Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Jadeite Monkeys with Peach and Lotus Leaf
Charming Chinese carved jadeite scene of two monkeys on a large peach, one of them holds a lotus leaf like an umbrella, carved out of beautiful white jadeite with areas of lavender, the lotus has dramatic striations of bright green, 20th century. Size: 2 1/2" high
item #1252422
Japanese Kimono (Hippari) with Silver Stitched Accents
Japanese black jacquard woven kimono with an allover criss-cross pattern with silver thread triangular accents, lined with an ivory fabric with pale pink and mauve geometric patterns. Taisho period (1912-1925) Size: 32.5" height, 46" width
item #1252416
Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle with Old Man and Fu-dog
Chinese carved agate snuff bottle, one side has a fu-dog and a bat, the other side has an old man scholar sitting near a door in a stone wall and another bat, the agate is a pretty light yellowish orange color with white striations of which the figures are carved, lid is reddish orange agate, 20th century. Size: 2 3/4" high
item #1252414
Chinese Large Jadeite Bead Necklace
Beautiful necklace with large jadeite beads, with green apple highlights. Size: approx. 21" end to end, 1/2" bead size
item #1252410
Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle
Chinese carved agate snuff bottle, a beautiful yellow color, carved with a scene of a young girls holding a fish and an old man, the top is made of brass and a red stone probably jasper. 20th century. Size: 2 3/4" high
item #1252408
Japanese Red Shibori Under Kimono With Flowers
Japanese candy apple red under-kimono with a simple, yet beautiful shibori style design of flowers. Shibori is a method of fabric dying in which bits of cloth are tied, sewn, folded, twisted, etc. to create patterns, similar to the Western method of tie-dye. It is lined with red cotton and has a white cotton collar and sleeves. Taisho period (1912-1925) Size: 46.75" height, 45" width
item #1252392
Chinese Jadeite Beaded Necklace
Necklace stranded with round, Chinese jadeite beads in gorgeous shades of light and dark green, with a 14K yellow gold clasp.20th century. Size: 18" end to end, 3/8" bead width
item #1252312
Lacquer Makie Box
A two drawer Japanese box done in a kinji or gold background with fine paintings of pine and flowers with a family crest set in the open areas of the piece. The box has metal fittings for the drawers and a handle to carry the chest. Often lacquer works with family crests were made for dowries for high ranking samurai families. Age: 19th century Size: length 10.75" width 10.75" height 10.25"
item #1252308
Chinese White Jade Beaded Necklace
Jade necklace comprised of white beads. It is fastened with a loop decorated with small forest green, grey, translucent, and blue/green jade beads, with one large green jade bead to hold the strands into place. Size: approx. 25.5" end to end, 1/8" smallest bead width, 3/8" largest bead width
item #1252305
Pair of Hibachi with Motif of Ferns by Heian Zohiko
A pair of Japanese lacquered braziers or hibachis decorated with motif of ferns produced by the noted Kyoto Lacquer firm, Nishimura Zohiko. Interestingly, the pair of hibachis might be made from two generations of Nishimura Zohiko. The underside of the lid is inscribed: (transliteration: Shinobu kusa Makie, Roiro Urushi Okegata Hibachi) translation: Roiro Lacquer Hibachi decorated with motif of ferns. Come with box.

Age: Showa Period

Diameter: 11.5" height: 10.25" ... Click for details
item #1252303
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