Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Woodblock Print "Interior" by Ted Colyer
Woodblock print by artist Ted Colyer, born 1947 in Nova Scotia, Canada. He graduated Fine Arts at Mt. Allison University and studied in Japan to perfect his woodblock techniques, where he remained for 17 years before returning to Canada. He became a professional artist in 1975 while residing in Japan. This woodblock, titled "Interior" dates from his first year as a professional artist and depicts a room with a central fire pit and tea kettle hanging above it. The print is embossed to resemble... Click for details
item #1256298
Chinese Antique Granite Weight in the form of a Mouse
Chinese antique weight for tying down cloth, carved of granite in the form of a mouse, hole under belly for rope, wonderfully carved mouse with long curling tail, c. 1900. Size: 4 1/2" high x 5" wide
item #1256296
Antique Chinese Silver Opium Container with Princess
Antique Chinese opium container made from copper with silver, with a cloisonne lid, decorated with pink flowers on a deep blue background. Its front is engraved with a beautiful seated princess, and its back is engraved with Chinese characters reading " The best medicine of the West comes to the great East. Consume this opium and float like a celestial princess." Dated 1820-1850 Size: 2" height, 1.75" width
item #1256277
Large Chinese Carved Nephrite Jade Ceremonial Object
Large Chinese jade (nephrite) ceremonial piece, in the style of the Liangzhu period (3400-2250 BC), with carvings of faces. This nephrite piece is solid and has a pointed tip, and dpierced hole through its very top. The carvings around its edges look like eyes and may be related to the taotie (roughly "gluttonous ogre mask") motif, which were essentially symmetrical zoomorphic faces with no lower jaw, thought by scholars to be linked to religious ceremony and the afterlife. The nephrite has a... Click for details
item #1256270
Chinese Antique Agate Snuff Bottle Turned Striker
Chinese antique agate snuff bottle, converted by a French artist into a striker (lighter) with the addition of a silver bottom and rim with details of irises, dragon flies and butterflies. The silver work has a distinct art nouveau style to it, the lid is made of orange agate, silver and coral.

19th century

Size: 3 1/2" high
item #1256268
Antique Tibetan Painted Door with Yaks
Beautiful Tibetan wooden plank door covered with a deep red painted cloth of two dark, fluffy-tailed yaks with open mouths, and overlay of simulated metal bands with gilt accent flowers. 19th century Size: 72.75" height, 35.25" width, 3" depth
item #1256173
Korean Stacked Kitchen Chest with Butterflies and Bats
Korean two-unit stacked chest (ichung nong) with beautiful persimmon wood front panels, and a fruitwood frame. brass hardware, four rectangular top drawers with brass bat-shaped handles, and a set of hinged drawers on each unit with a large brass butterfly lock in the center and brass butterfly hinges. The Korean word for 'bat' is a homophone for the Chinese word for 'good fortune', so bats are considered a good luck charm, and butterflies represent happiness. The inside of the chest is lined... Click for details
item #1256168
Antique Japanese Pair of Bronze Candlesticks
Two (2) Japanese bronze candlesticks, each with a wide base in the shape of a lotus pod and a long rod connected to a lotus flower shaped holder. The bottom of one candlestick is engraved with a Japanese signature. Meiji period (1868-1912). Size: 27.25" height, 6.75" width
item #1256130
Japanese Bronze Oni with Singing Bell Bowl
Japanese bronze statue of a horned oni with long, curly hair, sharp fangs and claws. He wears a capelet with gilded puffs of smoke and yingyang, and a gilded harness across his chest. His trousers are shaped like tigers' heads biting into his legs, with a gilded belt and tiger stripes. He holds a lotus flower high above his head, supporting a bronze singing bell bowl with gold gilded flowers, butterflies, and vines all around it and raised dots all along its bottom half. He has a dark hardwood... Click for details
item #1255735
"Merlin" etching by Mayumi Oda
Etching by Japanese artist Mayumi Oda (1941-present) titled "Merlin", depicting a stretching black cat amidst a bed of flowers. Mayumi is known as the 'Matisse of Japan'. She was strongly influenced by French Impressionism, which in turn was inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e, thus she deemed the full cycle of "Japonisme". Signed in pencil, numbered 10/? circa 1982 Size: (artwork only) 6" height, 3" width (entire sheet) 15" height, 11" width
item #1255729
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