Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Tibetan Painted Door with Yaks
Beautiful Tibetan wooden plank door covered with a deep red painted cloth of two dark, fluffy-tailed yaks with open mouths, and overlay of simulated metal bands with gilt accent flowers. 19th century Size: 72.75" height, 35.25" width, 3" depth
item #1256173
Korean Stacked Kitchen Chest with Butterflies and Bats
Korean two-unit stacked chest (ichung nong) with beautiful persimmon wood front panels, and a fruitwood frame. brass hardware, four rectangular top drawers with brass bat-shaped handles, and a set of hinged drawers on each unit with a large brass butterfly lock in the center and brass butterfly hinges. The Korean word for 'bat' is a homophone for the Chinese word for 'good fortune', so bats are considered a good luck charm, and butterflies represent happiness. The inside of the chest is lined... Click for details
item #1256168
Antique Japanese Pair of Bronze Candlesticks
Two (2) Japanese bronze candlesticks, each with a wide base in the shape of a lotus pod and a long rod connected to a lotus flower shaped holder. The bottom of one candlestick is engraved with a Japanese signature. Meiji period (1868-1912). Size: 27.25" height, 6.75" width
item #1256130
Japanese Bronze Oni with Singing Bell Bowl
Japanese bronze statue of a horned oni with long, curly hair, sharp fangs and claws. He wears a capelet with gilded puffs of smoke and yingyang, and a gilded harness across his chest. His trousers are shaped like tigers' heads biting into his legs, with a gilded belt and tiger stripes. He holds a lotus flower high above his head, supporting a bronze singing bell bowl with gold gilded flowers, butterflies, and vines all around it and raised dots all along its bottom half. He has a dark hardwood... Click for details
item #1255735
"Merlin" etching by Mayumi Oda
Etching by Japanese artist Mayumi Oda (1941-present) titled "Merlin", depicting a stretching black cat amidst a bed of flowers. Mayumi is known as the 'Matisse of Japan'. She was strongly influenced by French Impressionism, which in turn was inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e, thus she deemed the full cycle of "Japonisme". Signed in pencil, numbered 10/? circa 1982 Size: (artwork only) 6" height, 3" width (entire sheet) 15" height, 11" width
item #1255729
"Treasure Ship on the Great Lake" by Mayumi Oda
Embossed limited edition etching by Japanese artist Mayumi Oda (1941-present) titled "Treasure Ship on the Great Lake", #11/30. It is signed at the bottom in pencil. The treasure ship is usually depicted with the Seven Lucky Gods aboard it, however Mayumi believed only in goddesses and thus created her treasure ship collection depicting only females riding aboard it. Mayumi is known as the 'Matisse of Japan'. She was strongly influenced by French Impressionism, which in turn was inspired by... Click for details
item #1255727
"Irozaki Morning" Woodblock Print by Toshi Yoshida
Woodblock print by Japanese sōsaku-hanga artist Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995) titled "Irozaki Morning". It shows the beautiful Cape Irozaki, done with soft pastels in the sky as the sun rises in the distance. Waves crash upon the rocks in the foreground, and three ships can be seen leaving port. It is signed and titled in pencil along the bottom, stamped in the corner, and also signed in kanji along the outer edge. Size: 11.25" height, 15" length
item #1255643
Chinese Hardwood Treasure Box with Agate Inlay
Treasure box made from Chinese hardwood may be Zitan, its lid adorned with beautifully carved hardstone inlay of two standing cranes with black bottom feathers, standing on a rock structure with long leaves sticking out around it. Branches sporting pink and white cherry blossoms hang down above the two cranes. Size: 2.5" height, 7" width, 4.75" depth
item #1255642
Antique Japanese Keyaki Fune Tansu
Japanese fune tansu, or ship safe box, made from keyaki wood in an unusual wide shape with two hinged doors instead of the typical one. It has iron hinges, studding, corner hardware, and a large, round iron lock in its center with multiple sliding locks and two kan (ring) handles. Inside, it has two long drawers with two warabite handles each, one large drawer with a single handle, and two smaller drawers with leaf shaped handle backings/locks.

Size: 18" height, 25.75" width,... Click for details
item #1255633
Antique Japanese Keyaki Choba Tansu
Beautiful keyaki wood choba tansu (merchant's chest), from the Matsumoto region of Japan. It has a beautiful allover woodgrain and has black iron hardware with iron studding. It has two sliding panels with an iron lock down its center, drawers of varying sizes with warabite handles, and a pull-away panel with a kan (ring pull) handle, opening to a small compartment. Size: 34.5" height, 31.5" width, 14.25" depth
item #1255622
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