Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Pair of Hibachi with Motif of Ferns by Heian Zohiko
A pair of Japanese lacquered braziers or hibachis decorated with motif of ferns produced by the noted Kyoto Lacquer firm, Nishimura Zohiko. Interestingly, the pair of hibachis might be made from two generations of Nishimura Zohiko. The underside of the lid is inscribed: (transliteration: Shinobu kusa Makie, Roiro Urushi Okegata Hibachi) translation: Roiro Lacquer Hibachi decorated with motif of ferns. Come with box.

Age: Showa Period

Diameter: 11.5" height: 10.25" ... Click for details
item #1252303
Pair of Japanese Lacquered Wave Trays by Housai
A pair of lacquered nesting trays decorated with motif of waves in the Rinpa style. The set is titled: (transliteration: Korin Shu Urushi-e, Kuro Ikkan Maru Iriko Bon) Red Lacquer Korin Style Motif, Nesting Circular Trays in the Ikkan Style. The trays were done by an artist named Housai who was possibly active around the mid to late 20th century, comes with box. Age: Showa Period Size: (small tray) diameter: 17.1" height 1.3" (large tray) diameter: 18" height: 1.3"
item #1252302
Stunning Japanese Kuwa Banana Leaf Tray by Shozan
A fine Unusual tray carved in the form of a banana leaf made from Kuwa wood. The banana leaf is stylistically carved with various folds and the slight tears often seen naturally with banana leaves. In the literati tradition, banana leaves were used by scholar recluses as paper to write calligraphy. Later, this motif was incorporated into other forms of art making the image one of the symbols of the literati aesthetics, signed Shozan with box. Age: mid 20th century Size: length 36" width 12"... Click for details
item #1252301
Chinese Carved Jade Bead Necklace
Necklace made of beautifully hand carved jadeite beads, gradually becoming larger the further from the nape of the neck they are strung, with smaller round jadeite beads alternating in between. Can be loosened or tightened using the string pulls at the top, which also have two small and one large carved jade bead at the ends. Apple green highlights can be seen. Size: approx. 25" end to end, smallest beads 1/8" wide, largest beads 3/8" wide
item #1252296
Chinese Silk and Jade Necklace
Lovely Chinese silk and jade necklace decorated with two large jade beads and clustered beads of jade and agate, very feminine. Adjustable strands at the nape of the neck, with small jade hoops. 20th century Size: approx. 27" end to end, large jade beads approx. 3/8" wide
item #1252265
Chinese Jadeite Bangle with Apple Green
Jade bangle bracelet with apple green highlights, from China with storage box, 20th century Size: Diameter 3.5" outer, 2.25" inner, .5" thickness
item #1251891
Chinese Carved Jade Pendant of Fenghuang
Beautifully hand carved jade pendant of the mystical fenghuang, or phoenix, with a blooming lotus beside it. The fenghuang symbolizes the union of yin and yang, and each part of its body represents a different word: its head is for virtue, wings are duty, back is propriety, abdomen for credibility, and chest for mercy. Carving has a small hole drilled through the top for wearing on a necklace. 20th century Size: 2.25" height, 1.75" height
item #1251886
Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle
Chinese agate snuff bottle with absolutely beautiful formations and ribbons of varying hues of yellows, browns, and navy blue throughout. 20th century Size: 2.75" height, 2.25" width
item #1251878
Korean Six Panel Screen of Scenes of Nature
Beautiful Korean screen with six rice paper panels depicting people amidst gorgeous scenes of nature. Each panel is mostly monochromatic with conservative usage of color in muted shades of yellow, pink, blue, and purple. There are large blooming flowers with a sparrow flying overheard in every panel. Size: (entire screen) 61" height, 106" width, (artwork only) 27.75" height, 12" length
item #1251876
Antique Chinese Carved Quartz Snuff Bottle
Quartz snuff bottle carved with a pattern similar to scales, with an etched, ropey carved texture above and below the scaly patterns, with an agate bottle topper. 19th century Size: 3" height, 2.5" width
item #1251860
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