Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Bronze Vase
Antique chinese bronze vase with a wide oval-shaped body and short, small neck. On either side is a small raised design, dating from the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). Size: 10.25" height, 11.75" width
item #1248142
Antique Japanese Bronze Vase With Toad And Snail
Japanese bronze vase in the shape of a stalk of bamboo, with a snail crawling upside down on its frontside and a toad leaning against its base, looking up at the snail. Has a signature signed Atsuyoshi with a seal from the workshop by the artists of Maruki studio and cartouche on its lower backside.

Taisho period

Size: 15.25" tall, 11.5" wide
item #1247693
Antique Japanese Single Section Tansu
Antique Japanese Tansu from the Meiji Age in Japan. Made from beautifully cut Chestnut to showoff the striking grain. Small Locking hinged door with two hidden drawers located behind. Dimensions: 33 3/4" High X 40" Long X 15 1/2" Deep
item #1247666
Large Pair Chinese Hardwood Plaques with Stone Inlay
Chinese antique large pair of heavy carved hardwood plaques inlaid with jade, agate and other semi precious stones, scenes of scholar objects and flower containers with a deep brown lacquer ground, the back of each plaque has characters in gold on a red ground, the frames are carved with flowers and butterflies, heavy bronze hangers, 19th century. Size of each: 55 1/2" high x 36 3/4" wide
item #1247576
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Antique Chinese Silk Robe With Crashing Waves
Antique Chinese silken robe in a deep navy color adorned with blue butterflies, blue flowers with forbidden stitching, and rolling waves along the bottom. The sleeves are white silk with embroidery depicting flora and architecture in shades of blue, surrounded by gold stitching, with a beautiful robed woman carrying a fan. The mandarin collar has brightly colored cranes on either side and blue lucky bats on the back of the neck. Gold fasteners of interesting shape adorn the robe's front. 19th... Click for details
item #1247575
Japanese Antique 2-Section Nihonmatsu Isho Tansu
Beautiful Japanese antique 2-section isho tansu (clothing chest) from the Nihonmatsu area of Japan, made with nice keyaki (elm) wood on drawer fronts, safe box in lower right hand corner opens to two small interior drawers, there is a key for the safe, lovely iron hardware includes large warabite shaped drawer pulls with separate small butterfly details, Meiji Period. Size: 45 3/4" x 41 1/2" wide x 17 3/4" deep.
item #1247571
Antique Framed Hiroshige Woodblock Print
Woodblock print by Japanese ukiyo-e artist Utagawe Hiroshige (1797-1858). The streets are bustling with activity as we see a gentleman who wears a top hat being pulled along in a handcart, a woman in a kimono shading herself with a parasol, and other characters. There are sakura trees blossoming around a flagpole, a communal well, and a beautiful view of the sun rising beyond Mt. Fuji in the distance. Size: (print only) 6" height, 8.5" length (with frame) 9.25" height, 11.75" length
item #1247567
Japanese Scroll Painting Attributed to Ogata Korin
Japanese antique scroll painting of a praying mantis and blossoming chrysanthemums, painted in mineral colors on paper, beautiful detail and color, some minor losses, charming subject matter, Rimpa School, Edo Period, attributed to Ogata Korin. Total size of scroll: 62 1/4" high x 21 1/2" wide (19 1/2" wide not including ends). Size of art: 32 1/4" high x 14 3/4" wide.
item #1247564
Antique Korean Eight Panel Screen Of Hunters
Gorgeous Korean screen with a light yellow silk background with cream designs of flowers and stems, with eight panels depicting a group of hunters on horseback, carrying spears, swords, and trumpets and hunting boar, wildcats, and pheasants. The scenery is very subtle with pastel colored bushes, and the hunters wear bright and bold clothing, creating an eye-catching contrast, 18th century. This screen was shown at the antique road show and evaluated by Dessa Goddard of Bonhams Auction, Korean,... Click for details
item #1247558
Antique South Chinese Hardwood Carved Table
South Chinese Hardwood, Black Wood, deeply carved Dragon Table. Extensively carved with dragons, extreemly heavy. 19th Century and in Excellent Condition. Extremely Rare Table. Dimensions: 46" Long X 32" Deep X 32" High
item #1247464
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