Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Cotton Futon With Komainu
Antique Japanese cotton futon cover, dyed indigo (now faded due to antiquity), and then dyed used a paste resist technique with pastel blues and pinks to create a large Sakura emblem at the very top of the textile, flowering roses, and two rivaling komainu or Japanese lion dogs. Minor damage due to age. Meiji period (1868-1912) Size: (futon only) 62" height, 49" width (entire board) 84" height, 72" width
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Japanese Woven Textile Of Ebisu and Daikoku
Amazingly beautiful antique Japanese textile in a black wooden frame, with a background of ivory-colored cloth with light blue and yellow sewn birds and cloud-like designs within circular patterns. The two Japanese gods Daikoku, god of prosperity and darkness, and Ebisu, god of fishermen and luck, are shown sharing a bowl of sake.
Daikoku is shown dancing merrily upon his sack of rice with thick, woven threads of red, greens, grays, and golds making up his clothing, with thinner black... Click for details
item #1249360
Antique Japanese Kiri Tansu With Lock Bar
Antique tansu made from kiri wood, with heavy iron hardware, kakute shaped drawer handles, a locking bar to keep the three middle drawers secure, iron locks with flower design on two bottom drawers, one small and one large, and one small drawer with a kan or ring-shaped drawer pull. Meiji age c1880. Size: 33.5" height, 31" length, 16" width
item #1249270
Antique Japanese Burl Cha Tansu
Japanese cha tansu, or tea chest, with a kiri wood interior, persimmon stand and frame, and burl wood drawer faces. Each drawer has iron warabite handles with engraved flowers, and small iron hardware with engravings of leaves and birds, and its two sliding doors also have engraved handles.Tiasho period c1920. Size: 31.5" height, 35.75" length, 16" width
item #1249268
Japanese Edo Period Large Gosho Doll
Wonderful Japanese antique gosho doll, a charmingly fat little boy with smiling face and beautifully detailed features, he still wears his original silk bib, Edo Period, on metal stand. Size of doll: 16" high x 15" wide
item #1249262
Antique Chinese Carved Hardwood Stand
Antique hardwood stand, beautifully carved along its edges with twisting branches or stems and flowers. Open in its center, with indented edges for holding a vase in place. Size: 2" height, 8" length
item #1249241
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Antique Carved Huanghuali Bench
Antique Chinese bench from the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), made from precious huanghuali wood, with beautifully carved panels depicting various fruits and flowers, carvings in front of two perched magpies surrounded by branches and blossoming flowers, and carved feet with spiral design. From the estate of Mrs. Florence Earle Wickman, relative to some of the original founders of Hennepin County and St. Louis Park. The piece was passed to the Overby family during the 60s. The official certificate of... Click for details
item #1249133
Antique Chinese Hardwood Stand
Chinese hardwood stand with a beautiful sheen, with carved oriental designs on its front and sides. Size: 31" height, 25.25" length
item #1249103
Antique Japanese Gilt Copper Buddhist Keman
Beautiful Japanese Edo Period gilt copper Keman with lotuses. This keman once hung from beams above the altar of a Japanese Buddhist temple. Traditionally, keman are decorated with floral designs originally derived from the use of flower garlands in temples in India. This keman has rare and very old blue glass beads and is remarkably intact. Edo Period (late 1800's). It is tastefully suspended in a glass frame. Size of keman: 23" high x 12" wide. Size of frame: 30 1/2" high x 23 1/4"... Click for details
item #1249005
Japanese Antique Set of 6 Painting of Birds and Flowers
Japanese antique set of six paintings by Ariwara Rozan depicting different scenes of birds and flowers including cranes and pine, sparrows and peonies, a goose and yellow roses, herons with a little crab and weeping willows with geraniums, white wisteria and more. Beautifully painted in mineral colors and ink on paper. Each painting has a signature and seal. Intended for scrolls. Taisho Period (early 20th century). Size of each painting: 51" high x 21" wide
item #1248970
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