Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Glass Vase with Over Enamel
Beautiful milky white glass vase with enamel paintings of brightly colored birds perched upon branches, with budding flowers of blue, yellow, and pink, and a thin ring of gold around the the mouth. Stamped and signed in back and marked on bottom. Size: 6.25" height, 4.25" width
item #1251856
Vintage Chinese Carved Jade Sheep
Adorable and wonderfully detailed jade carving of a sheep, with finely carved wool patterns, eyes with pupil and lids, and hooves. 20th century contemporary. Size: 2.25" length, 1.5" height.75" width
item #1251755
Vintage Chinese Peking Glass Lotus Flower
Beautifully carved peking glass lotus, with bright white, pink, and green glass layers. Peking glass is a special process in which glass is dipped into differently colored glass layer by layer, and the excess is carved away. Note the symmetry achieved by the artist. circa 1950s Size: 5.25" height, 5.5" width
item #1251748
General Chang Kai-Shek painting by Aimee A. Lozier
Painting of General Chang Kai-Shek by Aimee Annette Lozier, oil on canvas. Aimee Lozier (1900-1996) descendant of the 17th century French painter, Eustache LeSueur, born in Oakland, California. She attended California School of Fine Art and studied under Otis Oldfield. Most well known for character portraits of famous political figures including this one of Chang Kai-Shek. In this painting he stands with hands on his sword, in the background are masses of tiny soldiers. Signed. Dated... Click for details
item #1251747
Japanese Antique Color Imari Bowl
Lovely Japanese antique Imari-ware porcelain bowl, eight sided, beautifully painted in traditional Imari colors with details in gold, scenes of mountain pavilions and baskets of chrysanthemums in alternating fan shaped reserves, Meiji Period. Size: 8 3/4" wide diameter x 3 1/8" high.
item #1251744
Antique Chinese Jade Carved Calligraphy Stone
Chinese slab of jade, carved with an indented circular and a mokko (melon) shape into its surface. It is meant to be used by a calligraphy artist for the grinding and collecting of ink. 18th/19th century Size: 1/4" thickness, 3.75" height, 1 and 5/8" width
item #1251742
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Chinese Scholar's Rock with Stand
Beautiful Chinese spirit/scholar's rock with a dark hardwood stand. Scholar's stones, or gōngshí, are called as such for scholars' appreciation of the stone's unusual shapes, textures, asymmetry, glossiness, color patterns, and even the sound it makes when struck. It is a gorgeous and contemplative viewing piece. Size: 17.25" height, 16.5" width
item #1251733
Chinese Large Blue and White Charger
Very large Chinese porcelain charger, blue and white glaze with scenes of scholars in a garden, beautifully painted. Early 20th century. Size: 27 1/2" wide diameter x 4 3/4" high
item #1251731
Japanese Small Personal Headside Box with Drawers
Japanese small headside box for storage of small personal items, three small drawers, nice grain, Taisho Period. Total size: 8" high x 13 1/4" wide x 9 1/2" deep.
item #1251709
Rare Antique Japanese Kiri Isho Tansu
Beautiful kiri wood isho (clothing) tansu chest, originating from the Mikuni region of Japan. It features iron hardware with heart motifs, five drawers with hirute shaped handles and elegant backings and locks, and a bottom corner lockbox with two small drawers hidden inside. Keys are included. Meiji period (4867-1912) Size: 40.5" height, 34" width, 16.75" depth
item #1251708
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