Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Silk Obi
Beautiful silk obi with patterns of pinecones and branches in a circular shape. Hand stitches can be seen inside, a great sign of antiquity. Meiji period (1867-1912) Size: 159" length, 13.5" width
item #1252566
Chinese Jadeite Carving of Koi and a Lotus Pod
Chinese jadeite carving of a lotus pod surrounded by lotus leaves, curling stems and two koi fish, carved of beautiful light green and apple green jadeite, 20th century. Size: 2 1/4" high
item #1252559
Japanese Zenga Ink Painting of Daruma in Enso
Charming Japanese Zenga ink painting of Daruma seated inside a circular Enso symbol. Painted in sumi ink on handmade crinkle paper. Signed: Etsu. Size: 15" high x 11" wide
item #1252556
Set of Eight Japanese Silk Obi Place Mats
Beautiful silk obi that has been cut and backed to create eight place mats. They are an ivory color with flowers and twisting stems in dusty purple, muted pink, deep red, gold, and brown. Showa period (1925-1989) Size: 18" length, 12" width
item #1252551
Japanese Silk Obi with Fans and Flowers
Beautiful silk obi with a light tan background, decorated with flowers, lanterns, wheelbarrows, books, and fans in gorgeous shades of gorgeous deep purple, gold, forest green, and pale green. Its ends are sewn with gold thread. Taisho period (1912-1925) Size: 159" length, 13" width
item #1252549
Chinese Jadeite Carving of a Monkey and Peach
Adorable jadeite carving of a smiling monkey holding a peach with great detail. One of the peach leaves resembles a fleur de lys. 20th century Size: 2 1/8" high x 2" wide 1 5/8" deep
item #1252442
Antique Japanese Buddhist Temple Lacquered Stand
Japanese Buddhist temple stand for a bell bowl with a beautiful red lacquer, black lacquer bottom, and gold lacquered accenting. Bell bowls (or singing bowls) are played by striking the rim with a padded mallet. The sound is used for relaxation and meditation. Meiji period (1867-1912) Size: 8.5" height, 9" width
item #1252439
Chinese Jadeite Carving of Squash and Bats
Chinese carved jadeite squash or melon attached to a curling vine with three bats, made of a beautiful bright green jadeite with areas of white and deeper green, 20th century. Size: 2 1/2" high.
item #1252430
Japanese Taisho Purple Woven Kimono
Japanese woven kimono in a beautiful shade of violet, lined with white cotton fabric. It has a vertical linear allover pattern in white thread. Taisho period (1912-1925) Size: 62.5" height, 47.75" width
item #1252429
Japanese Orange Silk Kimono with Mist Pattern
Japanese silken kimono with bright shades of orange, goldenrod, and tan in a mist pattern, with triangular patterned silk panels and military style buttons in front. It is lined with pretty ivory silk with light pink grapes and grape leaves. Taisho period (1912-1925) Size: 35" h eight, 49.5" width
item #1252428
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