size: 19" wide 24" tall frame, 9.75" wide 14" tall painting
item #1240326
Antique Indian Brass Hindu Deity Statue
A superb Indian statue of a pair of Hindu deities with different attendants set near the deity. The couple might be the deities Shiva and Parvati with their child, Ganesha. The back of the mandorla like structure is engraved with a Devanagari-like script. Age: 19th-20th century Size: length 6" width 2.25" height 5.9"
item #1240321
Antique Chinese Carved Bamboo Brush Holder
Beautiful antique red-toned bamboo brush holder from China with intricate carvings of various scenes including cherry blossom trees, a man leading a horse, two beautiful maidens shyly conversing with a young gentleman, an older man admiring the scenery through his window, and kanji reading "carved in the year of the tiger by San Miao". Great attention to detail is shown in this piece. Size: 5.5" wide, 7" tall
item #1240317
Antique Indian Hindu Deity Statue
A finely casted Hindu statue of a deity possibly depicting the god, Vishnu. The folds of the robe, the lotus petals, and detailing of the objects can be seen throughout the statue. Age: 19th-20th century Size: length 1.75" width 1.75" height 4.68"
item #1240307
Antique Japanese Wooden Fish Jizai
Antique Japanese wooden fish jizai, designed for hanging a pot over fire to boil. Has a long iron chain with attached hook running from the tail, through the body, and coming out of the bottom. Very detailed carving showing charring from the fire.

19th Century Meiji Period (168-1912)

Size: 8.5" tall, 15.25" long, 3.5" wide
item #1240295
Small Bronze Hindu Deity
A small size antique bronze Hindu deity possibly depicting the deity, Bhodevi or Sridevi. The deity is holding a lotus bud like flower and is dressed in the traditional manner as many of the Hindu deities are seen. 19th-20th century. Size: length 1.75" width 1.5" height 5.5"
item #1240278
Antique White Jade Snuff Bottle with Agate Top
Antique Chinese snuff bottle in white jade with intricate carved designs and agate stopper. Chinese snuff bottles would contain powdered tobacco, which was considered remedial for common illnesses. Late 19th century. Size: 6" tall, 5" long, 1" depth
item #1240198
Antique Chinese Silk Robe with Dragon Sleeves
Ivory satin robe, decorated with butterflies and flowers in various shades of pink, blue, and yellows, black satin detailing with cranes and butterflies, edged in deep blue. Gorgeous deep blue sleeves depict a dragon and phoenix coming into confrontation. Chinese dragons represent masculinity and darkness while the phoenix (or feng-huang) represents femininity and light. The sleeves have an interior lining of bright green satin. Size: 54.5" height, 72.5" across sleeves (59" across with... Click for details
item #1240187
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