Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Bronze Scroll Weight
Bronze Scroll weight of a seated monk, one of his legs folded underneath the other, his hands resting upon his upright knee, wearing a robe patterned with flower-like designs. Ming Dynasty, 17th century Size: 2.5" tall, 1.25" wide
item #1246696
Chinese Antique Cinnabar Lacquer Box with Children
Chinese antique carved cinnabar lacquer box, cylindrical shape, carved all over with scenes of children playing among rocks and trees, 19th century. Size: 3 1/4" high x 3 1/4" high
item #1246607
Chinese Ceramic Bowl With Oil Spot Glazing
Chinese ceramic bowl with a black crackle and oil-spot or "tenmoku" glazing, which is achieved from the heating and cooling of a mixture of feldspar, limestone, and iron oxide, Song style, 20th century. Size: 2.25" tall, 6.25" wide,
item #1246606
Chinese Ceramic Bowl With Leaf Impression
Chinese ceramic bowl, with a black crackle glaze, with a pretty copper-colored imprint of a leaf on its inside, slightly raised at its stem, Song style, 20th century. Size: 2.25" tall, 6.25" wide
item #1246603
Japanese Antique Lacquer Suzuribako with Pines
Beautiful Japanese antique lacquer suzuribako (calligraphy box for writing), decorated with gold maki-e lacquer scene of pine tree saplings and roses growing near a stream, the shore is made of up of a dense gold nishiji and some leaves and petals of the rose are inlaid with mother of pearl, the interior of the box is entirely covered in a dense gold nishiji with flowers on the inside of the lid, the box has two small interior trays and it's original ink stone and copper gourd-shaped water... Click for details
item #1246599
Antique Chinese Temple Cabinet
Rare and beautiful Chinese temple cabinet, its style and form found in traditional Shanxi art, made from pine wood, with a continuous line of applied moulding along its top and sides, called ruyi lappets. Its inner border is decorated with taohuan panels, with detailed carvings of flowers, human figures, and various animals such as a rabbit, dog, and two scaled beasts. It has four vertical panels , each with three floral taohuan panels and two large panels decorated in kunmen-style, with ruyi... Click for details
item #1246586
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Antique Chinese Wooden Buddha Statue
Beautiful Buddha statue carved from very light-toned wood, painted in pastel green, blue, yellow, green, orange, and pink, shown sitting upon a bench with budding flowers at his feet and blue swirling designs. 19th century Size: 31.5" tall, 13.5" wide
item #1246492
Chinese Blue And White Porcelain Brush Pot
Blue and white style Chinese porcelain vase in a wide cylindrical shape, with imagery of a shopkeeper and his young employee displaying his wares to two robed noblewomen on one side and a young boy presenting a box to his elder for inspection. Kangxi Nian Zhi mark on bottom, 20th century. Size: 6.25" tall, 7.75" wide
item #1246484
Chinese Pair Of Famille Rose Porcelain Tea Cups
Chinese famille rose porcelain tea cups, each with pink and white chrysanthemums with outstretched stems and leaves in pastel greens, a light purple band around the rim with small flowers and leaves in curling designs, and a light blue half-star design underneath. Each teacup is stamped underneath with the Hongxian Nian Zhi mark, early 20th century. Size: 2.25" tall, 3" wide
item #1246477
Antique Chinese Carved Crystal Snuff Bottle
Beautiful transparent crystal snuff bottle with carvings of a playful fawn and bird perching on a cherry blossom branch. Early 20th century. Size: 2.25" tall, 1.5" wide
item #1246034
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