Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Small Gosho Ningyo Standing Doll
Charming small Japanese standing gosho ningyo boy doll, his body is carved of wood and covered in silk brocade, his face and hands are done in the traditional method of carved wood covered with layers of polished gofun and painted in beautiful detail, he wears a little octagonal hat, early Taisho Period. Size: 5 3/4" high
item #1251346
Japanese Antique Gosho-Ningyo Doll with Toy
Japanese antique seated gosho-ningyo doll, a boy child holding a toy in one hand, he is seated with one chubby leg in front and one in back, he wears a little silk bib embroidered with flowers, Edo Period. Size: 9" high x 11" wide x 7 1/2" deep
item #1251342
Antique Japanese Karuma Tansu With Image of Daikoku
Beautiful keyaki wood karuma tansu (wheeled tansu) from the Iwayadō region. Features iron hardware including a large lock on the top drawer in the shape of a hawk with engraved feathers, kushi-gata handles (comb shape), lock bar securing two middle drawers, lockbox style hinged door with an iron medal engraved with the Japanese god Daikoku, and many other beautiful features. Included are a set of iron keys. Edo period (1615-1867) Size: 50.25" height, 59.5" width, 22.75" depth
item #1251269
Rare Stacking Antique Japanese 3-Section Gyosho Bako Tansu
Rare and beautiful Japanese gyosho bako (merchant's box carried on back) with three sections. It is made of a kiri (paulownia) wood with original dark finish, the front of the box has ornate bronze hardware in the shape of chrysanthemum petals, locks and extensive back bracing all made out of iron. It features a top drawer with a kakute handle and two hinged doors opening to five smaller drawers with ring shaped pulls. Edo period (1615-1867) Size: 27.25" height, 11.25" width, 19"... Click for details
item #1251237
Antique Korean Chest With Bat Handles
Korean kitchen chest decorated with beautiful brass hardware. It has two sets of hinged doors with brass handles decorated with flora designs, and four drawers, each with a small bat shaped handle. The Korean word for 'bat' is a homophone for the Chinese word for 'good fortune', so bats are considered a good luck charm. Size: 50.25" height, 39.25" width, 18.75" depth
item #1251229
Antique Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Vase
Beautiful Chinese vase made from porcelain with a blue cobalt underglaze. Chinese guardian lions (foo dogs) decorate the body of the vase, with allover cloud shaped designs. The top of the vase is covered by a nicely carved wooden lid. Mark on bottom reads "Kangxi Nian Zhi". Size: 10.25" height, 7" width"
item #1250931
Japanese Antique Gosho-Ningyo Doll with Hat
Japanese large seated gosho-ningyo doll, a boy child holding a silk scarf in two hands, he is seated with one chubby leg in front and one in back, he wears a little silk bib embroidered with a tortoise in gold thread, he has a hat on his head tied with a cord around his chin, Edo Period. Total size including hat: 13 1/2" high x 10" wide x 8" deep.
item #1250835
Chinese Hardwood Brush Pot
Beautiful Chinese brush pot made from a beautiful deep reddish hardwood with a beautiful woodgrain and shine. Very sturdy and attractive. Size: 4.5" height, 4.75" width
item #1250695
Chinese Antique Round Low Table with Marble Top
Chinese antique round low table, carved legs, inset with a large round slab of beautiful marble in deep greens and reds, Size: 11" high x 34 1/2" wide diameter
item #1250691
Antique Chinese Carved Hardwood Table
Chinese table made from beautiful burl wood with a pretty lacquer. The tabletop features an indented inner ring, and its sides are carved with attractive curling designs. It has spiral feet, each of which are connected by a series of wood poles in a star-shape. 19th century SIze: 14" height, 32.25" width
item #1250688
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