Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Antique Carved Burl Leaf Tray
Antique Japanese tray carved in the form of a leaf out of burl wood, beautifully modeled with twisting branches, a smaller leaf and seed pods, the beauty of the burl is highlighted in this naturalistic carving, Meiji Period. Size: 19 1/4" wide x 19" wide
item #1250570
Chinese Jade Carved Cabbage
Whimsical jadeite carving of a Chinese cabbage, with very detailed leaves slightly peeled back, a bumpy texture and veining on the back of each leaf, and a small critter crawling along the top of the cabbage. Very realistic and beautifully carved. 20th century Size: 5.25" height, 10" length
item #1250565
Antique Chinese Scroll of Squirrels
Large scroll painting of a large tree sporting many twisting branches, with bright blooming flowers and leaves, and several playful squirrels climbing about or having a meal. Beautiful coloring and very detailed. Extremely fine brushstrokes are used to create the squirrels' fur. Signed and stamped by artist Huang Chu Xiang. Size: (full scroll) 31.25" height, 62" length (art only) 26.5" height, 53" length
item #1250492
Chinese Scroll Painting of Butterflies and Flowers
Beautiful scroll painting of a pair of butterflies with black, white and pink wings, fluttering above a tree branch with hot pink leaves and berries. The color contrast is absolutely stunning. Signed and stamped by "Qi Dei Shi". Size: (full scroll) 81" height, 21" width (art only) 42.5" height, 13.5" width
item #1250485
Chinese Scroll Painting of Flowers
Beautiful scroll painting by Chinese artist Chang Dai-chien (1899-1983) of a variety of blooming monochrome flowers. Signed and stamped by artist Zhang De Qian. Size: (entire scroll)73.5" height, 32" width (artwork only) 55" height, 24.75" width
item #1250478
Antique Chinese Calligraphy Scroll
Beautiful Chinese calligraphy scroll, adorned with gold flakes, with a signature by Chinese scholar and official Lin Zexu (1785-1850). Qing dynasty Size: (entire scroll) 79.5" height, 26" width (artwork only) 41" height, 20.5" width
item #1250476
Antique Japanese Taiko Drum
Antique Japanese taiko drum, made from keyaki wood, with an iron handle on its front and iron studding to keep the drum skins into place. Size: 14" wide diameter on top and bottom x 18" high. Circa 1900. Taiko drums are said to have originated when the Shinto goddess of sunlight, Amaterasu, locked herself away in a cave when her brother, Susanoo, god of the sea and storms, became enraged and created havoc on dry land. The other gods became fearful that life on Earth would eventually die from... Click for details
item #1250474
Antique Japanese Two Section Tansu
Beautiful two-section Kiri wood tansu from the Matsumoto area with gunbai handles, styled after the gunbai fan. Features heavy iron hardware and locks with flower designs. Meiji period (1867-1912) Size: 42" height, 35.25" length, 17.75" depth
item #1250180
Chinese Scroll Painting of Man Playing Flute
Beautiful scroll painting by artist Yuan Feng Zhau of a robed man playing the flute, riding upon the back of an ox. The suggested movement of the ox seems as if it is dancing along with the music. Extreme attention to detail is shown, especially in the very fine brush strokes used for the man's hair. Signed and stamped in the corner. 20th century Size: (art only) 59" height, (entire scroll) 69.5" height, 18.5" width
item #1250167
Chinese Scroll Painting Of Scholar
Extremely beautiful Chinese scroll by artist Yuan Feng Zhau of a robed scholar seated in a grassy field next to a flat boulder, studying. The rising moon can be seen in the background, hanging above a small cliff with branches with beautiful blossoming flowers curled around it. The brush strokes and colors used give a sense of serenity. It is signed and stamped in the corner. 20th century Size: 58.5" height, 18.5" width
item #1250080
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