Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Two Section Tansu
Beautiful two-section Kiri wood tansu from the Matsumoto area with gunbai handles, styled after the gunbai fan. Features heavy iron hardware and locks with flower designs. Meiji period (1867-1912) Size: 42" height, 35.25" length, 17.75" depth
item #1250180
Chinese Scroll Painting of Man Playing Flute
Beautiful scroll painting by artist Yuan Feng Zhau of a robed man playing the flute, riding upon the back of an ox. The suggested movement of the ox seems as if it is dancing along with the music. Extreme attention to detail is shown, especially in the very fine brush strokes used for the man's hair. Signed and stamped in the corner. 20th century Size: (art only) 59" height, (entire scroll) 69.5" height, 18.5" width
item #1250167
Chinese Scroll Painting Of Scholar
Extremely beautiful Chinese scroll by artist Yuan Feng Zhau of a robed scholar seated in a grassy field next to a flat boulder, studying. The rising moon can be seen in the background, hanging above a small cliff with branches with beautiful blossoming flowers curled around it. The brush strokes and colors used give a sense of serenity. It is signed and stamped in the corner. 20th century Size: 58.5" height, 18.5" width
item #1250080
Tibetan Mandala Thangka
Tibetan thangka, or scroll painting, of a mandala, which is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism representing the universe. Mandalas are very architectural in design and are based upon the form of a stupa. Mandalas are meant to be meditated upon to reach enlightenment, and are generally shown as a large circle with four gates or arches to be entered mentally. Often the circle would have layers with elements such as fire or lotus flowers to be travelled through in order the reach the... Click for details
item #1250060
Tibetan Antique Mandala Thangka Painting
Beautiful Tibetan mandala thangka painting, buddhas and bodhisatvas appear around the central mandala form, stylized archways lead to a central square in which more buddhas are seated, the back ground is a pure land with a range of white mountains. 19th century. Size of art: 21 1/2" high x 15 1/2" wide Total size of thangka: 31" high x 22" wide
item #1250054
Tibetan Wheel of Life Thangka
Very interesting and unusual Tibetan Thangka (also known as a scroll painting) depicting the bhavacakra, or wheel of life, representing samsara (cyclic existence). Thangkas are often found on the walls of Buddhist temples and are meditated upon in order for monks to reach enlightenment. The bhavacakra has different layers, each with a different meaning: The first and center layer represents the three poisons of ignorance, attachment, and aversion. The second layer represents karma. The third... Click for details
item #1250033
Chinese Pair of Jadeite Carvings of Cranes
Gorgeous pair of gemstone quality jadeite carvings, each a mirror image to the other, of two cranes standing upon a greatly reticulated tree with creeping vines, thick roots and many outstretched branches with leaves. Exquisitely detailed and breathtaking from all angles, each carving comes with a beautiful wooden stand. 20th century Size: 23" height (28.25" w/ stand), 18.5" length
item #1249959
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Antique Japanese Dragon Throne Chair
Beautifully carved throne chair with a gorgeous deep reddish lacquer, with carvings of dragons and billowing winds into its back, dragon heads serving as the arms and front legs with painted glass eyes. The back of the chair features a large spiral leaf, smoke-like carvings along the top and sides, and a small lower panel with fleur de lys carving and a cloud border. Meiji period (1867-1912) Size: 52.5" height, 30" length
item #1249949
Tibetan Book Cover Painting of Five Bodhisatvas
Beautiful Tibetan painting depicting white Tara and four other bodhisatvas, originally this was a book cover for a sacred text, painted in mineral colors on canvas and mounted like a thangka. 18th century. Total size: 15 1/4" high x 30" long. Size of painting only: 6 1/2" high x 26 1/4" long.
item #1249943
Antique Indian Bronze Vishnu and Consorts Altar
Wonderful Indian bronze altar with the Hindu god Vishnu flanked by two female consorts, the three figures stand together on a raised platform with the four armed Vishnu in the center, a many headed naga (cobra snake) opens it's hood like an umbrella over Vishnu's head, a flat nimbus behind the figures depicts tendrils of water flowing from the mouths of two makara. Southern India. 19th century. Size: 11 1/2" high x 9 1/2" wide x 4" deep.
item #1249931
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