Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Stunning Original Antique Japanese Kiri Tansu Late Edo Age
Japanese Kiri wood tansu from the late Edo age (circa 1850's). Simple yet elegant four even drawers with iron hardware at all corners. Each Drawer has round iron locking mechanism. Fantastic Piece Dimensions: 27 1/2" High X 26" Long X 14" Deep
item #1248833
Japanese Cloisonne Vase With Flowers
Cream-colored Japanese cloisonne vase, with vividly painted peonies, chrysanthemums, and tiger lilies. Includes Mitsukoshi booklet with information on the history of cloisonne. Size: 12" height, 6.75 width
item #1248524
Japanese Satsuma Porcelain Vase With Bamboo Stalks
Beautiful cream colored Japanese glazed porcelain vase with gold painted bamboo stalks on its front and back, gold checkerboard designs with pink and white accents around the neck and base, gold rim with red, green, and gold painted designs. Bottom signature reads "Satsuma Asahi Do". Size: 10.5" height, 6.75" width
item #1248504
Korean Antique Head Side Chest with Butterflies
Korean bed-side chest for personal use, beautiful traditional Korean wood inlay, chaste brass hardware with large butterfly lock and series of smaller butterflies for hinges, early 20th century. Size: 25" high x 35" wide x 16 1/2" deep.
item #1248407
Japanese Pair of White Cloisonne Vase With Flowers
Japanese pair of white cloisonne vase with splashes of gold on its rim with sakura blossoms , chrysanthemums, and tiger lilies, and orchids. Inaba made, with included booklet on inaba cloisonne. Showa period Size: 8.5" tall, 4.5" wide
item #1248404
Antique Japanese Porcelain Satsuma Urn
Antique Japanese satsuma urn with a gorgeous deep blue and gold glaze, with two Komainu (also known as lion dogs) serving as handles, a lid with a third Komainu, growling and with his front paw resting upon a xiù qiú ball. The lid and top portion of the urn are adorned in beautiful golden and white roses, and its front and backside depict beautiful scenery of the ocean behind many brightly clothed characters. The urn sits upon three feet shaped like lion's paws with blue and gold glaze, signed... Click for details
item #1248393
Chinese Carved Love Seat With Birds
Elegant and lovely Chinese couch/love seat, made of Rosewood wood with a beautiful sheen, three carved panels on the headrest of twisting branches with flower blossoms and birds, oriental designs adorning the front and sides of the bottom portion, and silvery cushions with ivory colored fans or dandelions, c 1960. Size: 31" height, 56.25" width
item #1248372
Zitan Antique Chinese Chair
Chinese chair made from precious Zitan (pterocarpus santalinus) wood with a beautiful finish, wicker seat, oriental shapes with dragon heads carved both into the back of the chair and outlining the front and sides of the chair's underside. Dates from the mid 20th century. Very heavy in weight. Size: 46.5" height, 22.5" width
item #1248302
Japanese Antique Sakiori Sodenashi Work Vest
Antique Japanese sodenashi (work vest), made of indigo and other neutral colored sakiori (rag woven) cotton, edged with indigo cotton, beautifully worn, old reinforcement stitching in some areas adds wonderful character to this worker's vest, late Meiji Period. Size: 31" high x 20" wide
item #1248301
Japanese Antique Edo Period Tansu with Locking Bar
Antique Japanese storage tansu with locking bar, made of sugi (cryptomeria) wood with original deep reddish translucent lacquer finish, two large drawers lock by vertical locking bar with beautiful heavy iron hardware of a koi jumping up a waterfall, the drawers themselves have square iron handles and corner reinforcements in the form of raised seed pods. The lower portion of the chest has sliding panels with vertical slats which slide open to reveal an open compartment on the left and three... Click for details
item #1248299
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