Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Flambe Porcelain Vase
Beautiful porcelain vase with stout, ribbed body, bright red with blue and purple streaked glaze known as flambe, cream crackle glaze on foot, 19th century. Size: 9" tall, 7" wide
item #1247311
Antique Tibetan Tulku Ceremonial Lacquer Hat
Rare wide brimmed Tibetan hat, meant to be worn by reincarnated lamas of a high-rank, called Tulku, who have the power to choose their manner of rebirth. It is covered in a copper/gold lacquer over incised designs with coiled dragons, flowers, and various Buddhist symbols. The inner part has pierced characters and a raised design, and is topped with a bronze and quartz finial with auspicious designs. Inside of hat has an illegible signature. 17th century Size: 14.75" wide, 6" tall
item #1247296
Japanese Paul Jacoulet WoodBlock print
Japanese woodblock print by Paul Jacoulet. Beautifully done and sought after in this market. Great condition, framed behind glass. Circa late 1940's Dimensions: 20 1/2" High X 16 1/2" Wide
item #1246855
Japanese Cannon Buroki Edo Age
Japanese Cannon Buroki from the Nagata area in Japan. Edo Age (Circa 1850's). Beautiful original finish on the inside and out. Wonderful condition with deep radiant warm finish. Locking main hinged doors. Dimensions: 38 1/2" High X 33 1/2" Long X 16" Deep
item #1246823
Antique Chinese Bronze Buddha Hand Citron Censer
Bronze Ming Dynasty censer in the shape of a Buddha's hand citron, a citrus planet originating from China, named so for its resemblance to hand gestures known as mudra, which Buddha is commonly depicted making. The censer's lid has the shape of leaves and the plant sits on its own vines.

Ming Dynasty, 14th-17th century

Size: 5" tall, 8" long
item #1246819
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Woodblock Print of Jizo-in Kinugasayama by Saito
Japanese woodblock print by Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997) entitled Jizo-in Kinugasayama and dated 1968. A beautiful scene of the gate to Jizo-in Temple in Kyoto as seen through the stand of tall bamboo that grows on either side. No. 14 of 100. Size in frame: 25 1/4" high x 19 1/4" wide. Size of print: 20 1/2" high x 15" wide.
item #1246737
Japanese Antique Frame Pilgrim Print of Fudo-Myoo
Antique Japanese print of Fudo Myoo seated on a rock surrounded by swirling water, printed on thin rice paper, prints like this were made to sell to pilgrims as they came to visit a shrine or temple, c. 1800. Size in frame: 18 1/4" high x 18 1/4" wide Size of print: 10 1/4" high x 5" wide
item #1246735
Japanese Woodblock Print of School Boys by Sekino
Japanese woodblock print of a scene of four schoolboys in class, by Junichiro Sekino (1914-1988). Printed as number 3 of 100. Dated 1959. Size in frame: 33" high x 20" wide Size of print: 26" high x 12 1/2" wide
item #1246733
Antique Korean Wooden Chest WIth Brass Floral Hardware
Korean chest with beautiful burl wood front panels, with handmade brass hardware, with etched floral patterns and designs. Three rectangular drawers line the top, and below are two large rectangular doors with a large brass backplate resembling a flower or sun. Each door is lined with original red paper backing, opening to the chest's interior. Dark softwood exterior with original finish. circa 1900 Size: 26.25" height, 34.75" width, 17.25" depth
item #1246731
Antique Japanese Gyosho Bako
Japanese gyosho bako or "peddler's box"/ship box, made of kiri and sugi wood, with iron hardware, handle on top, front door with a pin locking mechanism, which opens to reveal four rectangular drawers and two locking compartments, each with iron handle. Edo period (1603-1867) Size: 15.5" height, 13" width, 17.25" depth
item #1246727
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